FAQ - Hereditary Central Nervous System Demyelinating Diseases
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Do neurological disorders usually affect the central nervous system or the peripheral nervous system?

Please explain, thank you!

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What information does anyone here have about Central Nervous System Vasculitis?

you mean Lupus?or

Vascular-related cutaneous conditions
o Vasculitis, central nervous system
o Cryoglobulinemic vasculitis
o Churg-strauss syndrome
o Systemic vasculitis
o Polyarteritis nodosa
o Giant cell arteritis

o CNS vasculitis
o Systemic lupus erythematosus
o Vasculitis, central nervous system
o Polyarteritis nodosa
o Giant cell arteritis

Diseases and disorders (9)
o Primary angiitis of the central nervous system
o Thrombosis
o Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome
o Granulomatosis
o Vasculitis, central nervous system

Autoimmune diseases
o Autoimmune
o Churg-strauss syndrome
o Systemic lupus erythematosus

too many of them.


or get in touch with,

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Central Nervous System Vasculitis Foundation, Inc. - CNSV

The Central Nervous System Vasculitis Foundation, Inc. provides information and support to patients, families, and the medical community and the general public about the rarity of CNSV; its devastating impact on lives; diagnosis, and treatment in order to improve overall quality of life, affect more positive patient outcomes, to develop effective medical treatments, and to assist in discovering a cure through scientific research.
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cnsvfinc.org  (+ info)

Okay I have researched and i noticed that the central and peripheral nervous system are the same.Is that t?

It is for my project at school if you have any good websites for my question please tell me.

Central nervous system is your brain and spinal cord. Peripheral nervous system consists of the nerves that run throughout the rest of your body that relay information back to the brain.  (+ info)

The primary difference between alcohol and the other central nervous system depressants is:?

a) the other central nervous system depressants cause memory loss, while alcohol does not
b) alcohol causes physical/organic brain damage because it is a solvent
c) alcohol causes lapses in judgement, while the other central nervous system depressants do not
d) alcohol is addictive, while the other central nervous system depresssants are not

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What major diseases are associated with the nervous system?

1. Alzheimer Disease
2. Broca Aphasia
3. Cerebello-Olivary Degeneration of Holmes
4. Choroid Plexus Papilloma
5. Huntington Disease
6. Kl├╝ver-Bucy Syndrome
7. Locked-In Syndrome
8. Multiple Sclerosis
9. Parkinson Disease
10. Parinaud Syndrome
11. Pituitary Adenoma
12. Tourette Syndrome
13 Wallenberg Syndrome
14. Weber Syndrome
15. Wernicke Aphasia
16. Wernicke/Korsakoff Syndrome
17. Wilson Disease  (+ info)

What are some diseases/ disorders that affect the nervous system?

spina bifida
cerebral palsy
meningitiesthe list goes on and on  (+ info)

Do you think scoliosis affects your central nervous system in any way?

How neurotransmitters are passed along?

Directly, no. Indirectly, by the spine growing curved and then pinching nerves, yes. It can cause numbness.  (+ info)

What other systems in the body are affected by alcohol?(aside from the central nervous system)?

In the longer term, regular alcohol consumption increases your risks of: liver damage, cancer (of the liver, mouth, throat, and breast), mental health problems, weight gain, heart disease, stroke, shrunken genitals and reduced fertility. Alcohol reduces your body's ability to absorb nutrition, and the weight gain can also contribute to other conditions such as diabetes.

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What causes problems with the central nervous system? i Get sharp pains randomly in different spots of my body

sometime my hand, sometimes my arm....a thumb ehh all i can remeber now but its just a sharp pain that lasts for a couple minutes. what could this be?!!!

It could be a number of things causing it. It could be something mild or severe. I recommend you look in to it.
Try the symptom checker at this link..........

www.webmd.com  (+ info)

Can excessive use of Botox actually cause brain damage or other central nervous system damage?

There is still research going on with that but there are findings that the Botox does travel around in the body causing multiple problems.  (+ info)

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