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What happens to person who eats a fish ifected with viral hemorrhagic septicemia?

How likely is it to happen to us fisheaters??

they die  (+ info)

How long does it take to get over septicemia and viral meniningitis? And how did you feel?

I've recently been discharged from hospital..well for the 2nd time.!st time i was discharged WITH septicaemia from a water infection that got into my blood stream, and they took me back in a day later with what they think was viral meningitis,i couldn't walk,grip anything,and don't get me started on the headache.Wow,the pain.Still makes me cry thinking about it.I'm still waiting on some results from my lumbar puncture and a kidney ultrasound.Was in hosp for 8 days and although i feel allot better,i'm not 100%.I still have a very mild headache all the time,lower back pain,i have fluid on my knees and my joints are very weak,is this normal?? i really don't know what to expect and am so scared of turning into some paranoid weirdo because of what i've been through. Help!

your not being paranoid your body has just taken one hell of a beating with such strong diseases so all you can do is give your self time and don t rush anything patients I have nursed have taken up to 6 months to completely feel like themselves again but you will get there but as I say don t force your body to start with keep as active as you feel comfortably with and them when your ready up that level slowly until you are feeling stronger and more confident your body s aches and pains are it s way of telling you it s not feeling right yet and get support and take your time get well soon and good luck  (+ info)

What is the difference between septicemia, sepsis, and bacteremia?

I heard that septicemia is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. I was wondering what the difference between septicemia, sepsis, and bacteremia is? Is one of them blood poisoning? If that's the case, is it possible to have that condition without any microbial activity going on, like if you get certain non-microbial toxic agents in your body? Is one of the three a blood infection? What's the difference between all three of them?


These are nesting categories.

Sepsis is the presence of a pathogenic microorganism (bacteria, virus, parasite, or fungus) or its toxin somewhere in the body, whether that be a tissues of some organ, a body fluid (blood, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, amniotic fluid) or a body cavity. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sepsis

Septicemia is specific for infection of the blood by any pathological organism. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/septicemia

Bacteremia is infection of the blood by a bacteria. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bacteremia

So, bacteremia is a type of septicemia, and septicemia is a type of sepsis.  (+ info)

What are the cause and effects of hemorrhagic diseases?

It would be best if you could also include the nature of these diseases and prevention methods. Examples of hemorrhagic diseases would be appreciated :)

put everything about hemorrhagic diseases if you can :) THANK YOU!

A hemarrhagic disease is any disease that causes bleeding.

There are thousands of hemorrhagic diseases - way too much for Answers.

Best you narrow things down a bit.  (+ info)

What is Septicemia and what antibiotics should be used to treat it,and what dosages?

My uncle has b cell non hodgkins lymphoma,and now the doctors say my uncle has septicemia,so now I'm looking for any information about the condition.

It is a condition of all the above. Antibiotics to be given depends on what type of bacteria your uncle has. Also, it depends on if those bacteria are susceptible to the selection of antibiotics offered. Some strains of bacteria are resistant to many of antibiotics.

Non Hodgkin's lymphoma also influences the treatment of your uncle. Depending on the type, antibiotics might not even be able to help your uncle.

A lymphoma is a disease of the immune system. So if your uncle are making white blood cells that does not work, it would be hard to fight an infection. Most antibiotics are made to stop the growth of bacteria and your immune system does the rest.

But you should really speak to the MD about your concerns.

Hope i helped.  (+ info)

What's the difference between septicemia And acinetobacter?

My uncle died a week ago with septicemia nos, whatever that is. It's on the hospital records. He was in a hospital that had a problem with acinetobacter baumannii. Okay both of the symptoms are just about the same. He was in intensive care at the hospital for 4 weeks. The day he died it was on the t.v. about this acinetobacter. I need alot of help. PLEASE any info.

Septicemia is the term for a medical condition where bacteria and their toxins are spread throughout the bloodstream. This is referred to by some as "blood poisoning".

Acinetobacter is not a disease at all, but is the name of a particular bacteria. Acinetobacter is becoming very difficult in a lot of hospitals where it is becoming resistant to lots of antibiotics. It is particularly common in ICU patients.

I think what may have been going on was that he had septicemia caused by the spread of acinetobacter throughout the bloodstream. They may not be two unrelated things in his case.

I am sorry to hear about your loss, and I hope that I have been helpful. If you want more information, you might try to figure out if the hospital has an infectious disease specialist (probably a pharmacist) that could answer some more questions for you.  (+ info)

How long would it take an elderly person to die of untreated septicemia?

92 year old male with septicemia and severe dementia and the decision has been made to stop treatment and enter hospice care. It seems so cruel to have to linger with such a bad infection, how long would it take?

Pretty quick - hope they have him on a morphine pump to control the pain.  (+ info)

How long to recover from a hemorrhagic contusion?

I had suffered a hemorrhagic contusion to my left frontal and parietal lobes in a skiing accident.

How long does it take to recover completely from such an injury?

I'm 51 years old.

I did see a neurosurgeon and he said I was lucky as it did not involve any "vital" area of the brain. I'm almost 99% recovered already 4 weeks after the accident so I guess I was very lucky. If I had no helmet on I would be dead. Back of my helmet was crushed!

have you seen a neurosurgeon? Every case is so different, without an examination and appropriate MRI, MRA and neuropsych eval it is impossible to gauge yor progress.  (+ info)

If a person has had previous Septicemia 5 years previous are they still contagious?

I.e if food, and drink is shared etc can that person pass on Septicemia? Or is it once they seem to be healthy again bodily, the Bug is dormant in their body? Please advise as we accidently mixed up drink bottles at a gym session and I need to put my mind at ease. Thanks.

Once the bacterial infection was cleared that person of course returned to normal.  (+ info)

What viral infections can you get in the throat?

I have a viral infection in my throught and they didn't tell me what kind. So I want to know what my possibilities are.

There are so many viruses that can cause a sore throat.  (+ info)

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