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My partner has chronic hepatitis B. If i take vaccine is it safe to make love after marrying him?

so this vaccine, after 3 shots. Would i be protected for life?

Yes, you should be protected from the virus if you have the three shot series at the correct intervals - but I would recommend having a titer drawn after you finish the series to make sure you are immune. If not, usually one additional vaccine will cause you to sero-convert and you should have enough antibodies to help you fight the exposure.

*Edit: the answerer below me suggested that the immunity only lasts about 10 years. I had mine 15 years ago (I'm in healthcare) and had a titer drawn last year when I started a new job. The titer still showed high immunity. I also checked the link that person gave and it basically said immunity should last MORE than 10 years if you have a healthy immune system.  (+ info)

what is the homeo and biochemic remedy for a disease of chronic hepatitis b with diabetes and anal fissure?

i am suffering from these three major disease for the last 3 years. I am only 31 years old and an university teacher.


Dragon Herbs

315 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401
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Ask for their Master Herbalist. These people make miracles happen: I have used them for over 10 years now.

Best of luck.  (+ info)

I have chronic autoimmune hepatitis I was wondering if I would be able to drink alcohol?

i got this problem over 14 years ago now.

Autoimmune hepatitis is already causing damage to your liver, if you add alcohol to the mix, you will expedite the damage to your liver 5 x faster than someone who doesn't drink. It is typical to have hepatitis for many years, so you have to take extra good care of your liver. Dying from end stage liver disease is not a pretty picture; I have seen quite a few people pass away from liver failure because they didn't want to quit drinking; but the ironic thing is with liver disease, eventually you will quit drinking when you become too sick to do anything. Not trying to scare you, just telling the truth. Best wishes.  (+ info)

If a mom is a Hepatitis B carrier (chronic infection), and she infects her newborn, why is that of great conce

If a mom is a Hepatitis B carrier (chronic infection), and she infects her newborn, why is that of great concern- compared to a 20 year old getting Hep B infected? Justify your answer.

The first responder was correct. But if a mom knows she is Hep B positive, if the innoculation is given to the newborn right away, it can prevent the baby getting the disease.

Same thing with HIV. Medication given to babies right after birth bring the chances of "converting" (meaning acquiring HIV) to miniscule levels.  (+ info)

What is the chance of death for someone with chronic Hepatitis B?

Note: They had no vaccinations.

It all depends upon the liver studies...

Hepatitis B cannot be "cured", but it can be controlled or managed in numerous ways. Frequent MD appointments and laboratory studies are necessary to determine the stage of disease progression.

Although there is a wide range of effective medications to treat Hepatitis B, some cases require no treatment at all.

Just read up & educate yourself on all you can - information is widely available.

See below link for more information:

http://www.drugdigest.org/DD/HC/Treatment/0,4047,550040,00.html  (+ info)

How to distinguish serological between acute hepatitis C and chronic hepatitis C?

As title, thanks.

Chronic hepatitis means having hepatitis for greater than 6 months. Testing would have to be done in order to detect hepatitis via the PCR for the presence of the virus or by elevated enzymes. More than one test is needed as each of the above can be intermittently normal or negative. It is not a serological distinction as a person exposed to HCV will always have an antibody to HCV whether it is a resolved acute hepatitis case or a chronic case. The antibody lasts a lifetime.  (+ info)

Can I still have kids even though I have chronic Hepatitis b?

also what are the chances of you transmitting the hepatitis b to your child?

Yes, you absolutely can even if you have chronic hepatitis B, but your baby needs to be vaccinated within 12 hours and couple more after a few months when he/she is born. The vaccine is very safe and effective in protecting the baby. There are a lot of information about this from the internet. Best wishes to you the the baby.  (+ info)

Why is it that Hepatitis B Chronic (and carrier) can't be cured completely?

Can't you just take the antibody/serum/etc of an immune person and make a vaccine from it? How did it become chronic in the first place?
What I mean to be cured is become immune to it, even though the virus is still there. For example are polio and measles

According to this website, things have changed and there is not necessarily "no cure" for Hepatitis B.

http://www.hepb.org/patients/hepatitis_b_treatment.htm  (+ info)

My father has just been discovered to suffer from chronic hepatitis.?

The doctor said nothing about the rest of the family having to undergo some tests. Isnt hepatitis contagious? Should we go to another doctor?
Dad doesnt overdrink. A niece of his had hapatitis C when she was a teeanger. Maybe it's genetical

It depends on which one he has if its "A" then yes but "B" and "C" are blood born diseases. unless you play in his blood you should be OK. hepatitis is a disease of the liver. Your father should give up all alcohol now. There are treatments for it that have been very effective.Some forms of hepititis "C" are genetic they happen for no reason. The other forms are transmitted thru a transfusion or I.V. drug use.There has been a lot of success in liver transplants. The bad thing is they are really expensive.Your father does need to go to a gastrointerologist now so he can be educated on the do's and don'ts.  (+ info)

How do I fight this damn chronic Hepatitis B?

I'm 20 and was looking to forward to joining the Special forces, but I tested positive to this virus I didn't even know I had. I haven't had a girlfriend, so I'm a virgin, I eat like a professional athlete and I'm very active especially the last 8 months training for this job, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, hand to hand combat etc.
So what can I do to fight this? stuff like diet, lifestyle etc


2 things you need to do:

a. Reduce eating red meats like: pork, lamb, beef, chicken.
b. Increase eating cooked salmon fish and fruits, vegetables. The important thing is to eat fish every second day or at least 3 days a week, each meal must be around 100grams, no less.

1. Have a blood test - Hep B DNA risk level test
2. Then start eating as shown above
3. Go and do another blood test after 3 months and see the good news
4. Keep eating fish for another 12months and do another blood test
5. If the Hep B disappears for 12 months, go and have the vaccine to prevent it

Good luck!  (+ info)

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