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I have right hip pain after an awkward landing?

I fell awkwardly and did something to the joint and the bone. It my first time doing an injury on that hip. It not strain as i feel not tightness and still have a large range of movements. It hurts when I kick a ball and jump off the leg. Also pressing on the bone give me a bit of pain.

if it don't go away in a few days to a week you should get it checked out.  (+ info)

what is the name of the sac in the hip and elbow and the specific condition?

cetain joints such as the elbow and hip have a fluid-filled sac that can become inflamed, causeing pain in the joint. This sac helps reduce friction between their (the joints) moveable parts. What is the name of the sac and specific condition/injury?

  (+ info)

How can I do cardio with a hip injury?

A couple years back the doctor recommended I refrain from sports due to my bad hips. Nowadays I would really like to perform cardio, but can't. Do you know of anyway that I can do cardio without using my hips?


Aqua Jogging. You wear a special buoyancy belt that keeps your body suspended in the deep end of the pool and then you can jog using your hips, keep them mobile and yes you will gain excellent cardio work out. The belt reduces your body weight to 10% of what it normally is on dry land and many people with Arthritis, in fact just had a lady with a hip replacement come to the class I joined, to get her mobility back.  (+ info)

How do you treat a hip flexor injury?

It hurts when i kick a football
Its a sharp pain.

I had the same problem, i was kicking a football and all of a sudden i heard a pop, and then i couldnt kick for like a month. I iced mine alot and relaxed alot. DO NOT KICK. i did that and it got a little worse for me. Bad news is that mine still hurts after 2 fricken months!  (+ info)

Anyone ever have hip inflammation trouble? How did you cure it?

I hit my greater trochanter playing hockey and I've had pain since the July injury. I'm just curious if anyone else has hit their hip so hard they had inflammation problems for a year. I have no broken bones and the MRI showed nothing wrong. I'm on vicadin and a steriod now for the pain.

i had a similar experience a few years back it turned out ir was my back causing the hip pain and ice helped the pain a lot  (+ info)

I need help identifying some symptoms in my hip?

My hip (kinda my hip flexor) has been hurting for weeks now it hurts in the front and it seems to be right on the bone but hurts when i stretch my hip flexor, im running track and wonder if its just a common injury or something more serious?

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how much money should some one receive for going on trial regarding a hip implant and back injury during job?

Accident at the job.
Well it is my father. He's been injured for about 6 years. He had about two surgerys,and he has been uneployed since then. His lawyer does tell him about how much he should be receiving. All they are waiting for is for the results of the doctors evaluation. Then go to trial.
Well it is my father. He's been injured for about 6 years. He had about two surgerys,and he has been uneployed since then. His lawyer does not tell him about how much he should be receiving. All they are waiting for is for the results of the doctors evaluation. Then go to trial.

depends on your state, extent of the injury, how much time was lost from work, cause of the accident, who was at fault....in other words, a lot of factors. I assume you have a lawyer who is working with you on this....what do they say?  (+ info)

Are there any long term injuries possible from a high school career in triple jumping?

My dad's hips have been hurting him on and off since his twenties. He is becoming concerned about whether or not it is a long term injury/complication from his career as a triple jumper in high school (he was pretty good jumping over 43 feet). He was also a pole vaulter, 400m runner, and a tight end and defensive end on the varsity football team.

I would imagine achilles problems and knee problems are possible. but nothing fatal. Look at this site
...  (+ info)

18 years old and my lower back and hips hurt real bad. No injuries and don't know cause. What to do?

For the last two and a half weeks my lower back and hips feel like they are broken for no reason and hurt real bad and the pain won't go away. Especially my lower back hips are the ones that hurt real bad. When I get out of a chair I stand up with my head and shoulders leaning far forward like Im bending over and to straighten up to walk it takes a lot of pain. What should I do?

I would have yourself evaluated by a sports medicine doctor. It sounds like you have an injury that you did not remember getting that goes back two weeks ago.

If you have been using a different chair or have adjusted your car seat differently, that can affect it as well.  (+ info)

How to loose unwanted hip fat?

how do i loose the unwanted fat on my thighs and hips quick and easy? (i cant do running cause of previous injury to the ankle)

Is there any dieting pills or certain exercise that you can advise that would help me out in this situation?

Thanks in advance.

Targetted weight loss is quite difficult, many people would declare impossible, nevertheless I worked off a couple of inches from my thighs by following the guidance on the web portal in the box below. Give it a try, their help is very sensible!  (+ info)

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