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If you have ME (Chronic Fatigue) how safe is it to have immunization for Hepatitis?

Going overseas and Hep A immunization suggested but I have M E or Chronic Fatigue, since this is a liver issue I wonder how safe it is
Problematic since if one asks anaturapath they would say definite "no". If ask doctors they would say "yes". I need someone versed with both approaches, I guess. The stats. on Chronic Fatigue or ME and how it is affected are not well documented or researched. Anyone know anything?

Yes it is safe. Vaccinations don't effect your liver, just your immune system.  (+ info)

What herb is good for Chronic hepatitis B?

For general liver health, there's milk thistle, dandelion, yellowdock, burdock root, parsley, black raddish root, N-Acetyl (NAC), trimethylglcine (TMG), & alpha lipoic acid.

Hmm... for hepatitis, I recommend you talking to your doctor. Dandelions and milk thistle are good herbs for hepatitis. When someone has a sick liver, its more than one herb, it takes a combination of substances.  (+ info)

Which is the best medical option for treating chronic hepatitis B,Herbal medicine or antivirals?

I have the disease for about 2 years now

I am not a nurse and I can tell you honestly that herbs will simply do nothing but maybe make you feel a bit better...(by a teeny margin). Chronic HBV needs to be treated with antiviral chemotherapy. This is your only chance of sustaining the virons responsible for not just liver disease, but a host of bi-directional diseases associated with chronic HBV infection.

If you treat early, your chance at becoming sustained increases and prevents many bi-directional diseases and even those diseases that are irreversible.

I would ask your doctor to refer you to a gastrointestinal doctor and weigh your options for treatment.

HBV can be debilitating. Don't give it a chance to become that!

Too good to be treatments do nothing but lower your wallet size. They do nothing to hinder the virus. Don't be a victim!
If it's too good to be true, it probably is! (we know it is!)

Some things come hard in life- it's not always easy.  (+ info)

What is the treatment for chronic Hepatitis B?

There are several drugs on the market used in the treatment of Hep B. They include lamivudine, Hepsera, Baraclude, and interferon. There is an HIV med that is not yet approved for the treatment of Hep B, but we use it anyway and it works well. It is called Tenofivir. All of these meds are oral except for interferon which is a shot. These drugs are only used when your chronic Hep B is active - meaning you have a lot of virus and your liver enzymes are elevated. They do not work unless these two conditions exist. When you have chronic Hep B, you should also have an imaging study (ultasound, CT, or MRI) of you liver at least once a year to screen for liver cancer.

http://www.drugdigest.org/DD/HC/Treatment/0,4047,550040,00.html  (+ info)

what is chronic hepatitis B antigen?

Someone who has Hepatitis B e antigen. it that means the person has a liver disease? how long until the person gets the liver disease and what is the relation between chronic hepatitis b e and other damage to the body.

thank you

Yes it is a problem with the liver.
And it can be bad too.
Please, look on Internet.
I went to Wikipedia and there you get more chance if you look on Thiomersal.
This was a product used in vaccines and as it is highly toxic it has been retrieved in the USA's.
Then when you go to Yahoo, you will even find explanations in Portuguese and I think there is also a Brazilian site too.
As an has-been nurse, I took to my heart your questions about Xmas especially after I saw all your questions about hepatitis.
Many of your questions & answers are in Portuguese or Spanish, and I would like to wish you the best in your language but I don't master it, and for that I am sorry!

Now, for looking on Internet:
When you answer a question, under the source' space, is a little space called research your answer, try it!
Amically yours.KD  (+ info)

Chronic Hepatitis B..Does it affects the visa possibility?

I was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B and this was also reported to CDC. I am an international student here and like to know if I can obatin United States work visa( H1B) if I am suffering from this disease. Last year I had my tests done for the liver enzymes and everything was found to be normal. Can I get my work visa denied because of this disease although I am fit and don't have any problems.

unfortunately yes you have a contagious disease you not be allowed into the USA.  (+ info)

Anyone have experience taking Hepsera for chronic Hepatitis B?

Even though I don't have any symptoms and no liver damage, my doctor wants me to start taking Hepsera (if I can get insurance coverage) or otherwise Epivir. I'm worried about side effects and the fact that if you go off the drugs, the hepatitis might get worse or mutate. Should I get a second opinion?

Yes, we have the same problem coz I have Hep-B but have you check your DNA determination? I take hepsera almost 1 year now. The important is you have to take your hepsera medication once a day ( depends on your doctors prescription) and take virgin coconut oil 3x a day to boost your immune system. If you want more question now heres my add: [email protected]

Hope to hear you soon.  (+ info)

Can acute Hepatitis become chronic?

This question is now answered. Feel free to post any crap you want.

Thank you for those who confirmed my suspicions. I'm in no rush to go to a doctor, seeing as it's been chronic for more than a year now. This was the big medical mystery plaguing me and I just found the answer today. I got acute Hepatitis from Q Fever, but I was wondering how I could still have it.

  (+ info)

i had Chronic Hepatitis B infection in 2001& i recover,but now SGPT-90,SGOT-39.6 (N-40) can this is harmful? ?

Hepatitis B
HBV DNA Quaninty
viral load 330
HBS Ag +ve
Hbe Ag -ve
Anti HBe +ve

Elevated ALT and AST levels are liver function tests that indicate inflammation of the liver. Since you have a history of chronic Hepatitis B, it's possible that it's due to reactivation of the virus. Go to the hospital and have them run a Hepatitis B RNA viral load test to confirm. Depending on the viral load, you may need to be started on peg-IFN or entecavir in combination with tenofovir.

To the answerer above, you're an idiot. You can't even make a grammatically correct sentence and unless there's new study that has found that Hepatitis B is actually Herpes, you wouldn't treat someone with Hep B with acyclovir.

EDIT: To Ricky, Hepatitis B isn't spread by food, it's spread by blood or sexual contact. Also, good luck using homeopathic medicines to treat a viral infection that's attacking the liver. Go to a doctor and seek real help instead of people who believes that drinking boiled water can cure hepatitis.  (+ info)

if a woman has Chronic Hepatitis B is it safe to have a baby?

http://www.ahealthyme.com/topic/hepatitisb - 58k -  (+ info)

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