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How do you increase your hemoglobin levels when your red blood cell count is normal?

I have the Thalassemia trait and unfortunately my hemoglobin is usually around 9.2 or 9.3. The doctor doesn't see the point of giving me iron supplements because he says that I have enough red blood cells. I'm wondering if my fatigue and shortness of breath can be alleviated by increasing my hemoglobin. Has anyone ever dealt with this condition?

There are ways to get your hemoglobin count back up to normal before surgery, depending on the cause of your anemia. If you lack certain nutrients or vitamins, you may need to take supplements or a medication to increase your red blood cells.

I have never had this but have seen it  (+ info)

What does it mean when your hemoglobin levels drop significantly in 2 weeks?

I had my blood test done two weeks ago and just recently. Two weeks ago it said my hemoglobin level was 11.2 and now it says its 9. Is there a reason it dropped so significantly in just two weeks? I didn't have any major bleeding or anything. I went from being slightly anemic to full on anemic in a couple weeks. Does anyone know what could be the cause?

Two possibilities. (Three if you consider laboratory error.)

One is that you are bleeding and don't know it. From the stomach, from the guts, whatever. Lots of sources of internal bleeding.

The other one is dilution. What the hemoglobin test measures is how much hemoglobin you have in X amount of blood.

You have a female-looking avatar, so I will assume you are female. We females tend to lose and gain bunches of fluid. If you have more fluid in your body than you did two weeks ago, and you have the same amount of hemoglobin you did two weeks ago, your test is going to show less hemoglobin per X amount of blood.

I checked into an emergency room a while back with GI complaints and inability to keep anything on my stomach. I was dehydrated. My hemoglobin was 12. They kept me in the hospital on IV's for three days, during which time the only blood I lost was for their tests. On the third day, my hemoglobin was 7. I was overhydrated by then.

So your hemoglobin can change a lot in a short period of time when you are not losing blood and when the only change is how much fluid you are carrying.

Now, if you don't think you might have gained some fluid in the last two weeks, I suggest you discuss this with your doctor, because the alternative is internal bleeding. Or laboratory error.  (+ info)

What is a low hemoglobin count and what are risks?

A friend of mine has severe anemia with a hemoglobin count of 2. She has been showing symptoms for about four months and has just gone to the doctor and got admitted. How would they treat her and would she need a blood transfusion? Also what would be her greatest risks?

'A hemoglobin count of 2' is very low for any person and is severe anemia. This anemia must have developed slowly (over several weeks or months) for her body to withstand it.

There are several possible causes of this anemia. It could be from gradual and occult (hidden) blood loss such as scanty but prolonged bleeding from the intestines, or intestinal parasites (e.g hookworm) sucking blood over a long period. It could also result from continuous damage of red blood cells in the body like in sickle cell disease and other hemolytic anemias. Failure of her body (bone marrow) to produce enough red blood cells may also cause this degree of anemia e.g in severe nutritional deficiencies, leukemia, some drugs and toxins. I'm sure the doctors will run some tests to find out the cause of her anemia.

She will require blood transfusion to correct this severe anemia. Blood transfusion has its own risks but with current knowledge and technology these risks are drastically reduced. She may in addition require other forms of treatment depending on what caused her anemia.

She needs your support. Good luck.  (+ info)

What are symptoms of hemoglobin being dangerously low?

I know the general symptoms of anemia (fatigue, short of breath, irritability, pica, etc) but what is one symptom that presents itself when the hemoglobin level is critically low and would warrant a hospital admission?

...circulating blood volume loss leads to hypotension and later development of shock....usual symptomology signaling a dangerously low volume of hemoglobin (which of course transports O2 throughout the body for cellular metabolism) always includes "dizziness" particularly when standing up on feet from sitting or lying position, which, may cause syncope(fainting), and when loss of consciousness and syncope occur, a ticket for hospital admission should be written...  (+ info)

How can we increase the hemoglobin level in our body?

If we want to increase the level of hemoglobin in our body, what can be done and what kind of food should we take?

Hemoglobin will increase with the consumption of iron rich foods such as spinach. Hemoglobin will also increase with improved health and fitness. good luck  (+ info)

What could be the reason for hemoglobin levels rising?

I was wondering what would make hemoglobin levels rise. I know you can increase you're iron by eating red meat but I don't eat it. What else cold be the reason I have gone from being almost anemic to having a pretty high reading in about 18 months?

dodgy spleen or haemochromatosis  (+ info)

What is Hemoglobin & should I worry about a blood test being Positive for it?

I recently tested positive for Hemoglobin. Can anyone tell me exactaly what it is? I thought I might be pregnant but soon after the blood work I started my period (like a week after). I don't know what it is.

LOL.... I certainly hope so.... Hemoglobin is in every ones blood, its what binds to the oxygen to carry it through your body....

I think maybe you've got your wires crossed about what you tested positive for  (+ info)

How low can your hemoglobin drop to before it's really bad?

Is 8 bad? What is your hemoglobin on a regular basis?

http://ibdcrohns.about.com/od/diagnostictesting/p/testhemo.htm  (+ info)

How do i increase hemoglobin content in blood?

What are the food that i have to take to gain hemoglobin?

Hemoglobin is a protein folded around 4 hemes (an iron containing molecule) and is produced by brand new red blood cells indiscriminately. While there is no single food that will boost your hemoglobin specifically, you can eat a few things that will make it easier for your RBCs to produce it. It's important to notice that only NEW red cells make hemoglobin.... once it's more than a few days old it loses the ability.

First and most important, is iron to make the oxygen binding portions of heme. If you are male and eat meat from time to time, it's more than likely you have plenty of iron. However if you are female and vegetarian, you likely need iron supplements. Next, you need all the things that help red cell division... vitamin B12, Folic acid, a well fed condition (not starving yourself), and a hypoxic drive. This last item is a decrease in blood oxygen that boosts the release of erythropoeitin in the kidneys and causes RBC production. You can induce a hypoxic drive by exercising or living at high altitudes (I don't recommend you try any other ways of losing O2).

Some people have genetic conditions in which their hemoglobin is not shaped properly and that can cause a chronic problem not solved by food alone.

Talk with your doctor, and don't treat yourself.  (+ info)

Does both your hemoglobin and Iron serum levels have to be equally as low to be anemic?

my hemoglobin is 10.6 mill and my iron serum level is 19mcg/dl, I find it strange that my iron level is so much more abnormally low than my hemoglobin level. I'm a 22yr old female.

Not all anemia is caused by iron deficiency.

There are many tests that are done to determine the cause of anemia. These would include a complete blood count, ferritin, transferrin, B12, and RBC folate level, among others.

Iron is moved through your body through processes that are tested through the ferritin and transferrin levels. When a complete blood count is done, it is possible to determine a lot of things about the anemia, and the results may point to a cause.

If you had a very recent significant blood loss, your hemoglobin could be low and your serum iron normal or near normal. It doesn't take the body long, though, to use available iron for new hemoglobin.

Some types of anemia will occur regardless of the amount of iron available, such as the anemia caused by B12 deficiency.

The Wikipedia article has lots of information, if you want details.  (+ info)

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