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Are you happy with your umbilical hernia repair surgery?

I am 35 and had an umbilical hernia repaired because I was always in "innie" and hated the "outtie" I had because of the hernia. It's been almost three weeks from the surgery, but I don't feel like my belly button is completely "in" like it was before.

My dad had one and he was quite satisfied with it.  (+ info)

How would you tell the difference between an "outie" and an umbilical hernia?

My bellybutton has been the same ever since i was little, but i've been reading up, and it seems a lot of umbilical hernias look just like outies? How do you tell the difference? If it helps, my outie does not push back in, does not usually cause pain, and is ticklish.

I had a friend with an umbilical hernia, and it was obviously not an outie!! I figure if it looks creepy, it couldn't hurt to get it checked out by a doctor.  (+ info)

How long to recover from a umbilical hernia surgery?

The hernia is not very large. I would also like to know how quicly you could return to work and normal activities.

About two weeks  (+ info)

what should i do about my Umbilical hernia?

I have an Umbilical hernia. I was wondering should i have surgery to correct it or should i leave it alone and hope it heels on it's own? i just need an opinion. it does hurt a little while i'm sitting down Somtimes, but not enough to like, bother me. it's just a lil annoying. some say that hernia's are dangerous and need to be surgically corrected, and others say it's no big deal. so please, let me know.

Hernias will not go away on thier own. They might shrink but won't go away. I wouldn't get sugery unless your doc recommends it. My daughter has one and has had one since birth and she is fine.  (+ info)

Babies born with umbilical Hernia..How long did it take for your child's to go away?

My daughter was born with a umbilical hernia.The doctor said it was small and will probably be gone by the age of 2.I'm not worried just curios.

My daughter had a pretty large hernia when she was born, but now at 16 months it really only 'pops' if she's straining or crying. It's a process, but it's made a ton of improvement. I would say it'll probably be completely gone by about 2-3 years of age. It's funny though a lot of people don't understand what in the world it is and they will act like it's a deformity, most people don't realize how common it is.  (+ info)

Can you get pregnant if you have an umbilical hernia?

I know my reproductive organs are healthy but I was wondering if, getting pregnant and holding a pregnancy should be fine with a hernia.

ask a general surgeon. it will get much worse if you,re pregnant. i,m a guy, and have had three hernias. if they,re not fixed, they only get worse.  (+ info)

I need some info or advice from anyone who has had an umbilical hernia repaired.?

I am going to be having my umbilical hernia repaired by surgery. How long can I expect to be away from home and how long did it take you to feel fully recovered. I have a very heavy seven month old son and I am afraid I will have trouble picking him up and caring for him shortly after the surgery. How long should I plan on asking a family member to stay with me? Thank you for your time.

Many hernia surgeries are now same-day surgeries meaning you go in to the hospital in the morning and back home by the afternoon. You will not be able to lift your child - someone will have to help with that. But, they can place the child in your lap when you are sitting down. You have to avoid anything that causes you to tighten your abdominal muscles until you are healed. Healing can take from a few days to a week or more but the lifting restriction may last longer than that. It often depends on what they have to do in there when they do the repair as to how long your lifting restriction will be. That will then determine how long you ask someone to help you.  (+ info)

is there any way of checking yourself for an umbilical hernia?

how can i be suer i dont or do have a umbilical hernia without seeing a doctor?

The main symptom of an umbilical hernia is a soft bulge under the skin of the navel, or umbilicus. An umbilical hernia is usually not painful or harmful.

An umbilical hernia:

Is usually present at birth but may not be noticed right away. A hernia usually isn't noticeable until the umbilical cord stump falls off, which usually occurs a few days to a few weeks after birth.
May vary in size from less than 1 cm(0.4 in.) to more than 4 cm(1.6 in.) across but rarely measures more than 2 cm(0.8 in.) across.
Can be pushed back (reduced) into the abdomen.
Usually is most noticeable when you sit or stand, or straining during normal activities such as crying, coughing, or having a bowel movement. Typically, it is least visible while you lie quietly on your back.
Some umbilical hernias have a large amount of extra skin over them; these are called proboscoid umbilical hernias. Although they are not dangerous, proboscoid hernias usually are more noticeable than other umbilical hernias because of their unusual appearance.

Complications of umbilical hernias, such as rupture of the hernia or trapping of the intestines in the hernia sac, are rare. But if they occur, you may notice additional symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, pain, or redness and swelling within the bulge of the hernia.

A health professional usually diagnoses an umbilical hernia during a physical examination. During the exam, your health professional will pay close attention to:

The size, shape, and appearance of your abdomen, particularly the area around the navel (umbilicus).
Whether the hernia can be pushed back (reduced) into the abdomen. With most umbilical hernias, this can be done easily without causing pain.
The size of the open umbilical ring.
You should be warm, relaxed, and comfortable during the exam. Your health professional may want to evaluate the hernia in various positions and will have you help your child stand, sit, or lie down.

Follow-up appointments are important to help your health professional monitor whether the hernia is closing on its own.  (+ info)

How serious is an umbilical hernia?

My son has an umbilical hernia, it seems to be getting bigger, I read that it will go away eventually , the doctor also said that, but has anyone ever had to deal with one? how long did it take to shrink?

My son also had an umbilical hernia. I forget how long it took for it to become normal, but I do remember it was almost around 6 to 7 months. The main thing you need to be concerned with, the doctor told me, was that if when the baby is in a relaxed state, if you can't push it in. Right now you should be able to push it in and it pops right back out or maybe even kind of gets stuck in, but if you can not push it in, like it's solid, the doctor said to take the child to the hospital.  (+ info)

Does an umbilical hernia always need surgery?

I went to a doctor last week because my belly button area was tender and turning black and blue. I was not in ALOT of pain, but slightly uncomfortable. The doctor told me to go to the ER immediately because I had an umblical hernia that needed to be operated ASAP. ER doctor confirmed I had a hernia but said it could wait a few weeks. Now I feel fine. Do I still need to have this looked at by a surgeon?

Of course. don't neglect ur self. Hernia can get complicated ( infected, obstructed, perforated) and then peritonitis which is a life threatening situation.
U need a surgeon.  (+ info)

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