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paradigm of pathophysiology of dengue hemorrhagic fever with vasculitis

Here is everything that would need to know regarding pathophysiology of dengue, including other diseases that cause vasculitis.  (+ info)

can dengue hemorrhagic fever affect ou liver? if yes, how and why?

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Simian Hemorrhagic Fever and Ebola? ?

How is Simian Hemorrhagic Fever (SHF), silmiler to and different from Ebola?

SHF is devestating to monkeys but not to people, ebola kills monkeys and people, same with marburg. the symptoms are the same and so is the transmission. they are both filoviruses!  (+ info)

which system does the ebola hemorrhagic fever infect?

please tell me every thing you know about this disease

Can't really pinpoint a system per se; ebola virus multiplies in virtually all tissue in the body, causing severe focal necrosis ('decay') and destruction. Much of this is seen in the liver, and the effects on the different blood cells/system leads to the 'bleeding out of everywhere' that is characteristic of such viral haemorrhagic fevers.

Ebola is highly infectious, spread by direct contact with body fluids/tissue of victims, even after they die.

This is just a brief synopsis, let me know if you want any specific information, since can't really fit 'everything' about the disease here.

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

What is Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever?

You can find all the info here:
http://www.cbwinfo.com/Biological/Pathogens/OMSKV.html  (+ info)

hows the dengue hemorrhagic fever lead to muscle pain?

More of a question you ask a doctor instead of Yahoo Answers.  (+ info)

If you have Influenza A H1N1, Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and Ebola-Reston, in one country. Can they combine?

This is the specific scenario in the Philippines and I since I live here, I am very concerned particularly since the H1N1 is spreading fast here and its also the season for Dengue Hemorrhagic fever. Of course, the Ebola Reston virus outbreak was just in the 1st quarter of this year. That said, can any two or all three of these viruses combine and or mutate to produce a deadly strain that could be spread with the relative ease of H1N1? Thanks so much for those who will try to answer.
Thank you for the answers so far. I just had to add this detail. There has already been a case of swine to human transmission here in the Philippines as far as the Ebola Reston Virus is concerned. The WHO article on this can be found here:


This is why it concerns me because of our population density and the fact that a very large part of our population has little access to health, water and sanitation facilities.

Virus' don't combine with one another, although you'd be hard pressed to find a virologist who would say that it is "impossible". But it hasn't happened before (that we know of)...

A virus can mutate which will change it's characteristics (ie. it becomes airborne, or becomes capable of infecting a new species such as swine flu jumping to humans) - but you don't really see a virus combine with another virus to create a new one.

That being said, of course Ebola is the most scary of the ones you mentioned (what if it jumped to humans!??!) - especially if it mutated to become airborne. The problem with a virus that is so strong as to kill you within in days is that it actually kills itself. Flu is so successful at spreading because you will usually be infected for up to two weeks before you start to show symptoms, and by then you've passed it around to everyone you know. A virus like Ebola will generally hit hard and fast and the host spends the entire illness in a single room sick and often dies before the virus can find a fresh host - thus ending the chain as quickly as it started.

Virus' combining into a "super strain" or something is a scary scenario - but doubtful it could happen.

Then again, you never say never :O  (+ info)

Dengue Hemorrhagic fever ( Body weakness )?

please give me a specific answer why is there a body weakness when you had a dengue h-fever..

is it because of internal bleeding, or by means of medication or something..?

thanks for your answers!!!!

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can anyone give me a schematic diagram of the pathophysiology of dengue fever. (not dengue hemorrhagic fever)?

hey i bet you are a student nurse who is working on a case presentation..... heheh,... = )

as much as i want to give you that since it is my Case Presentation , DHF actually but DF is just the simple version of it... i think i would not.. because i would really like to help you.... it would really be for your benefit to read a book.. = )

i know it's hard to find sources. i experienced that and felt helpless... look into tropical diseases (not on plain medical surgical books or books on pathophysiology only) and study how viruses infect.
it is the simplest i tell you... = )

anywayz, really to give you a jumpstart just go back to your concepts on immune and inflam processes. it's ALL THERE. THE FUNCTIONS OF MACrophages, inteleukins, and all those tells the story... = )

just make sure that you also know how our body tries to stop viral infections. what our body does on infected cells and read on the complement system too... DF is simple i tell you (simple than DHF, it would just be very short). i think viral infections are more simple that those bacterial infections if you trace the pathophysiology...

you can do this... = )

and ensure that you base it according to what is manifested in your patient because the symptoms has to be shown and explained in the schematic diagram.  (+ info)

Is dengue hemorrhagic fever curable?

No specific treatment for dengue fever exists. Treatment is symptomatic, including meticulously adjusted intravascular volume replacement.  (+ info)

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