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Is hip replacement only for injuries, or elderly women has it done all the time?

My hips clicks and pops

Reasons for hip replacements can range from arthritis (the most frequent cause) to injury, AVN (necrosis of the bone), or dysplasia (congenital deformity) or other disorders. While most hip replacements are done in older people and the most frequent reason is osteoarthritis, the procedure is done on both men and women in a wide age range and for a variety of reasons.

If you're concerned with "clicks & pops" in your hips, why not mention it to your primary care doctor next time you have your annual physical.  (+ info)

I need a website???injuries that can get in hip hop?

can u help me in give me sites that have injuries in hip hop and how to prevent the injury??i already search yahoo help me plss!!

Try this

http://www.radiology.ucsf.edu/learning_ctr/breakdance.shtml  (+ info)

is it possible to be struck by lightning without any injuries?

My daughter was outside earlier today and there was a lightning strike close to our house and I am trying to determine how likely (or unlikely) it is that she was struck. She says that she fell down when she heard the thunder. When I asked her if she had any pain, she said her hip/buttock area hurt. I think I have heard of some people being struck and having either no injuries or minor ones. I know people have been struck and survived, although they often have lingering problems. So, are there any experts out there who can tell me the likelihood that my daughter was struck yet has no serious injuries?

The chances are highly unlikely. She probably just hurt herself when she fell. It's not entirely impossible, but very unlikely.  (+ info)

How do you doctor a pulled hip flexor/IT Band?

I run pretty regularly, and have not been able to lately because of, what I believe to be, a pulled hip flexor and IT Band. What is the best approach to healing the injuries?

rest  (+ info)

My hip hurts and I need to make it stop?

I play basketball and I fall on my hip a lot. Whenever I fall My hip always starts to hurt after wards. I don't know if this is because i need to stretch more and lengthen the muscle there or if there is some other problem with it. I really can't take too much time off of basketball because our season is starting. How can I reduce my hip injuries with taking about 30 minutes a day?

when a part hurts never strain that part give rest do not lie on paining part apply soothing ointments no strong medication.after pain is gone do stretches regularly do all muscle exercises  (+ info)

Hip replacement surgery for a 22 year old?

My husband was in an auto accident 4 years ago and obtained a cracked hip along with several other injuries. But he has been hurting a lot and went to the orthopedic and they are doing a procedure that they put this die in him and them go in and seal off the bone and put some cartilidge back in. When this stops working the hip replacement is next. How long is the downtime for the replacement? And how about the first procedure? Will these things actually help him?

22 is VERY young for a hip replacement. He should at least ask about the possibility for hip resurfacing. Everyone doesn't qualify for resurf but it never hurts to ask.

As for down time, I've had both of my hips replaced in separate surgeries and I felt pretty good at the 2-week mark, used a walking aid for up to 8 weeks (first a walker or crutches, then a single crutch, then a cane, then nothing). I was approved to drive at about 5-6 weeks. The return to a job will depend on the nature of that job - desk job or one that requires lifting, climbing, etc. The hip replacement or resurfacing will definitely help him. I know nothing about the other procedure. It appears that his surgeon is trying to postpone as long as possible the total hip replacement for obvious reasons; they don't last forever and young males can be particularly hard on them. Nevertheless, when all other options have been exhausted, if he needs a THR, then he needs it, regardless of age.

If he wants to read more about hip replacements and surgeries, have a look at this website which was developed by an ortho surgeon as a service for patients. It appears in English translation [slightly fractured] without commercial content. I've given one link to the section which discusses having THR at a young age:

and two links to info on resurfacing:

This is a link to the index of hip topics:

One of your answerers is wrong when he states that "hip replacement is a one-time thing". Revisions of primary hip replacements are done. However revision surgery can be more difficult and may have more complications than primary surgery and there is a limit to how many times a failed hip can be rescued with results as good as one usually gets from the primary surgery.
This link discusses revision surgery :
http://www.totaljoints.info/LOOSENINGTOTALJOINTS.htm  (+ info)

Where can I find a news article I saw about baggy pants causing injuries?

I saw a news clip and forgot the channel!! It said that baggy and saggy pants could cause hip and back injuries. I need to know where I can find a clip or article about it. I 've looked everywhere! Thanks!!!
It also said something about they caused spinal and leg problems.... because of the way guys had to walk to hold them up.
Some help please! lol


How do i Heal/recover from FAI, IT Band and Hip Flexer Tendentious?

What can i do to recover from these injuries? All i know is to stretch alot. But what vitamins should i take or other activities to help everything heal and heal correctly?

Another thing I am also in the military. I don't want to get kicked out but if i can not recover like i need to what am i really entitled to if they kick me out on medical. Yes this injury was brought on by military training so it is their fault.

Any and all information on these two subjects is greatly needed and greatly appreciated.

Add this
Get the best multivitamin you can find, plus a multi B 50 and a 500 C. The body needs everything before you get any healing benefit.

What you are entitled to is visiting doctors who can do nothing for you and being prescribed pills which hamper the healing process.  (+ info)

What are some stretches to heal a hip flexor injury?

I pulled both my hip flexors in track last year (I was a sprinter and hurdler). They healed over the summer, but I re-pulled them during basketball. Track is coming up in two months, and I need to know some additional advice and stretches to heal them. Thank You!

do the hurdler stretch, which it sounds like you should be familiar with  (+ info)

Is there anything i can use to relieve Hip Bursitis, Sciatic nerve pain, groin pain, using some sort of band?

I've had these pains/injuries for a long time so is there some sort of band or wrap that i can use daily to school and while running?
I'm tired of taking medicine for pain relief.

Something like the Pro-Tec Iliotibial Band Compression Wrap, would that be good? Are there any other products?

These injuries may have to be addressed separately. I don't have any other products to be applied to the body, but this is what I did for sciatica.

I developed a bulging disk between lumbar 4 and 5 by doing too much running on the jogging trail. This caused sciatic pain because of the disk problem. I did lunging exercises for sciatic pain as well as other exercises that are available on the web, took 100 mg. of Vitamin B6 daily to stregthen nerve insulation according to my chiropractor, took Aleve when necessary, and bought a Teeter inversion table to perform spine decompression which worked out pretty well.

http://www.teeterhangups.com/home.html  (+ info)

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