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home remedies or otc help for hidradenitis ?

anyone know of any?

I have this problem. I am tired of it I get it under my arms and groins I herad Hibiclens from cvs or rite aid,any pharmacy helps. Ovc skin antibotics.  (+ info)

hidradenitis suppurativa and neck lymph node?

sounds crazy, i know but could 2 never healing HS lesions be keeping my neck node swollen? They are on the same side of the body....

Also, does anyone know of any alternative treatments for HS? I mean besides tons of anti-biotics

Not sure about the neck lymph nodes.....

Other treatment- Depends on where your affected area is located. Mine is under my arms. I stopped the rounds of taking antibiotics pills. The yeast infections were the worst. I mostly use antibacterial soap (Dial) and use Hibiclens on my underarms. If I have an "episode", I use Vick's vapor rub. It helps draw it to a head and dull the pain too. I have also heard that people use tea tree oil also. As far as drainage, I finally relented and tried nursing pads-- It works! It comes in handy when you have to be in public and can not stay home.

I hope this helps. Hopefully you will find a regimen that works for you too!  (+ info)

Is hidradenitis supparatius most common in black women ?

According to this information from a hydranitis website, it may indeed be more common in black women, although that hasn't been definitely determined:

"In the US: The problem is somewhat common, thought to occur in 1-2% of the population, but the precise incidence and prevalence are unknown.

"Ingrown hairs are a predisposing factor, thus an increased incidence of the disease occurs in patients with tightly curled hair.

"The incidence of hidradenitis suppurativa is greater in females than in males, thought to be in the range of 4:1 or 5:1. Flare-ups have been associated with menses, with a higher incidence in females with shorter cycles and more days of bleeding during the period."

http://www.emedicine.com/emerg/topic259.htm  (+ info)

I have Psoriasis and Hidradenitis suppurlativa (sp?) does anyone else suffer from both and what are you doing?

With both - I am looking to see what treatments are out there???

For Psoriasis, Humira is supposed to be quite helpful. I don't have psoriasis, but am taking Humira for Hidradenitis and have had excellent results without any nasty side effects. It is immuno-suppressant so you have to get to your doctor right away if you suspect an infection and it typically takes you longer to recover when you do get an infection, but this is much better than dealing with constant Hidradenitis outbreaks and missing work.
Humira is not FDA approved for HS but it is up to a doctor to use their discretion when prescribing medication for off-label uses. Since you have psoriasis, for which Humira is approved, you should have no problem getting the medication approved. You will want to check with your insurance to make sure it is covered though because it costs about $1300/month.  (+ info)

Oil of Oregano for Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Does any one know if oil of oregano will help with the Hidradenitis? Any other suplements or treatments would be very helpful. I have had this condition for over 13 years now and was just recently diagnosed properly. After my last surgery in April I lost my job, I really dont want to have to go through this again..... Please help.

found this site with home remedies.  (+ info)

Anyone have Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

I have been dealing with HS now for several years. As of the last 2-3 years, the outbreaks under my arms have gotten ridiculous. I often have open wounds that tend to seep and I was wondering how treat the wounds. Bandaids don't work and it is very hard to tape gauze to your underarms. Lately, when I have had seepage I have been just tucking napkins under my arms but there has got to be a better way to keep it dry and avoid getting it on my clothing. Any suggestions?

So sorry to hear that you are also suffering with HS. I have had it for 9 years and in stage 3 all over my body. I have the same problem as you do and let me say that ACCUTANE DOES NOT CURE HS. Accutane is for acne. HS IS NOT ACNE. There is no cure or successful treatment for HS. I have been on several different antibiotics for over 6 years now. I also have mrsa infection and now e.coli.
For bandaging under the arms, I recommend using disposable nursing pads that you can find in the baby section of Walmart. Try to find a product called SAF-GEL (you may have to order it online) and use polysporin. Prescription bactroban ointment also works well.
For odor, wash with Hibiclens (available at most pharmacies) and take clorox baths using 1 small capful of bleach to a full tub of water. (don't worry, it doesn't burn) Also too keep from getting mrsa, ask your dermatologist or primary about swabbing your nose, navel, and perianal area with bactroban ointment twice a day for 10 days every 4 months. Good luck and I wish you a pain free day.  (+ info)

Info on hidradenitis supporitiva?

I am looking for people with this condition. I would like to know on what area of body you are most affected and how you feel when you get them and any other experiences would be greatly appreciated. I have this condition myself and your input would be great.

I have had hidradenitis (HS) since I was about 10 and I am now 27. My case has gotten worse mostly in the last few years and I have had 3 major operations to remove the affected areas. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee with these operations and mine were not successfull. I have had reoccurence in all of the areas and have had many new areas become affected. This is a very painful and problematic disease because there is very little research being done on the subject so treatment options are VERY limited. I personally have areas all over my body under both arms, both breasts, buttocks, abdomen and private areas. Also depression is very much associated with this disease because of the pain and for some shame that come with it. As the disease progresses it becomes more difficult to do everyday activities such as being outdoors in the summer and being physically active because sweating does aggrivate the condition . I personally am in stage 3 I am not sure where you are. After my operations we a bust I could no longer work and have been on disability for a little over a year now. Hope this helps. if you have more questions email @ brennaperkins@yahoo.com.  (+ info)

I'm pretty confident that I have Hidradenitis suppurativa - do I see a dermatologist or my doctor?

Beware that most doctors do not know about HS. Call and ask if the doctor is aware or has treated HS patients. Getting a doctor that don't know what he/she is doing can be very stressful for you. So please do your homework. It's worth the time to find the right doctor. Also if you go to www. HS-USA.org, on the top bar click on resources, click patient support, click doctor exchange, there is a list of doctors from all states that has treat HS patients. This list was put together by HSer's. I would also find a support group, you can get all sorts of good information and great support dealing with this disease. Wish you the best!

Karen G.  (+ info)

what is the best treatment for Hidradenitis Suppurative?

Colloidal Silver and cut out all processed food, sugar, un-organic meat and dairy....i have suffered from this for 14 years and the colloidal silver applied topically is really the ONLY thing that i have found that works every time and makes the boil go down in a day or two....it is sold at most health food stores or online..good luck  (+ info)

a mate of mine is suffering from what he thinks might be Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

he thinks it might be this as all the symptoms match the ones he has researched on various websites. his doctor just keeps giving him anti biotics. not many people suffer this condition, about 1% of the population, so not sure if anyone out there will have any info.
thanks anyway.

I have been diagnosed with this condition for 2 years now even though i have suffered from it for nearly 10 years. i get abscesses in my arm pit and have had a lot of surgery over the years. the best bet is to go to see a dermatologist. they will most likely prescribe long term anti-biotic anti-fungal wash to use on the effected areas a cream call Dalston -t but this is a prescribed cream. i find that my symptoms are mainly stressed related. it also advised that you don't shave effected areas use sprays or lotions high in chemicals, colourants, or alcohol as this can cause a reaction. i find relaxation techniques like meditation and deep tissue massage also help. having lymphatic drainage helps this can be done through reflexology or manual lymphatic drainage. there is a lot of info on the web this is a common condition in the USA. there is a hospital in Birmingham, UK that have a surgeon how specialise in this condition.
I hope this info helps  (+ info)

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