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My mom has Hemochromatosis, what are the chances I will? How do I know if I have it?

Haemochromatosis is an autosomal recessive condition, so for you to get it, your father would need to be at least a carrier for the condition. 1 in 23 people carry the defect, so I guess the chances of you having it is 1 in 23.  (+ info)

If you have hemochromatosis can you get life insurance?

Yes,for term, low coverage(around 10,000) and short period(10-15 years,)depend on your present age and type of disease.I guess you must be the primary juvenile type,if not damage to liver or heart can easy be treat by just withdraw blood regularly.  (+ info)

Dr. Cochran can you explain me in what consist a genetic test for hemochromatosis , how is the procedure?

sorry about my english it is not my first language, thank you

umm...  (+ info)

Holistic question...a person with Hemochromatosis, a liver condition, what channel should i concentrate on?

Meaning, if hemochromatosis is too much iron in the blood, it means its not a deficiency, so i cant tonify the liver, so what should i do?

Take the Homeopathic Remedy PULSATILLA 30 thrice a day half hour before meals, 100% cure without any side effects or complications.
Take care and God Bless you !  (+ info)

Can Hemochromatosis effect an MIR?

I don't think it will blow up the machine, but can it distort the images?

in some diseases like haemochromatosis oh heart MRI is the diagnostic tool  (+ info)

I read somewhere that people with hemochromatosis should not walk in the sand?

That is not the case.  (+ info)

What Causes Hemochromatosis ?

Can someone give me the specific reason like, what gene it is on, or is it an extra chromosome? Also list sources, thanks

the most common cause of hereditary hemochromatosis is due to the mutation of gene HFE on chromosome 6  (+ info)

Hemochromatosis and low hemaglobin?

My husband has hemocromatosis and was diagnosed with a count of over 1600 which has come down very slowly to the 800's. The problem is his hemoglobin very rarely goes above 11 and a half pint of blood has been withdrawn instead of the usual pint. I'm confused since the low hemoglobin is low iron and the hemochromatosis is iron toxicity, does anyone have a similar problem or does anyone have any answers for us. Its very confusing.

there are many causes of low hemoglobin - apart from iron deficiency

other causes of low hemoglobin includes folate deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, hemolytic anemias, anemia from chronic disease, and chronic renal failure  (+ info)

I have a ferritin level of 249 (hemochromatosis). Is phlebotomy warranted at this level?

You probably already know the normal limit for female ferritin is 12-150 ng/ml. (There are other diagnostic factors, but you're only asking about the ferritin level.)

Since hemochromatosis can cause iron to build up to toxic levels in the liver, heart, pituitary, thyroid, pancreas, and synovium (joints), people with hemochromatosis should indeed do phlebotomy if directed by their physicians.

My original Answer (which I just edited!) was based on my assumption you were male. Sorry! I've never known a female with hemochromatosis.

Yes, you should have phlebotomy at a ferritin level of 249. Ferritin levels don't start to rise until your body has already stored a considerable amount of iron.  (+ info)

Hemochromatosis and Limu Moui - I've heard this can greatly reduce iron levels. Any one heard of this before?

I have not heard of this LImu Moui. Sure its not Limu Maui. This is seaweed coming from Maui. No, my wife takes Jade-X as a treatment for her Hemocromotosis. This iron in blood is nothing to mess around with. Take doctor prescribed cures, not herbal meds. Your life is too precious to lose.  (+ info)

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