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Can a hernia effect your bowel movements or cause constipation?

i have a low groin hernia that is pretty bad and i am getting surgery on it soon. Lately i have had really hard bowel movements in the shape of balls or circles , and they are really painful i have never had a problem in my life with this and have a ton of fiber in my diet. Could the hernia be causing this problem?

Yes defiantly it could. Ask the GP for some bowel softener its a powder that you take at night to make sure you don't get any more constipation.
Or you could drink prune juice in the morning.
After your operation you will after a few days of getting over the surgery be able to go normally to the toilet.

Good Luck with your operation...Lin  (+ info)

What does an Incisional Hernia feel like and What are the Symptoms?

I think I may have one, I had an appendectomy 7 years ago, and it was a rather large abdominal incision because my appendix ruptured. I am not really overweight, but I feel a strange pulling in my abdomen right where the incision was, when I bend over or strain or sneeze. It doesn't really hurt, it just feels like a muscle cramp or like something is catching. Could it be a hernia?

it could be a hernia that just hasn't given you a problem yet my friend just recently had hernia surgery back in may he felt he did something to his self but it wasn't until july that he really knew he went to go pick up something heavy and thats when he felt the pop in his groin sure enough he has a hernia so you might have a slight hernia but it just hasn't pop out yet you should go get check out by your doctor  (+ info)

How long do post-traumatic hydroceles last after an inguinal hernia repair operation?

I had left inguinal hernia repair surgery 7 days ago. It caused a post-traumatic hydrocele on my left testicle (I know not very common, but it does exist.) and it is still there. How long on average will this last? I am seeing my doctor soon.

I found this article that may help.
http://www.emedicine.com/Med/topic2778.htm  (+ info)

How do I find a reputable doctor to do surgery on a hiatal hernia?

I have been diagnosted with a hiatal hernia, and the doctor tells me they don't do surgery on them because it can cause more trouble.I would prefer not to live with this hernia because of the discomfort it causes in my lifestyle.Surely there must be doctors that can give me some hope thru surgery!

Hernia surgery is very safe nowadays. My cousin got her Hernia and Gall bladder surgery in India by the company called Forerunners Healthcare .The Price for the surgery she paid in India was very less. She paid 30% of the cost she was quoted in America.

Forerunners Healthcare is very famous in India. They arrange Gall bladder, Appendix and Laparoscopy surgery for foreigners in India. I read a lot about them in the Newspapers and about their patient stories. They arrange financing for USA, Canadian, UK and other international patients who plan to have surgery abroad for low price, as Hernia, Gall bladder, appendix and other minimal invasive surgery is not covered by insurance. They also have photos pasted of their International patients. You can checkout their website. There are huge cost savings. As a doctor I personally believe that surgery can be easily handled in India, as the quality of healthcare available In India is simply best in the world. The surgeons are USA/UK trained and facilities are 5 star.

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

How much does a hernia operation usually cost?

Im 16 years old. I have a small protrusion on my left testicle that im sure is a hernia. It doesn't hurt or anything when I do any kind of activity and it never had hurt. I'd really like to get rid of it before basketball season starts next season cause I know that you can't play if you get a physical and they find a hernia. I was just curious what the cost for a regular hernia operation was.

3k with insurance 300/600 bucks  (+ info)

How much does a femoral hernia repair cost?

I need a femoral hernia repair, but I dont have health insurance. How much would it cost to have it fixed?

can go to a free clinic and ask about what you need to do...  (+ info)

What painkiller is prescribed after hernia surgery?

I'm having hernia surgery tomorrow, and I've heard that OTC medication do not always provide the necessary pain relief. What medications may be prescribed?

usually vicodin,percocet hydrocodone lortab.you have to lie still when you get home or it will really hurt.hopefully someone can help you for a few days at least cook meals and don;t forget your pillow when you cough.good luck http://www.setrust.hscni.net/ucht%20services/After_your_hernia_repair.pdf anhttp://www.permanente.net/homepage/kaiser/pdf/42089.pdfd you absolutely have to rest for a couple of days when you get home except to maybe walk to to the bathroom for exercise.and no cooking at all like that other person said apparently they are not up to date with current protocol nor are they compasionate in saying not necessary to have someone to look after you and cook your own meals.everyone likes someone to care for them after surgery  (+ info)

Has anyone had their gall bladder out and hiatal hernia repaired at the same time?

I am about to have surgery for removal of my non-functioning gall bladder and my large hiatal hernia. I have had chest pain from my hiatal hernia for over a year and I am wondering if anyone that had this surgery feels better now? Thanks.

You'll notice a big difference. I had an umbilical hernia repaired at the same time, since that's one of the places they make an incision anyway. A hiatal is a much bigger deal, and you should see relief, once the pain of the surgery itself is gone.  (+ info)

What type of pain killers are usually prescribed for post operative pain relating to inguinal hernia repair?

What type of pain killers are usually prescribed for post operative pain relating to inguinal hernia repair? Also, what type of pain should a 23 year old otherwise healthy male expect from inguinal hernia repair surgery?


What you are prescribed for postoperative pain depends completely on the doctor. You may get anything from prescription-strength ibuprofen (600mg or 800mg tablets), weak opioids (codeine, propoxyphene), medium-strength opioid (hydrocodone), or stronger opioids (oxycodone, hydromorphone, morphine).

You will most likely get one of the following:
* Tylenol with codeine
* Vicodin, Lortab, Lorcet, or Norco (hydrocodone with acetaminophen (Tylenol))
* Percocet (oxycodone with acetaminophen (Tylenol))
* Percodan (oxycodone with aspirin)
* Combunox (oxycodone with ibuprofen)

Those are the most commonly prescribed medications for acute postoperative pain.

The pain should not be severe as it is not a major surgery. Pain medications with hydrocodone or oxycodone will most likely work just fine. Codeine is weaker and may not work as well. But everyone's body and their response to pain is different, so what works great for one person may not work at all for someone else.

I would take whatever you are given, and if it is not working, or if you are experiencing bad side effects like nausea, vomiting, itching, dizziness, or severe drowsiness, call the surgeon and let him or her know, and you should be switched to something else that may work better for you -- both in how effectiveness in treating your pain and minimizing side effects. There is no reason why you should suffer from undertreated pain or unmanageable side effects from the drugs, so do not be afraid to call the surgeon to adjust or change your medication.  (+ info)

How do you get rid of hernia from a newborn?

My little sister is a newborn and may have hernia. What do we do to get rid of it, or help it go away?

Contact her pediatrician. Make sure he or she knows about your concerns!

My 4 1/2 month old son has an umbilical hernia. His belly button sticks way out. Although I am always concerned about it, his pediatrician has told me not to worry. It should correct itself as his stomach muscles become more developed. She advised against taping a quarter or other hard, flat item against it. If the hernia doesn't correct itself, your sister's doctor will most likely consider surgery when she is a toddler. There really is nothing you can do to help it go away though.

Remember to keep an eye on it. There is a slight chance her intestine could become strangulated. If her belly button gets really hard and discolored and doesn't go back after she has had time to relax, call the doctor right away. It is also important to contact the doctor if you can feel her heartbeat in her belly button. This could also be a sign of instine strangultion.

Good luck  (+ info)

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