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How long does heroin take to show up in your urine?

I just injected heroin 3 hours ago. My parents are about to drug test me. How long after taking it does it take to show up in a urine test?

do nothing just let ur parents find the heroin and then they can help u u junky  (+ info)

What is the difference between oxycontin and black tar heroin?

Is heroin stronger than oxycontin? Can you get high by smoking oxycontin?

Sounds like you just want to get high. Try black tar heroin and watch your life go down the drain fast. It is one of the most addictive substances out there and can get you arrested a lot faster then abusing a pain med. Not that I think you should do either but you did ask.

And if this is for a legitimate injury/problem, no doctor I know of is going to prescribe or suggest an illegal, highly addictive substance over a legal-to-prescribe medication.  (+ info)

How long does Heroin stay in your system?

I’ll like to know how long heroin stays in your system.
If I was going to be tested for drugs, how long would it take for me to tested negative?

Longer than you would be able to stand the withdrawal pains. DON'T USE HEROIN!  (+ info)

What is the difference in highs of acid and heroin?

Purely curious. I'd assume the reason addicts choose the more addictive drugs is because they have better highs on them, but what is the difference? Not just heroin either, but any of the addictive drugs like that.

You can't rank drugs based on a single scale of good or bad. Like gymnastnikki said, different drugs have completely different effects, and the choice of using a particular drug depends on what the user personally wants.

Acid is completely non-addictive. It distorts your perceptions and makes you have an interesting dreamy experience and think weird thoughts. There's no physical or psychological addiction, because it doesn't make you feel good. You have a few hours of fun, and that's it.

Heroin doesn't cause any interesting sensory distortions like acid, it just makes you feel good. REALLY good. It's like a warm blanket over you and you just zone out in waves of pleasure.

No one comes home pissed off from work and say "I want to drop some acid." That's just begging for a nightmare trip. But people do use heroin and other feel-good drugs to escape problems; that's why they are addictive.

All addictive dugs have this in common: they make you feel good.  (+ info)

How long does heroin stay in your system?

On Friday 13th I accidentally (i know it sounds crazy and fake) smoked a small amount of heroin. It was the first time and a small amount. I had a really emotionally weekend, seriously emotional. So I got so depressed that I fell ill on Monday. My parents are worried and want to take me to the doctors to get me checked out. I don't know if it's likely or possible, but if they drug test me will it show up?

well i don't know how long it will stay in your system. to be sure though you are lucky you lived to tell about it. it has been almost 5 yrs. since my daughter's death from heroin, it was her first time trying the drug. the dealer that sold her marijuana threw it in for free (to get her hooked no doubth). i pray that you have the strength to resist it from now on as next time you may not be so lucky.  (+ info)

Can the addiction of heroin spread to another person through kissing?

My friend said that if one person is addicted to heroin and they kiss another person who isn't, that person will also become addicted. Is that true?

No, not unless the other person is pressured into using it and then likes it.....  (+ info)

Do heroin users ever inject the drug into the veins in the top of their hands?

I believe my sister is using heroin again. She claims that she is no longer using. I see small spots on the top of her hands between her pointer and middle fingers and her hands always look slightly swollen. Does anyone know if heroin users ever inject the drug into the veins in their hands? Maybe similar to receiving an IV before an operation?

or in your LEFT ear lobe

has to be left  (+ info)

How do I reduce dependence on friends?

I am very dependent on my friends. Especially my good friend Joanna. I need her to feel secure and comfortable. And when she has to go for some activities of her own during lunch, I feel like I'm not half as confident or comfortable. How do I reduce this weird dependence on my friends?

Have activities of your own. Join a club or some other activity alone, so you can meet more friends. It is never good to be dependent on someone because stuff happens and you don't wanna be left alone.  (+ info)

How can I help my teen daughter who is a heroin junkie?

My daughter have reached that age where everything seems awkward and I'm fully aware of that because I've once been a teenager too. I know everything seems to become a bit confusing for her but I was deeply disappointed when I found out that she was on heroin most of the time. It breaks my heart to see her every time she goes home stoned and wasted. It even came to a point that my wife and I questioned ourselves if we did something wrong to her as she was growing up. We really want to help her to be clean again. But what makes this all difficult is the fact that she is not aware that we know she's already a junkie. It's difficult to start a serious talk with her. Can anyone here give any suggestions on how we can help our beloved daughter? We would gladly appreciate your suggestions.

I feel for you brother I have children also!
Go to WWW.drphil.com I think and see what you can find there.
Seek help through AL-ANON they have allot of knowledge too.
Find a narcotics anonymous meeting too you might find some help there and of course their is allot of rehabs but don't forget she has to want it! you need to have a intervention with her but need to do it right.

What is the best way to deal with withdrawals from Heroin?

My brother-in-law is trying to go sober from heroin, but he's having a hard time. What kinds of methods or remedy's are out there?

withdrawal is actually the specific physical and psychological signs and symptoms some one undergoes after long continued use of a substance. the symptoms for heroin withdrawal are runny noes, yawning, insomnia, and chills. The best way to deal with these are medications. He also need a lot of support from family member and friends. Twelve step programs like narcotics anonymous may help.  (+ info)

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