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herpes simplex?

I have been getting what i call fever blisters on my lips and around my mouth area since i was born.... i have been told that i have herpes simplex. but i just wondering is there any way to cure it or a way to have less out brakes? and can it worsen on its own and turn into the std herpes because i was told that they arent the same thing.. and even if i dont have a out brake but preform oral sex is it contagous or only when i have and out brake... remember its only herpes simplex..... and i dont have it down there!

there is an over the counter medication for herpes simplex.
it is called abreva, it reduces signs , simptoms, and shortens healing time. if you do not have genital herpes then you do not need zovirax, you would just be introducing your immune system to something that it doesn't need.
but just remember, no oral while in an outbreak, be careful and have fun.  (+ info)

Herpes Simplex?

What bacteria/viruses cause Herpes simplex?

How is herpes simplex transmitted or spread?

Herpes is caused by a virus called herpes simplex virus or hsv. There are two types of hsv - 1 & 2. Generally, hsv1 is what people normally refer to as a cold sore. It is found on the lips. Genital herpes is normally hsv2.

Oral herpes is transferred by kissing... yes, even from that small greeting type kiss you get from relatives. You can also get oral herpes from using the same glass.

Genital herpes is spread through sex. Something that people don't usually understand is that you can transfer hsv1 to the genitals or hsv2 to the mouth through oral sex. Another thing people don't know is that you can be a carrier, with no symptoms, but still pass the disease to others.

Both oral and genital herpes are very common. Up to 90% of people will get oral herpes by the time they reach 60.

And 25% of the population has genital herpes. They expect genital herpes to raise to approx. 50% of the population in the next 12 years due to an explosion of the rate of infection in teens and early 20's right now.

There are now a growing number of support organizations and online dating groups that specialize in people with herpes. I lead such a group in Colorado. For more information check out the links below  (+ info)

Herpes simplex ????

herpes simplex. how do you know when someone has it? or it occurs?
will be in the mouth area

You will see cold sores around their mouth. usually on the corners.. red bumps.  (+ info)

Can the herpes simplex virus be spread when there is not an outbreak?

My boyfriend gets cold sores but only occasionally. Can he pass them to me even if he does not have one at the time? In other words, is the herpes simplex virus contagious if there is not outbreak of cold sores? Thanks!

My boyfriend would always get cold sores on his lips and i never knew they were herpes i was only 16 and very naive. The first and only time that he performed oral sex, I got genital herpes and he didn't even have an outbreak!! I then later found out that herpes can be spread with or without any signs or symptoms. Since then I have also developed herpes simplex keratitis (herpes inside my eye) and will one day need a cornea transplant. Its a very scary virus that will stay with you for your entire life, there is no cure and even with the medication I still get horrible painful outbreaks. Good luck and i really hope your boyfriend is taking precautions.  (+ info)

What is the classification of herpes simplex?

Okay, so can someone give me a website with the information with the classification of herpes simplex on it? I've been trying to look for one, but have had no luck.

I need the type of bacterium (gram positive/negative, shape, etc.)
type of virus (DNA, RNA, etc.)
or other parasites.

do you know of a website that has any of this?

that would be a lot of help. thank you!

wikipedia  (+ info)

Can herpes simplex 2 be transferred by kissing?

I am not to worried about herpes simplex 1. However I have heard that herpes simplex 2 can affect the mouth. Can you be affected by kissing someone who has herpes simplex 2?

Yes, it's highly transferable.  (+ info)

What does it mean if I was exposed to herpes simplex virus?

I just got checked for STDs and I was clean except for I was "exposed to herpes 1, simplex virus". I know that this simplex virus thingy is just cold sores. But what does it mean?

Being exposed to it usually means that you have come into contact with some one that has it the virus. It can also mean that you have it. Cold sores can be passed on during child hood by being innocently kissed by some one that has cold sores.50-80 percent f the population has cold sores and HSV1 is not considered to be an std, because you can get them with out having sex.  (+ info)

If i have herpes simplex 1 and i have oral sex with my boyfreind is he likely to contract genital herpes?

I was just wondering if it is very likely that if i have herpes simplex 1, (cold sores) if my boyfreind would contract genital herpes during oral sex. If so, would it be where he could give it back to me, and if we had a baby it would be deformed?

  (+ info)

Can herpes simplex be contagious on medication?

My boyfriend has herpes simplex in the mouth.
can it be contagious with no outbreak and
when hes on medication?

Herpes can always be contangious whether on suppressives or not. It's spread through asymptomatic shedding. The medication lowers the risk.  (+ info)

Can herpes simplex 1 be spread to the genitals?

My boyfriend has herpes simplex 1 (cold sores). If he gives me oral even without any breakouts on his mouth, can this be passed to my genitals?

Yes it can. This is caused by some thing called viral shedding which can happen around the time of an out break and spontaneously in between out breaks. This only happens for a small percentage of days out of a year. Shedding is undetectable to you and your boy friend. Oral herpes is more likely to be spread and very contagious while there are signs of an out break.
I contracted oral herpes on my genitals when my boy friend gave me oral sex with a healing cold sore. Make sure there is no sign of a cold sore if you have oral sex with him  (+ info)

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