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Does anyone here have or know someone with Histrionic Personality Disorder?

If so, what can you tell me about it? Ive read things on it but would like to hear about it from someone who has been diagnosed or knows someone with it. Thanks!

I was diagnosed as HPD.

what does it feel like? well, tiring. having to chase after the spot light all through my life, I'm really tired.  (+ info)

Borderline or Histrionic Personality Disorder?

Can someone tell me the perosonality disorder based on the these traits:

Extremely outgoing
Extremely dominant
Extremely emotional
Extremely expedient
Extremely suspicious
Extremely Apprehensive
Extremely uncontrolled
Extremely tense

and can you tell me why?

This particular list of symptoms doesn't fit into a single diagnostic category. It is generally better to allow a professional to make an objective inventory of your personality traits. It's really hard for the mirror to see itself.  (+ info)

Whats the relationship between Histrionic Personality Disorder, exhibitionism in females...?

....nymphomania, extramarital relationship and having multiple male suitors, are these females good lovers..do they have lasting relationships or do they have problems with relationships? Are these subjects trust worthy? Do their marriages fail often? would anyone like to share their personal experiences with such females..there may not be a gender bias but i confine my question to female subjects only..

The nature of Histrionic Personality Disorder is that the individual craves constant attention. They want to appear attractive and worthy of the attention. As they are consumed with how they are perceived and how they appear, they are not thinking about how others may feel. They will do anything to appear 'sexy', attractive and desirable. This includes taking part in sex acts that others may not find desirable, multiple partners as they crave the attention, and deceit in relationships as they are constantly seeking gratification from others approval. This does not make for a good marriage partner. Personality Disorders are commonly co-morbid with another disorder, it may be depression or some type of impulsive behavior. The result is a person that may not be willing to get help as they do not perceive their selves as needing help.

All of us have known the woman who dresses overly provocatively, flirts openly and has indiscretions that do not help their personal lives.  (+ info)

Ironically, wouldn't a person with histrionic personality disorder be just right for television?

yep. I would suppose there are many anyway.

Was that just a passing thought? I have those. Haha, isn't it great type-casting people with mental illnesses? I do it to myself all the time.  (+ info)

Help with HPD Histrionic Personality Disorder?

Just been diagnosed with HPD and now feel really low. The thought that I am overly dramatic and do things for attention makes me feel sick. That I will never be taken seriously. And that if I tell people I have it because I want them to know there is a reason why I am like I am then they will not treat it as a condition or a personality disorder but just have a go at me for being like it... Any help with this??

Don't let this diagnosis define your life. Maybe you need to get involved in some acting classes and then theater. Most performers would be diagnosed with HPD! That's what keeps them going.

It sounds like you have been reading up on the negatives...how you are perceived. The trick now, is to lose and forget yourself. I don't mean utterly, I don't mean that you should devalue yourself either...

I mean you should consciously go quiet and watch for a while.
Pretend you are in a new land and you need to figure out how to communicate with the natives. Watch the people you admire and respect. Don't get to idolizing them just because they DON'T do what you do...just...observe them. Observe the quiet people. What gives them their strength. Learn and draw from what you see.

You can change at any age. Yes you can. Keep the happy outrageous part of you and dial down the demanding part that we all have, in this society.

I am not a professional. But I have dealt with depression and chronic pain for quite a while, which is why I have learnt the value of quiet watching. I could not do anything else. ;)

I tell almost no one about my problems, from experience. It's up to you, but I would not tell people if I were you bout this. Some people might like you just as you are, others will now form a judgment of you before you've had a chance, and others will cynically see your telling them of your diagnosis as your way of having carte blanche to go ahead and do exactly as you please, which would be dreadful.

Google ways to deal, grow, and come to terms with who you want to be, stay in counseling, and ultimately, be who you are meant to be.
Good luck.  (+ info)

Borderline Personality Disorder: What are the positive and the negative factors?

I am working on a paper for class. I need to describe the symptoms of Borderline and Histrionic Personality Disorder according to whether they have positive or negative predictive power for diagnosis. How do I divide symptoms that way?

As a BPD sufferer I would kind of like to help you, but your question leaves me a little baffled........  (+ info)

histrionic/narcissistic personality disorder?

I have this problem with a friend.. We have a bunch of mutual friends, and she seems to get off on making fun of this one friend of ours and her illnesses, and lately I've noticed she makes fun of ALL of her friends behind their backs. And back when I had problems with depression, she would get furious because I was missing school and I wasn't around her all the time and she'd say all kinds of nasty things to me like "you're a lost cause" for example. What the heck is wrong with her? She seems to enjoy seeing others in pain, and she has a really high opinion of herself. She also has to repetitively bring up positive things others have said about her in conversation...and she always brings up faults of other people. She uses me as a verbal/emotional punching back, and when I can't be around her she yells at me and throws a fit. Is this a sign of histrionic/narcissistic personality disorder.. or something else?
** punching bag
I guess the problem is I don't feel like I can make more friends.. idunno..


She sounds like a first class piece of work. She is your friend? We could go on and on about what is wrong with her. But you could do better for yourself. Maybe you could find friends that are kinder.  (+ info)

Histrionic Personality Disorder Help..?


I suffer from Histrionic Personality Disorder and am situated in the South West, and i'm looking for a therapist, or physcotheripist to help me. BUT, due to the wide spread personality disorders, there are very limited therapist who specialise in Borderline Personality Disorder, let alone HPD. Was wondering if anyone could help me, i've tried googling, and to no avail, and would really rather like to get help.

Thanks in advance.

  (+ info)

Histrionic Personality Disorder?

I have recently diagnosed my self with this disorder. I've decided I kinda like it and it could actually help me, but is there away to keep the drive for attention but learn to love the attention you get?
By diagnose I mean I read some articles and they matched perfectly, and I mean I want the drive for attention to help me be more popular but I want to be less depressed about myself.

If all you did was read some descriptions on the Internet or even in books, I think you neither understand it nor have it. Sorry to be blunt. Personality disorders are far more complicated than they appear in print, and very few with them have the capacity to self-assess adequately to realize they have one let alone which one it is. If you are questioning, see a psychologist or therapist who specializes in personality disorders.

Well, heck, you don't want a personality disorder. You want higher self-esteem. When you feel more confident your mood is higher and it's a lot easier to socialize. Look up some stuff on building self-esteem. It'll do you much more good than reading about mental illnesses - I doubt that you have one (which is very good).  (+ info)

Histrionic Personality Disorder--- HELP!?

My whole life i have craved attention. if u ask my friends, they would say that's a lie. i have learned that when you tell people you don't want something (like attention) they will give it to you. I am very obsessed with my appearance, take criticism very personally, and make relationships into more than they actually are. My whole life, i have manipulated people and tricked them into giving me attention and pity, in exchange for whatever it is they want.

i am tired of strategically planning my life around gaining approval from others and sometimes i am so into my "character" that im playing to get attention, i don't even know who i am anymore. i feel like i have no personality, just a collection of 2dimensional personalities i use when ever i need attention.

then... all of a sudden, i discovered Histrionic Personality Disorder. This describes me down to a T. i really feel like this has been the source of my problem for years

ok, 1. do you think i have HPD, and

2. how can i treat it without going to a shrink ?

thank you

Only a thorough evaluation with a psychologist can validate this for you. As for treatment without a shrink, why not?  (+ info)

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