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How much does a femoral hernia repair cost?

I need a femoral hernia repair, but I dont have health insurance. How much would it cost to have it fixed?

can go to a free clinic and ask about what you need to do...  (+ info)

How common is a double femoral hernia?

I have a femoral Hernia and I feel the same pain on the other side.

Actually not very - I have only seen it once in my 9 year career  (+ info)

My femoral hernia hurts down the inside of my thigh. Does that mean it is by a nerve?

I am seeing a surgeon in about 10 days, but the pain is non-stop.

It may well be pressing on a nerve. Call your doctor's office and ask if they can give you something to help with the pain until your surgery.  (+ info)

Anatomy Q: What gives rise to an abnormal obturator artery and why is it important in femoral hernia repairs?

Please state your source.

its a congenital anomaly ,its important in hernial repair becoz it can bleed if u dont put in count its presence  (+ info)

Can you get a hernia in the middle of your pelvis? I have had a femoral hernia and I think I another 1 by it?

I have had to strain to go the bathroom for most of my life. I think this has weakened the muscels in that area. I have a Dr. app in a few days, just wondering if anyone has ever had such a thing. Thanks!
I have had a hysterectomy so I know it is not another issue.

Ventral hernia. ^^  (+ info)

i have some questions about the femoral hernia, could you help me?

if you have femoral hernia would you feel bloated and a pain on in the leg?

  (+ info)

Is there an exercise to correct or reduce femoral hernia?

no surgery just exercise

nope, sorry. a hernia happens because the muscles and tissue in that region have already failed and split apart allowing other femoral structures to bulge thru, like the femoral artery. It can be painful, and it can be dangerous, but the only correction for the situation is surgery. In fact exercises to that area can be dangerous because whatever does bulge thru, like an artery or a loop of bowel can then become constricted and all sorts of problems then occur.  (+ info)

what is a femoral hernia and where is it located?

Dr said I got it (I have had over 5 years of severe pain in lower abdomen and right thigh and top of right leg area but specialist saidd I do not still have the same problem..very sore at touching that area

This is probably the same as an inguinal hernia, as the femoral canal passes beneath the inguinal ligament. Both have to do with the crease between the bottom of the pelvis and the top of the leg. The canal allows the femoral nerve, femoral vein and femoral artery to pass between the pelvis and leg. When a loop of bowel inserts itself into this space -- or the space is large enough that this could happen -- it's called a hernia.  (+ info)

Is it possible to play sport and do heavy physical activity after one month of femoral hernia surgical repair?

can you tell me from your experience?

That's a question your doctor should answer. That should have been part of your post op visit.  (+ info)

I think I have femoral hernia?

I think it's hernia. It's not causing me any pain but should I be worried and go see a doctor?

See a doctor, tell him or her how you feel.
Let him decide. Ask him questions
to find out.  (+ info)

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