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What is the recovery from a hernia operation like?

My dad is going in for outpatient hernia surgery and I am the one taking him home from the hospital afterwards. What kind of care will he need when he gets home? Will he just want to go to sleep right away? Will he be able to get around on his own? What items do I need to make sure he has? I'm not very close with my dad so this will all be kind of weird for me! Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

I had my surgery two weeks ago. The trip home from the hospital is not real painful, but you are real loopy from the medication, so you will have to keep an eye on him.

I got home early afternoon, went to sleep and didn't get up until the next morning. So, needless to say the first day should be pretty easy.

The next 2-3 days were the toughest for me. It is difficult to get up, especially from bed and it hurts to stay for too long. I prepared myself by going to the store and buying a bunch of foods that are easy on the stomach and easy to prepare. Popsicles were great for me and also crackers. Over the next few days the healing process is very quick.

My doctor was happy with my progress and cleared me 100% within two weeks. I don't know how old your father is, but my recovery had alot to do with my health walking into it. I exercised alot before hand and my recovery was very fast.

I hope this helped. Feel free to email if you need further.
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What are the effects if a hernia is not fixed?

My dad has had a hernia for about a year now; he refuses to get it fixed. I am afraid that something bad will happen to him if he doesn't get an operation. Does anyone know the risks?

It depends on the location of the hernia. Hernias are a part of the intestine which bulges through an area of weakened muscle. This intestine can become twisted and stangulated which leads to decreased blood supply and subsequent tissue death (like a heart attack to the intestines). This complication requires surgery to remove the dead intestine.
He should see a general surgeon to determine if surgery is necessary for his hernia.  (+ info)

What are the chances of getting a hernia after non invasive surgery?

I am 30 years old and just had an endimetrial ablation. I am taking antibiotics for infection I got after wards but today I woke up with a hard lump under my belly button it is tender but not terrible.. Could it be a hernia? Any body have similar situation?

The only person that can advise you about this is your gynecologist that did the surgery. Since you're already having post surgical problems with this then please see her asap to find out the cause of this new problem too. Try calling the office first thing in the morning to see if it's open. If not, then if this lump gets worse, or you start to have any more symptoms then have someone you to the ER for an evaluation. Good luck and God Bless
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What are the consequences of pushing a hernia back in?

My grandfather has had a hernia on both sides for the past 10 years. He simply pushes it back in when it pops out. Does this require immediate surgery?

No, not at all. A hernia which can be pushed back in is a "reducible" hernia. People can live permanently with these, especially if they wear an effective hernia support garment.

A hernia only needs immediate surgery if it can't go back in and becomes trapped so tightly by the abdominal muscles that the blood supply is cut off. This is known as a strangulated hernia and is an emergency situation, requiring surgery within hours. The warning symptoms include nausea/vomiting, a steady pain that gradually gets worse, swelling, pain when the hernia is touched, and red skin around the hernia. You may also feel bloated and full if it is causing a bowel obstruction.  (+ info)

What are the symtomes of a inguinal hernia?

I think I have a inguinal hernia. And i would like to know the symptoms and what cause is them? Also i would like to know what can happen if untreated?

The earliest symptom of an inguinal hernia is a feeling of outward pressure ,or a dragging sensation, in the inguinal region while standing, coughing or straining. Even no symptoms may be present. In the case of a male such a feeling may be felt in the region of the scrotum.
The appearance of a lump while coughing or straining is usually a later sign.
An inguinal hernia commonly occurs through a naturally occuring weak spot in the abdominal musculature.
This weak spot is due to failure of complete closing of the abdominal wall after birth. Through this opening part of the intestine starts bulging .
Undue straining , cough, weight lifting, malnourishment obesity and lack of tone of the abdominal muscles can contribute to the formation of inguinal hernias.  (+ info)

How do you relieve pain from a hernia when you are pregnant and unable to have surgery right away?

I have a hernia in my stomach. I am also 26 weeks pregnant and it seems like the baby kick it and that is causing a lot of pain. Are there anwyas to relive this pain without surgery or pain killers?

Eat lighter meals. Walk after meals, lay off the soda, drink more water, never lay down after a meal. Loosen your clothing. Some times a gas pill helps.  (+ info)

Is a Hernia operation anything to worry about and are there any necessary precautions to take afterwards?

How long a stay in Hospital?

My hernia has developed from the weakened tissue around my scar after a Total Abdominal Hysterectony last March.

Hi, Depending on the weakened tissue and if there is any tear, Yours could be a day operation as was mine. Please adhere to what the hospital advise on your discharge. If they say not to lift anything for up to 2 months then don't do it, you need to heal inside as well as outside. You may feel sore inside for up to six months may be longer, but don't worry about this. If you are unsure just don't lift anything heavy till you feel confident about it, use common sense.   (+ info)

How long should I expect to stay out of work after hernia surgery?

I am 29 and think I may have a hernia. I am going to see the doctor this week but I am wondering how long does it usually take to recover from laparoscopic hernia surgery in the groin area (one side).

I have a desk job however I need to walk around a lot during work. How long should I expect to be out of work?

my boss had one done and he was out for about 3 weeks. hope this helps! :)  (+ info)

How long does it take to recover from hernia surgery?

I play high school football and just suffered a hernia injury. I don't know for sure yet but it will probably require surgery. About how long will it take for me to recover and be able to practice again?

Usually a few weeks. The length of the restriction depends on the activity. Walking is fine the same day, but strenuous activities like football may have to wait for several weeks. The severity of the hernia is also important: a bad hernia takes more surgery to fix and requires more recuperation than a very mild hernia.

Surgery is the only way to fix a hernia. However, if it's very mild, sometimes surgery can be skipped, until and unless it gets worse. And mild hernias are very easy to fix: you go into outpatient surgery in the morning and go home at noon. But you still need to hold off from strenuous activity for a few weeks.  (+ info)

How much does Hernia Operation cost in California without any insurance?

My father needs to have surgery because he has Hernia, We were going to plan to go to el salvador but it cost to much and might not even be a good job. How much would it cost in California without any insurance?

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here - healthquotes.awardspace.info  (+ info)

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