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What does it mean when you get rib pains after a hip injury?

I injured my right hip yesterday during practice and when i went to bed my ribs began to hurt really bad. Is there anyy connections because i haveneverr hurt this particular part of my hip and i have never felt rib pains after an injury.

Bones do not generate pain signals only soft tissue does that. Last time I checked all the muscles in your body are connected, hips and chest are very closely connected, your abdominal muscles are anchored to your hips on one end and your ribs on the other. If you are interested in knowing for sure and then fixing the problem use this http://www.hubpages.com/hub/Speed-healing-of-trauma-injuries-through-self-directed-regeneration  (+ info)

Where can I find exercises that will help recover from a shoulder & hip injury?

I injured both shoulders and the right side of my hip in football (at seperate times over the past year). Now, the recovery phase needs to start and my shoulders and hip are in dire need of rehabilitation. Where can I find exercises that will start of with a light workout and progress as they get stronger?

Its always better to visit a doctor first to see whats the real problem

then he can send you to a physiotherapist who knows how to fix it

its always better to take few lessons or classes with him ( really worth every penny even if you found the exercises stupid and easy )

After that you can understand how each exercise work perfectly
and you can continue training at home

you can find a lot of sites and exercises online , but why take the risk and injure yourself again.

i hope you will get better soon  (+ info)

How do you quickly heal upper leg/hip area injury?

I play Bball and during practice i injured my groin/upper hip area. The weird thing about the injury is it seems to be between the groin and the hip, sort of in the area where your leg connects to the hip. I injured it 3 days ago. At first it was fine, but 1 day after i hert it it got worse. I have to go to team camp (bball) in 5 days and i need to rehab it quick.

Also i have no problem moving vertically, but i cannot move latterally or make quick side movements (slide) without pain

stay off it and ice if you can  (+ info)

someone hit me with their car while I was riding my motorcycle - hopspitalized with injuries including a?

bruised hip, a punctured lung, and back pain. what is a fair amount of compensation to ask for? The bike is worth $5000and has been totaled.

First spend your down time looking for a good lawyer, one that favors motocycles. If you your not looking at least 500K for pain and suffering and up get a different lawyer, getting your bike replaced at retail value is the least of the drivers worries. Too many drivers feel that the lifes and well being of people who ride motorcycles is less than those who don't. Check into AMA American Motorcycle Assoc. if your not all ready a member think about join. Their benefits far outweigh what its low costs membership. Don't let them get off light. Drivers get off with a slap on the wrist even when they killed a motocyclist recently, while it was proven they were talking on a cell phone.   (+ info)

How do I treat a hip pointer or general injury with the hip?

I recently just feel alot of discomfort in the right hip. I don't know if it is from standing up all day at work or an old injury from my basketball days



What kind of injury would cause hip/back (lower) only when going into a sitting motion?

Does not hurt when running or standing-only when my right hip is in a certain postion like getting into a car seat etc. -it happened after an intense stationary biking session.

The lumbar region of the back is the most susceptible to injury because it is the one area of the spine not supported by anything else. It sounds like you have some inflammation in the lumbar area. You need to avoid twisting your back when you turn and never lift without keeping your back straight and using your legs to do the lifting. In the meantime, ice will help, as will heat, and taking some Ibuprofen for a few days should relieve the inflammation. Your first priority though should be resting it and supporting it. Try a back brace when you're moving around and a firm pillow when sitting. Tuck it right into the the curve of the spine, so you stay in a neutral position. If you follow what I mentioned above then you should bounce back in no time :)  (+ info)

what kind of hip injuries can you get in a car accident?

i was in a car accident a year ago from the day before Christmas eve. the car that i was in got hit from the front and i was in the passenger seat my hip was the only thing that hurt after the accident.. it hurt for a while then when track started it didn't and the pain is sharp and also was off and on during the summer months but now its starting to hurt again i was wounding what i could of done to it if any thing i do have i dent in my right hip also that is from the accident or like it goes in much farther then my left so do you guys/girls know anything like what i could of done or what i did to it

  (+ info)

How can you treat a hip flexor injury?

I was playing baseball back in mid to late june and i opened up too quick in the batter's box and i felt immediate pain in my hip. I couldnt walk normally for a week or so and it started to get better so i played on it again and it still hurts. It is now july 5th and when i swing/run it still hurts. What should i do?

If you have insurance coverage, consult with a doctor and have them make a referral for diagnostic testing. Determine if the injury is minor or significant first.

If only conservative care is needed, physical therapy or pool therapy may help.

Good luck.  (+ info)

Started w/my right hip joint 2 mos ago. Now left. No injuries. Exiting car, putting on socks/shoes. Im 40?

Pain getting worse. Swivel chair at work maybe? Turn body and not chair possibly. Could back be out of alignment or what?

Anything involving joints immediately makes me think of some form of arthritis developing. For the pain try Aleve this works great. If the problem persists see a general practitioner and have them diagnosis the condition.  (+ info)

How can I heal my Hip Flexor?

Playing in a high school soccer game last week, I felt a progressive pain in my hip flexor that eventually elevated to the point that I had to take myself out of the game with 10 minutes left. Now I am almost able to walk on it without pain, and have been using crutches (without putting much weight on them) until I am completely healed.

Is it better to start to walk unaided to stretch out and warm up the muscle, or stick with the crutches for another day or so to try to heal even more? I have talked to our school's athletic trainer, and he did not tell me specifically one way or the other, but did tell me I may be able to resume playing by the end of this week.

Please answer this, especially if you have medical background or have had experience with hip flexor injuries, because my coach is beginning to get impatient since I am a starter (though I am willing to stay off it to heal fully rather than return quickly to reinjure).

Please post any other tips you have. Thanks!

Go to a doctor (not just your school's sports trainer) to get it checked out,but for now stay off of it as much as possible because you don't want to make things worse.  (+ info)

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