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How infectious is Hepatitis C from dead bodies?

Working within the funeral industry, I come into very close contact with cadavers. Right now, I have a case that has Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis. How infectious is this when the body has been dead for 2 to 3 days?

Hepatitis can live for a few days, so be sure to use universal precautions and Tuberculosis is EXTREMELY contagous through droplet infection, so if the body is rolled and air is exhaled from the lungs, you can become infected. Be sure to cover their mouth and nose when rolling or moving them, and be absolutely certain to use a disinfectant that is also a tuberculocide. There was an excellent article in The Dodge magazine this month explaining TB and the transmission rates, etc., I highly recommend you read it.  (+ info)

Can a person who has suffered from Hepatitis B be non-infectious after he has been cleared of the disease?

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Yes you can be non-infectious if you have successfully cleared the disease. You will have to undergo blood tests to make sure you aren't surface antigen positive for Hep B. If you aren't that means you have cleared the virus and therefore cannot pass it on.  (+ info)


yes  (+ info)

what causes infectious diseases such as chicken pox, mumps, common cold, and hepatitis?

Virsues cause these. Chicken pox - varicella zoster virus. Mumps - mumps virus. Common cold - more than 200 rhinoviruses. Which hepatitis? Each is caused by a virus that bears its name. For example, hep A - HAV (hepatitis A virus).  (+ info)

What infectious diseases do not have vaccines to prevent/cure them?

I already have HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in mind, but I'll need a third one for an assignment. I just need either the name of the disease or the name of the virus, so any bit of information helps! Please and thank you =)

Rhinovirus (common cold). Too many variations in serotypes to be effective.  (+ info)

What do I do about my dad since he might have an infectious disease?

The no good doctors at evans medical group didn't properly used striliz tools on my dad. So, they sent him a letter in the mail saying he could have any of the Hepatitis or HIV. I know he needs to get blood work but should I bother getting checked also?

I would advise you do, just so it's official if you do or do not have it. I'm sorry about your dad :( Remember, HIV is not a death sentence.  (+ info)

When could my mother's dog have caught canine hepatitis?

My mother's 1 1/2 yr old newfoundland dog was passed back to her previous breeders a month ago as my mother couldn't cope caring for her due to her being ill herself. We have just found out that Stella the dog has got canine hepatitis which was diagnosed a few days ago and she is dying. My mother is worried sick as we are unsure of when she could have caught the disease.

If it was more than a month ago then she would have caught it when she was living with my mother which means my nans dog will have to be tested as they were in contact then and we've also been told that the family will have to be tested as it can be passed onto humans. Is this true? Please help!

  (+ info)

Anthrax is not very infectious- and therefore it does not make a good bioweapon. However, a bacteria that is H?

Anthrax is not very infectious- and therefore it does not make a good bioweapon. However, a bacteria that is HIGHLY infectious is:
A.) Tularemia
B.) Influenza
C.) Hepatitis
D.) Syphillis
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  (+ info)

Can any Alternative medicine cure Hepatitis B?

If the person is only a carrier? pl reply in detail and does alternative medicine has cure for all infectious diseases? If so, is it costly and what time does it take for a person to be cured. I mean for how long will he have to take medicine to get cured from hepatitis -B?

If you really want to cure anything then read the book, "We Want to Live" by Aajonus Vonderplanitz on diet. Most doctors, alternative and traditional, don't cure much. I have cured Hep C, cancer, and ALS by following his advice about what to eat and his cure rate is like 96% for everything. For years I tried all kinds of supplements and so-called alternative medicine and just got sicker. Before that I listened to traditional doctors and they almost killed me with their treatments. Now I feel awesome and I don't have anything.  (+ info)

Is there any link between Hepatitis B and Infectious mononucleosis with Multiple Sclerosis? Read my Details!?

I know 4 people who have or had Multiple Sclerosis, from what I've heard it is very common and at a higher risk in the south eastern region of Michigan for some reason. I have had 2 aunts diagnosed with progressive(one has already passed), 1 friend of my family diagnosed with relapsed remitting(who has now passed), a neighbor who has relapsed remitting, and a friend my Mom works with who has relapsed remitting. But the only thing that all these cases noticed(except one) was that they caught Hepatitis B and Mono before being diagnosed with MS. Is there any factual evidence that links these diseases?

If you found this interesting please give my question a star. Thank you.
The one exception that I listed above had Mono but has never had Hepatitis B. So every case has had mono and every case but one has had hepatitis B

MS is an autoimmune disease where the nerves of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) degenerate. Inflammation causes the myelin (nerve covering which conducts impulses) to eventually disappear which slows down nerve impulses and leads to problems functioning.

We are constantly learning more about MS. There are genetic and environmental components to it: a parent may pass on the predisposition for an autoimmune disease to their child. Doesn't mean it will be passed on. Doesn't mean that if it is passed on that anything (like a virus) will ever trigger the autoimmune response.

The general population has <1% chance of contracting MS. The chance increases in families where a first-degree relative of a person with MS has the disease. The chance increases in families where a first-degree relative has MS to 1-3%. An identical twin runs a nearly 30% chance of acquiring MS whereas a non-identical twin has only a 4% chance if the other twin has the disease.

Mononucleosis is a viral disease. It can also cause liver inflammation, but this form of hepatitis is rarely serious or requires treatment.
Hepatitis B virus is spread or acquired through exposure to infected blood or the body's secretions.

Viral infections can triger autoimmune responses, but I have never heard of specific autoimmune diseases being attributed to specific viruses. I have MS, but have never had mono or hep B. My mother and aunt have MS, but have never had mono or hep B.  (+ info)

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