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It is possible to have chronic Hepatitis C and not feel sick?

Yes it is...usually with your initial exposure you'll get really flu sick, but then feel normal for quite a while.

Eventually you will start feeling the beginning affects like depression, strange anxiety, fatigue, random nausea, itching, intestinal spasms, sleep disorders...there are a ton of symptoms that can be misdiagnosed as something else.

Exotic wonder is wrong - it is not a sexually transmitted disease - it's not passed through saliva, semen or vaginal secretions. It must be a blood to blood transfer where in the infected persons blood gets into your blood stream through an open wound.

If you are worried about it, your general practioner doctor can do a simple blood test to find out if you have been exposed called a HCV-antibody test.  (+ info)

Characteristic of Hepatitis B chronic patient?

Ok so I know what people who cannot clear the infections within 6 months are chronic patients. So are those chronic Hep B patients very ill? Or they appear very healthy? Because my mom has been tested positive for Hep B 3 years ago but recently she did a test and it shows that she has the virus still, which means she is chronic, but why is she living so healthy in the last 3 years without any symptoms?

these patients usually lead normal lives occasionally they have easy fatiguability, anorexia, bodyaches and muscle soreness. only risk is higher incidence of liver malignancies in them.  (+ info)

is there any homeopathic treatment to cure viral hepatitis B (chronic and carrier)?

weiht=61 kg,height=5ft 4in, i have diabetics and problem of anal fissure.

homoepathy claims.
Generally if a treatment is not done in other forms of medicine, the homeoepath is consulted..
Do it and try. The medicine is also sweet  (+ info)

What is the best approach in treating early heptocellular carcinoma with chronic hepatitis B infection?

the patient has no sign and symptoms of liver insufficiency.
HCC diagnosed during screening --alpha feto protein levels > 1500 units..
USG shows no SOL apart from early cirrhosis.
TECE for 2 times ..both films show no SOL nor lopoidol uptake.nor undue vascularity.
After 2 TACE.. alpha feto levels now 130 units
What are the possibilities of this condition and
what are the differentials.?
other systems .. including genital system..NAD

Read up on glyconutrient technology.

That information is on my page and blog roll.  (+ info)

how a mother with a chronic hepatitis b breastfeed her baby?

From the World Health Organization paper on this topic:

"There is no evidence that breastfeeding from an HBV infected mother poses an additional risk of HBV infection to her infant, even without immunization. Thus, even where HBV infection is highly endemic and immunization against HBV is not available, breastfeeding remains the recommended method of infant feeding."


Hope that helps!  (+ info)

We recently found out that my boyfriend has chronic hepatitis B...?

I have had vaccination against hepatitis A and B. I went in for a blood test it indicates that I have no Hbs-antigen and I have a 721 IU/L titre of anti-Hbs.
I understand that this confirms my immunity. But is this 100% immunity? Do I still have chances of being infected? Was was the accuracy of the blood test?
Does this mean I could still safely continue our physcial relationship?

you are completely protected (100%) and cannot get the disease, regardless of your boyfriends status. If he has active hbv then he should seed the care of a board certified hepatologist to see if he needs therapy or not  (+ info)

Is there effective treatment for chronic hepatitis b?

Yes, they use the interferon and ribavirin treatment for Hep B many times. It is the same thing they use to treat Hep C...  (+ info)

If a patient has chronic hepatitis, what is most likely hepatitis that he/she has had?

  (+ info)

What are the current treatments for chronic hepatitis C.?

All patients with chronic hepatitis C should be evaluated by a specialist for possible treatment with these agents. In general, adults less than 70 years old with evidence of active inflammation on liver biopsy and without advanced cirrhosis are good treatment candidates. Indications for treatment of patients with very mild disease on liver biopsy are less clear. Such individuals should be considered for possible participation in clinical studies. Patients with advanced cirrhosis secondary to hepatitis C should be referred referred for evaluation for possible liver transplantation.  (+ info)

I ave chronic hepatitis B for a long time now. My exboyfriend never got it from me. His tests are clean. Why?

How is it possible that my exboyfriend didn't get the Hepatitis from me during many years of relashionship?

It is much harder for a man to catch something sexually from a woman than vice versa due to their anatomy. Please use a condom though so your next boyfriend doesn't get it. It is always a possibility, your ex-boyfriend was lucky.  (+ info)

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