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Have you ever had a subchorionic hematoma while you were pregnant?

I am 7 weeks pregnant with my second child and found out that I have a subchorionic hematoma. I am absolutely horrified and dont know what to think. If anyone has experienced this please share your story with me.

I found out at 13 weeks the hard way I had one. I was in the bathroom and all of a sudden I just started bleeding and it wouldn't stop. It wouldn't stop clots came out and everything. I was in the ER and they told me I had 3 of them. That was back in June I bled again in July also. At 13 weeks though when I was in the ER I was told that I was no longer able to lift anything heavier than 10lbs, have sex, or work. I worked at a group home so that was devasting to hear because I love the residents I work with but I didn't want to endanger myself or my son. I now just have one tiny one they do just absorb back into your body I was told by my doctor also they don't know how they happen its just something that happens. I totally understand where you are coming from I was very scared! But I'm now 35 weeks with a healthy baby boy!  (+ info)

How long does it take for a hematoma to go away?

About 10 days ago I got beat up really bad. My left eye is black and I have a golf ball sized hematoma on my left cheek bone. How long will this take to resolve? Ive been putting arnica which seems to have helped the color fade but not the bump. Anyone have any advice on what i should do. Is Ice still helpful this long after?


My son fell and smacked his cheek bone and he had a hematoma. It gradually got smaller but but it did take about a month or so to go away and it started out about the size of a piece of paper you would get from using a hole punch.  (+ info)

how is a hematoma removed from a shoulder surgery?

I am on blood thinners. Had shoulder resurfacing and developed a hematoma near incision sight. They drew out 55 ccs today but there is obviously more. Surgery was done 12 days ago.

  (+ info)

My doctor just found a hematoma after 11 days post op of breast implant surgery. Is that common?

I have to go back in for surgery in 3 days for him to check and see if he can drain out any blood and I am super nervous. I have never had surgery before my breast implants and I am nervous about the whole thing. Is it a common thing to have a hematoma? Is there anything that I should be nervous about?

Elective surgeries like breast implantation can traumatise tissue. Hematoma is normal, you dont need to be nervous  (+ info)

Has anyone been diagnosed with subchorionic hematoma and gone on to have a healthy baby?

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and last Monday we went for the first ultrasound. Baby's heart rate was 139. Everything looked good except the doctor said he saw a quarter-sized clot in my uterus called a subchorionic hematoma. Does anyone know anything about this? Or has anyone went on to have perfectly healthy babies? I go back to the doctor December 1st for a follow-up ultrasound to see if the clot is getting bigger, smaller, or staying the same.

Sorry never experienced this but I did find this web site that might be helpful.   (+ info)

what is really the cause of a hematoma after giving birth?

i gave birth to a baby girl. i was induce.i had normal spontanoeus vaginal delivery. but after giving birth my doctor says that i have a hematoma, which i was operated. My Expected date of confinement is feb 23. but i gave birth on march 5.

I always thought a hematoma was a bruise.

If your hematoma was located on your perianal it probably was a hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids are normal when you bear down.  (+ info)

Can anyone tell me what a amniotic hematoma is?

Just been told that the hematoma i have is a retro amniotic hematoma. has anyone else had this and what will i expect to happen? i live in Germany and the docs are not good explaining things. will the baby be ok?
Im 14 weeks pregnant.
doc said the hematoma is attached to the wall and the sac. just above the cervix. i have been bleeding for weeks now,

well a hematoma is a blood clot. it could be within an organ, body space, or vessel. since in your case its amniotic, im guessing there may be a clot within the fluid or possibly umbilical cord?? im hoping that if its anything serious, the doctor would have already alerted you, but if he didnt sound concerned, then i think youll be just fine!  (+ info)

what are the treatment for a hematoma in the arm?

the dr. diagnosis me with a hematoma to the forearm, I am doing everything the dr orders but the hematoma is getting larger. the reason for the hematoma was caused by taking my blood pressure too much, it has no pain and no bruising. Can i have the wrong diagnosis . Is elevation and hot treatments all i can do?

A hematoma is simply an accumulation of blood under the skin. It's not very likely that a hematoma would be misdiagnosed, but the doc could easily be wrong about the cause. If there is still bleeding under the skin you either have an injury that is bleeding (possibly an injured blood vessel?) or you have a clotting problem. A blood test is needed to identify a clotting problem. If no clotting problem shows up in a test, there has to be some sort of injury that is not healing.

You are doing pretty much all you can do at home to help blood become reabsorbed, but if there is still bleeding, applying heat can make it worse.  (+ info)

What does it mean when we say a hematoma is healed? How can we be sure?

I've had a hematoma 8 weeks ago and the bruise is gone in 4-5 weeks. I still have soreness on my arm close to the elbow and pulses of pain at the puncture site after a long day. Sometimes I have no pain but when I use my hand to do a lot of work it feels like tired and my muscles are sore in the upper arm and muscles below the elbow where the bruise was and the pain is bothersome.
what"s happening? Is the inflamation still there if so is it normal? Do they do an MRI of the hand? Can it help me?

A haematoma is just a collection of blood outside the circulatory system... in your case a deep bruise that sounds like it was caused from damage to the muscle. The pain could be because some of the haematoma is still there or because there is damage to the muscle. Haematomas are dissolved by the body, you can see the process when a bruise is healing. Just as with some big bruises they , some big haematomas can take months to resolve completely or wont resolve completely by themselves. Apply a warm face cloth to the area everyday to help with the circulation. If you are after something for the pain the best thing is probably a local cream or ointment such as "voltaren emulgel" rather than a tablet. If you are really worried you can go and see a doctor. An MRI sounds a bit like overkill. They will probably do an ultrasound if they are really worried. good luck  (+ info)

Can Subdural Hematoma lead to brain disabilites?

Can Subdural Hematoma possibly make someone mentally ill?
Like kill some of their brain cells or something so that the person is disabled in the sense of he is mentally ill?

And if so, do you HAVE to be hit in the head, or can even being hit in the arm or something like that cause Subdural Hematoma?

A subdural haematoma is a bleed in the brain from veins. It can be acute and sudden onset or chronic, taking days or weeks for symptoms to present. It may occur from head trauma or spontaneously in some people, being more common in the elderly and in alcoholics. It would not result in a person being mentally ill as this is a term reserved for psychiatric conditions generally, but they could have a degree of brain damage due to raised intracranial pressure if there was enough blood loss. Raised ICP can also often be fatal if not treated rapidly.  (+ info)

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