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What does hepatomegaly mean with an ldl of 82 and hdl of 78 and triglycerides in the 40's? ?

Can this be affected by medication

Hepatomegaly means an enlargement of liver. The degree may vary, just get medically evaluated.  (+ info)

What is mild hepatomegaly with stenosis?

Hepatoegaly means enlargement of a liver beyond normal size.
A stenosis is an abnormal narrowing in a blood vessel or other tubular organ or structure.  (+ info)

what is mild hepatomegaly in liver with diffuse increase in echotexture?

i under went ultra sound scnning.the bove is report copy

Well, hepatomegaly means liver enlargement. While, I'm pretty sure that diffuse increase in echotexture is related to the density of a substance in your liver, usually fat cells. Echotexture is basically just a form of ultrasound. However, you should schedule a follow-up visit with your doctor to confirm/get an explanation for these results. I hope that helps.  (+ info)

why is there hepatomegaly in cases of chronic myelogenous leukemia?

only splenomegaly should be there because of metastasis

  (+ info)

what does mild hepatomegaly with diffuse fatty changes mean?

these are my findings after a stomach ultrasound

It means that your liver is mildly enlarged, hepato - liver and megaly = large. The fatty changes are usually associated with drinking too much alcohol for too many years. There are other causes but that is the primary one. If this is your case then it would be best to stop drinking before it gets worse. If drinking is not the problem then your doctor needs to look at other possibilities such as problems with your endocrine system and exposure to some chemical compounds. The liver has a remarkable ability to regenerate its tissue as long as the source of the damage to it is removed. Good luck to you  (+ info)

Slightly enlarged liver (hepatomegaly) with normal liver values?

During my physical, the doctor pushed really hard up and under my right rib margin and said that my liver was slightly enlarged. My liver panel results were normal. I never drink more than one or two beers in a day, though I a little overweight (5'11" 195 lbs.). I am not diabetic and have no other health issues that I know of. Is this unusual? Cause for concern? I'm applying for an overseas work visa and they're making it into a sticking point.

Blood testing is not always 100% accurate. The doctor
may do another set of them and compare the results
to be sure. If the doctor believes the liver is
enlarged in size...he will usually have an ultrasound
or Ct scan done to look at the liver.

Enlargement of the liver comes from liver cell
damage that the immune system of the body will
respond to and cause inflammation inside the liver.
(which causes the enlargement)

All liver patients are told, NO alcohol and to be
sure they tell the doctor all medications they
are taking: over the counter, herbs, vitamins,
minerals, supplements, and prescription
prescribed by other doctors. Meds go through
the liver first, to be broken down, before going
to the rest of the body.

The liver takes any toxins out of our blood and
converts them into a non toxic form that the liver
can dispose of. It takes alcohol and converts
it to acetaldehyde, then to acetate, and then
to carbon dioxide and water (there are many more
steps than just these). If the person overconsumes
alcohol in a short time period it overwhelms the
liver. This causes the liver not to convert this
alcohol and it can go into toxic form to the liver
Some people who drink over long time periods
can develop a fatty liver infiltration inside the liver.
This causes pressure inside the liver that also
leads to liver cell damage.
Some people are very sensitive to alcohol,
as they would be other medications. That is
why some people can drink for ages without
having any medical problem, while others...
it doesn't take much to develop a problem.
Taking drugs with alcohol can cause a chemical
reaction in the body and damage the liver
cells instantly.

I hope this information has been of some help to you.
Best wishes  (+ info)

Scan report impression shows : "Hepatomegaly with fatty changes"?

1.Today my dad's scan report shows the above impression.
2.Then in the liver : Measures 17 cms. Enlarged and shows diffuse increased echotexture.
No focal lesion of IHBR dilatation method.
Pancreas: Shows normal echotexture. Main pancreatic duct is not dilated
What is the meaning for these??? Any doc or experts plz answer!!!!!

It is meaning ur dad has hepatomegaly ( his liver has been damaged by some toxins, it is can be chemical intoxication due to bad habit or prolonged disease, viruses ( hepatitis, Dengue, etc ) i can not say more till know his life style or story of illness. fatty changes telling more about habits and chronic diseases during . his blood test must show high level cholesterol and bilirubin .
Any way he need serious treatment ... consulting with specialist and strong diet
how he feeling? what kind of symptoms he has?
don't be worry a lot, it is still can be reverse ( no focal lesion - it is good sign , pancreas also did not involved... so no big reason to mind worst).
but special attention need . as soon as possible.
take care ur Dad... my best wish.  (+ info)

My six months child has a liver storage disorder and has a grade 111 hepatomegaly.?

liver has enlarged by 15.5 cm

I believe you may mean
Glycogen Storage Disease Type III

Here are two links that may be of help to you.
The first one, that you can click on, is
easier to understand...the second one
is from a professional site and you may
have to register to view it. Registration
is free. It requires an understanding of
Medical terminology...


Having an enlarged liver is common with this
When we eat...the protein, carbohydrates,
glucose (sugar), and fats go to the liver.
The liver will convert proteins, carbohydrates
to glucose. Why? Because glucose is the
main source of energy for "all the cells" of
the body. What the body doesn't need to
use right away...the liver converts to glycogen
to be stored until the body needs more glucose
to use. It will then take this glycogen and
convert it back to glucose. However,
the muscles and other parts of the body can
store a small amount of glycogen itself, but
the liver is the main storage place for it.

Glycogen storage disease means that there
is something wrong in the process of the
liver to handle the glycogen...be it an
enzyme deficiency, transport problem,
gene mutation, etc. There are about 6 types
of this disease. Some cause very low
blood sugar levels, muscle weakness,
acid/balance problems and other things.

Hope this information has been of some help
to you.  (+ info)

USG- abdomen scan shows impression : 'HEPATOMEGALY WITH FATTY CHANGES'?

1.Today my dad's scan report shows the above impression.
2.Then in the liver : Measures 17 cms. Enlarged and shows diffuse increased echotexture.
No focal lesion of IHBR dilatation method.
Pancreas: Shows normal echotexture. Main pancreatic duct is not dilated
What is the meaning for these??? Any doc or experts plz answer!!!!!

I'm no doctor or person with any medical experience whatsoever, but I can give you some definitions but if I were you, tell your dad to take this report to his doctor and ask the doctor to explain it for him.

1. Well, this referring to the liver and his liver measure 17cm. Livers in men are usually around 10.5 cm, so this can indicate that your dad's liver has become enlarged. The texture of the liver has also increased, due to inflammation maybe? Depends why your dad was having the scan in the first place.

2. The Pancreas is grand, and the duct hasn't enlarged. So everything is fine and dandy there.

My first guess is cancer. My second guess is that your father's liver has inflamed and enlarged, but it hasn't spread to the pancreas.

Tell your dad to get a doctor to explain this to him, because after all, I might not know anything.  (+ info)

regarding hepatomegaly steatosis?

do hepatomegaly cause serious problems do it is a fatal disease?

It is not fatal. It means that your liver is enlarging because of fat deposits in it. It is not fatal but warrants serious attention. It may lead to cirrhosis which is an end stage of liver disease or it may even lead to CA in some cases if you don't take care of your liver. This stage is manageable. If your drinking alcohol, stop it. Loose weight. Control diet. Check your medications if it has adverse effects on the liver. Better consult a gastroenterologist so you get a better perspective on this disease entity.  (+ info)

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