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Looking for more info benign histiocytoma tumors?

I just had this tumor surgical removed from my shoulder; my doctor said it may grow back.

Most of the information I found is saying that this is something only dogs get.

http://www.marvistavet.com/html/body_histiocytoma.html  (+ info)

what is a histiocytoma when found in humans? and are they cancerous? x?

Benign Histiocytoma's in humans are papule (hard) skin growths which are usually found on the leg. Benign Histiocytoma's are harmless, the most harm they cause are itching, discomfort and tenderness.

Malignant Histiocytoma's are a lot more serious as they're cancerous. They're a type of soft tissue sarcoma (cancer of the connective tissue) that, to start with, effects the extremities and abdominal cavity (as well as sometimes the head, neck and lungs). It can also effect the lungs, liver and bone if it metastasizes (spreads). Treatment is usually in the form of an operation followed by radiotherapy or chemotherapy (depending on the severity of the Histiocytoma and the area it's in).  (+ info)

malignant histiocytoma pls give me information. Is it hereditary? Pls. define and give me web site. ty?

check out webmd.com  (+ info)

can this spread to cause colon cancer?

is there any link between Cellular neurofibroma and colon cancer and malignant fibrous histiocytoma and colon cancer? can either of those spread to the colon? is really importnant that i find out..thanks!!

It depends on what you are really asking . . but yes it is possible for primary MFH to present in the colon . . this is not the same as colon cancer . . it means that MFH is the primary cancer but it is in the colon. Colon cancer means that the primary malignant cell is a colon cell. MFH can present in the bone or soft tissue anyplace in the body. There have been reports of MFH in the colon.


As for cellular neurofibroma and colon cancer it is more complicated . .cellular neurofibroma is a benign condition in general . . but . .yes, it could present in the colon too:


The answer is yes there may be a connection between cellular neurofibroma, MFH and having cancer in the colon.

However, it would be best to discuss this issue with a doctor for more specific information and a more thorough discussion.  (+ info)

Teenagers who have or had cancer?

I have angiomatoid fibrous histiocytoma and I am having a hard time, I just wanted to talk to some one who has gone through the same kind of thing. Can you give me your IM or IM me, nataliexoxo334

Thankfully I have never had cancer and I have not gone through chemotherapy myself but my 2 year old son E has gone through many rounds of it. As a baby he had a Wilms' Tumour - a childhood kidney cancer (I believe it's somewhat similar to AFH) and successfully beat his cancer with chemotherapy and a nephrectomy of his left kidney containing the entire baseball-sized tumour. Due to the strong doses of chemo drugs, he developed a secondary AML leukemia in December and he's currently doing very well in his fight. To treat this and its effects he has gone through 3 rounds of induction chemo, 2 rounds of consolidation chemo, finishing his 3rd right now, and he has had a splenectomy. And right now he's in remission!

I'm not a teenager but I've spent a good deal of time in 3 different children's hospitals over the past 2 years where children and teenagers are treated. I've picked up quite a bit on what really goes on in these hospitals and I've had to make a lot of tough decisions for my son. I know cancer isn't easy even though I've thankfully never had it myself. You're more than welcome to IM me (crazycanuckj) or send me an email ([email protected]). I hope treatment goes well for you!  (+ info)

is there anything to worry about?

Hi everyone
my friend's mom just had surgery to remove polyp (polyp was present in her thumb from last 10 years but actually started paining from last month only , dats why they decided to remove it surgically.). So polyp is removed now and here is biopsy report after clinical test of polyp.

"swelling right thumb

Grossly. one grayish white soft tissue piece 1.2 cm in size

m/e ,section shows cellur fidrous tissue. Occasional giant cell with few histiocytes.

Apperences are sugesstive of giant cell tumor/fibrous
histiocytoma of tendon sheath.

corelate clincially. "

so is there anything to worry about or she is perfectly fine


With regard to her hand, there is nothing to worry about.

"Giant cell tumors of the tendon sheath are usually painless masses that have been present for a long time. The reported duration of symptoms ranges from weeks to as long as 30 years."

"...no cases of malignant degeneration of a benign giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath of the hand have been reported. These tumors also have no propensity to metastasize..."  (+ info)

Is it gas gangrene or a sign of septicemia?

I was caring for a 45 year old patient diagnosed with Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma on her right thigh.

S/P AKA - June 16
No history of DM, BA, HPN

We always get patient complaints (since it's a public ward) because She (the amputee) emits a strong, foul odor from her stump, her dressing is always moist and her vital signs are always: Tachycardia (PR: 120), Bradycardia (32) and a low BP (100/70 or 90/70) but has normal body temperature (37.3 C)

WBC count is elevated and RBC count is low
I'm sorry, it's Tachypnea XD

It very well could be gangrene. The foul odor is a very typical of a Clostridium perfringen or other infections. Have they done blood cultures?  (+ info)

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