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HIV Seropositivity?

Does this mean that a person has a certain antibody in their blood that causes them to be immune from HIV?

No. It means that HIV antibodies are present (which would happen, for any disease, after infection or immunization). In particular, blood tests serpositive after seroconversion, which is "the development of detectable specific antibodies to microorganisms in the serum as a result of infection or immunization" (according to Wikipedia's article on seroconversion).  (+ info)

Is it possible to contract HIV through two different types of blood mixing?

Recently, at work, I overheard a debate about this and became curious myself.

Two individuals that do NOT have HIV/AIDS somehow get a small amount of blood into each others circulatory system.

Debated Result:
They will develop HIV from this because they have two different blood types flowing through them.

Basically, the argument is that if your blood type is A+ and you acquire some blood that is B- that enters your blood stream you will develop HIV.

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How long does HIV live in semen and is dried positive semen still infectious?

Hey guys have a question for you. Does anyone know how long HIV-positive semen is still infectious in a dried state?

Say, as a hypothetical, there was dried HIV-positive semen on upholstery and it has gone uncleaned with any disinfection products. How long would it have had to dry and the virus die for someone with an open wound to come in contact with that upholstery and there be no risk of infection?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

the HIV virus dies as soon as it comes in contact with oxygen

and michael has no idea what he's talking about  (+ info)

How long does it take to become HIV positive after a sexual encounter?

There was this couple on the news where the husband is HIV positive but yet the wife and the child were not. How is this possible? Is HIV hereditary? Also do women who are HIV positive and pregant have to have a C-section? I was just really curious!

The amount of time between getting HIV infection and developing antibodies varies very widely. The vast majority of people with HIV will produce antibodies by around 45 days after infection. However, in a small proportion it may take up to six months for antibodies to develop, and in a very few people with HIV infection it may take even longer. This is one reason why a lack of HIV antibodies does not always mean freedom from infection.

There are also a number of tests which can look for the virus or parts of the virus itself (antigen testing and RNA viral load testing), damage to the immune system, or other aspects of the body's response to the effects of the virus. These should not be confused with the HIV antibody test.

Call your clinic for a test if you even suspect your partner has HIV. Call United Way First Call for Help (just dial 2-1-1 in most USA cities) for referral to a free or low-cost clinic.
Ed, RN  (+ info)

How much is the lifespan of HIV Virus outside the human body?

I was asked that there was a caution warning about finding some needls on the seats of cenema hall with a lable :welcome to HIV family...According to my knoledge the lifespan of HIV is not more then 30 second outside human fluids and this is a very short period to play such a mischif.Please make it clear.So this panic can be removed.

Depends on the virus. For example HIV usually dies fairly quickly outside of the body whereas Hepatitis B can live on a dry surface for weeks.  (+ info)

How long does HIV virus remain active in a person's body without manifesting itself?

If a person has had unprotected sex abt 15 yrs ago and he/she has enjoyed good health all these years could he/she still be infected? How long does HIV virus remain dormant in a person's body without manifesting itself? What are the chances that he/she could be infected?

As someone else indicated, although HIV is never dormant, and begins to damage the immune system from the time of infection, symptoms would not show up until a lot of damage has already been done. This may take 2 years, or it may take 6 or more years.

Although it can take years for symptoms to show up, people who have HIV would test positive within 3 to 6 months after getting infected. (More than 98% would test positive within 3 months.)

If you have any reason to believe you may have HIV, you need to get tested.

Great answer, Beetle !  (+ info)

How long does HIV live in blood and for how long is HIV positive blood still infectious?

Does anyone know how long HIV can live in blood if the blood is dried on a bandaid? After the blood has dried, Is it still infectious? If you stepped on a bandaid or touched one and came into contact with the dried blood, what are your chances of exposure to the virus if hue blood is HIV positive?

oh look someone else should have thought ahead  (+ info)

How long can a HIV positive person survive without contracting AIDS? Can they lead a normal life?

If a HIV positive person leads a normal healthy life on the medicine Atripla, what is their survival rate?

Indefinitely. It all depends on whether the virus gets immobilized or whether it goes to town. Magic Johnson has had the virus for many years, but has not developed the disease. He's doing something right.  (+ info)

What makes HIV a difficult antigen for the body to fight?

Unlike most viruses, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) first binds to the receptor sites on a T cell and then becomes engulfed by that T cell. Why does this characteristic make HIV difficult for the body to fight against?

It kills off ur fighting men. Ur immune system gets eventually defeated and u get attacked by silly little diseases like flu, rashes, rare diseases like karposis sarcoma then u just give up.
What the medication does is it improves ur immunity by maybe reducing the viral attack, or inhibiting some areas from being attacked, other people go to the extent of blood exchange, but that still does not wash it out.
Its a virus that encodes itself into ur DNA and makes its own copies that way. check out the website i attached.  (+ info)

How do Hiv positive people deal with knowing they gave it to there girlfriends or others?

My girlfriend was diagnosed as hiv positive a week a ago. I tested negative 3 months ago and negative again last week. Well if I come back positive in a couple of months it confirms that I gave it to her. If you knew all the details you would know it was me too. Well what I want to know is how do you deal with knowing you gave Hiv to the person you love? I'm having a real hard time living with myself.

This is the type of problem that requires much more help than you can expect to get from a general-purpose group like YAHOO! Answers. There are dozens of good web sites specific for HIV counselling, where it can all be done anonymously. But in your case, I would highly recommend face to face counselling, whether it is anonymous or not. There are many very serious issues you are dealing with here, and it is critical that you get good solid advice from trained professionals. Starting here at YAHOO! Answers is not bad, but you need to go far beyond here, and not let you search for help end here. Please contact me by e-mail here and let me know you have found good help.  (+ info)

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