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............... HERNIA ?????? ?

a guy told me that he had hernia before he got his surgery...
what the hell is hernia ??
is it something that he can transmit to me ??

A hernia is the protrusion of an organ or part of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. ... What are the different types of ...
www.goremedical.com/hernia/hernia-about - Cached
And it cannot be transmitted  (+ info)


Is removing a hernia a major surgery? How much does it cost? How much would someone have to miss work if they were a Police Officer? After Insurance, how much would it cost?

Answers to any/all questions would be greatly appreciated

y do u wanna go in 4 an operation.......homeopathic medicine is a painless n a more effective way 2 cure hernia...... dont believe me.....
go search 4 homeopathic cures of hernia  (+ info)

hernia ?????

im 16 and im 8 and a half stone (119lbs) and ive just started exercising..using the rowing machine..my only problem is that im concerned that if i use the rowing machine too often that i'll get a hernia..is it likely that i will ?
im 5 foot 7

Nope, hernias develop in areas of muscle weakness. Exercise will improve muscle strength. Be sure that you don't just row, have a more varied regime or you will miss many muscle groups.  (+ info)

What is hernia mesh and why was it recalled?

I had hernia surgery and now i have terrible pain which is requiring me to see specialists this week. I saw a commercial about some defective hernia mesh, what is hernia mesh and how do i know if it was used in my surgery?

The mesh that they use to repair hernias is a fabric that is sewn into place to reinforce your own abdominal wall when a part is herniated. On the record of your surgery will be a bar-coded sticker that was taken off of the package that contained the mesh they used. From that they can determine the manufacturer,lot number etc.  (+ info)

What are the early symptoms of a hernia? And how do you suddenly get a hernia?

I have sharp pains every now and then and was recently told it may be a hernia. My pains and region of pains (groin) suggest this is true and would like clarification as at the moment i am very scared.

I feel you.. trust me. I've had 5 different hernias. The first one I ever got I just woke up in the morning with tremendous pain on the left side of my body down by my groin. You can get hernias a couple of different ways. The first way is that you may have strained your body during physical activity.. such as lifting something. Another way, which is the way I got my first one is by having a genetic pre-disposition to them when you are born and then for some reason they just show up one day for no specific reason. The other way of getting them is if you have a surgery, they can happen through the surgical incision which is how I got most of my hernias. A good test is to touch the area and then cough providing the hernia is big enough you should feel it bulge. This is what my surgeon did to me. Relax! The surgery itself to fix a hernia is realtively eas. It takes about an hour or so. You get to go home the same day and the pain is pretty mild. You won't be able to do heavy lifting, or strenous activity for 4 - 6 weeks. For better information and diagonsis go talk to your family doctor. Hope this helps!!  (+ info)

How long does a hernia operation take to recover from?

I am convinced I have a hernia, but am unsure how long it takes to recover if I have to undergo surgery. Anyone had an experience with this?

2 weeks for normal activity 4 weeks for strenuous activity  (+ info)

Can you get a hernia from holding in a fart or the urdge to take a poop?

Also, what are some symptoms of having a hernia in the abdomen area?

No, just a laundry bill.  (+ info)

How long after having a hernia surgery can I start running around and lifting?

In a few weeks I will be having surgery on my hernia. My position at my job sometimes requires me to run around a little and fix parts on my machine that I operate. Loosening and tightening bolts is equivalent to lifting heavy things. How long after my surgery will I be able to run around with little or no pain to perform my work?

I don't think you'll be able to return to work for at least 4-6 weeks and when you do it will be with light duties. If I remember about 8 weeks off work is about normal then a return if only light duties for 4 weeks.
I think you'd better have a chat with your employer...and your Dr.
You'll have to go on Medical leave.  (+ info)

How long should recovery take for hernia surgery?

My husband had hernia surgery last week. It was done laproscipily. They had to repair the old one because the mesh shrunk. He is very sore and having trouble getting around. It was only suppose to take 7-10 days to recover. He don't see his surgeon for another week. Is it taking longer because they had to redo the old one? Thanks.

6 weeks,,and he shouldn't pick up anything for that time..or he could injure it.  (+ info)

When should a person with a hernia start to worry?

I've just been to see a 90 year old woman (very fit, both in body and mind), who has a hernia. She is due for an operation on November 3rd, but is in some pain. She says it is easing now.
She doesn't want to go to hospital or get a doctor out, unnecessarily and wants to wait until tomorrow to see a doctor.
What should she be looking out for?
She wants to wait until tomorrow. The pain is bearable, uncomfortable, but bearable.
How bad does it get?

1. what is the pain level? If it keeps increasing until it reaches a maximum and stays there....bet you know the answer
2. If she didn't have transit (feces or gas) since the pain started---bet you know the answer

Best thing: Medical check a.s.a.p  (+ info)

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