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What's the difference between being HIV positive and having full blown aids?

I don't understand the difference, my uncle is HIV positive.

HIV is the virus that causes aids. It attacks and weakens the immune system, and when it has caused enough damage you have AIDS. EVeryone starts with HIV, before progessing to AIDS.

WITHOUT treatment, most people have full blown AIDS in about 6-10 years after having HIV. With treatment, many people many never progress to aids at all. Magic Johnson for example was diagnose with HIV almost 20 years ago, but still doesnt have AIDS. And that was in a time when advancements were far less then today. Many people who have HIV today may never end up with AIDS.  (+ info)

How was HIV/AIDS discovered and when was the first patient was prognosticated?

HIV/AIDS is the disease which is affecting the world so much; especially the African countries. More people are dying each and everyday; a lot of orphans suffering without assistance. We need to join together and fight this disease.

about 25 years ago. Strange that you ask this question since there was a special covering it on FRONTLINE. You can watch it online here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/aids/view/

It was called Frontline: The Age of AIDS

First known case of human HIV infection
A blood sample is taken in 1959 from a man living in Leopoldville, Belgian Congo, now Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). For decades, the sample is stored away in a freezer. In 1998, after sophisticated testing is developed for HIV, the blood sample from 1959 is tested and confirmed as positive for HIV.

taken from same website - there is actually a time line at this link here:

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/aids/cron/crontext.html  (+ info)

Can the HIV virus survive inside a Antibacterial soap bottle?

Okay, lets just suppose that someone leaves a drop of blood (HIV infected) inside a bottle filled with antibacterial soap. How long can the virus last? Will the virus be killed instantly?

I'm not sure if it would survive, must put that one to my biology teacher!! All I know is that it can be spread via blood to blood contact .... so maybe you can catch it that way  (+ info)

Can the HIV virus survive inside a Antibacterial Soap bottle?

Okay, so lets just suppose that someone leaves a drop of blood (HIV infected) inside a bottle filled with antibacterial soap. How long will the virus last? Will the virus be killed instantly?

Yes  (+ info)

How do couples with differnt hiv statues deal with the anxiety of sex?

My girlfriend recently found out she is hiv positive. I have been tested many times and am negative. I want to have sex with her but everytime I do i get real bad anxiety. How do couples deal with the stress and anxiety of having sex if one person is hiv positive?

I would highly recommend that you talk openly with your partner about your fears. Reassure your partner that this is something you want to work through.

I always recommend speaking with a knowledgable therapist if you can afford it.

If she is on meds (which she may not be if she was recently diagnosed) and her viral load is undetectable, the risks as mentioned above) are quite low assuming you are also using protection.

If you are not using protection, then there is nothing guaranteeing your safety, regardless of viral load (as it is not a perfect indicator of infectiousness through genital fluids--semen, vaginal fluids)

You could try looking on line for HIV AND "serodivergent couples" or "serodiscordant couples" or "magnetic couples" all of which refer to couples in which one person is HIV+ and the other HIV-. There are MANY of these types of couples who have been together for years and are very happy. It is possible with love, compassion, and safer sex

There may be some good resources online.

Hope this helps  (+ info)

If an infected HIV positive patient used a syringe. How long will the infections stay on the syringe?

I heard that HIV infections cannot stay more than five seconds in the air.Is it true?

I wouldn't bet my LIFE on that assumption!  (+ info)

How eaxactly males get HIV virus into their Blood stream during Sexual intercause with a female?

They say HIV virus is not active in Saliva. Lets say a male(healthy HIV free person) is having sex with a female HIV positive female : Now male will only eject, inject his semen into female. he will not take in anything ! so how HIV virus manage to get into a male? Can the virus swim against the flow of semen and enter the male's system?

The sexual transmission of HIV is complex.

For sexual transmission to occur, HIV infected blood, semen, vaginal/rectal fluids would have to come into contact with a mucosal membrane. Mucosal membranes are found in any body cavity open to air (vaginal wall, cervix, anus/rectum, mouth, foreskin of penis if uncircumcised, urethra (pee hole) on both men and women. etc.)

Every mucosal membrane differs in the thickness and susceptibility to HIV infection. The cervix and the rectal wall have a very thin mucosal membrane, while the mouth has a very thick mucosal membrane.

It is incorrect to say that there must be a cut/tear (even a micro one) for HIV to transmit across the mucosal membrane. In fact, there are immune related cells that, especially in the anogenital area, have sticky projections that reach across the membrane and pick up potential invaders to present to other parts of the immune system.

If there are micro tears in the tissue then this will increase the risk that HIV will get through this protective tissue and into the blood stream.

Inflammation, for any reason, in the genital mucosa can drastically increase a person's susceptibility to infection (STIs cause inflammation, rough sex can cause inflammation, spermicides can cause inflammation, Bacterial vaginosis can cause inflammation, etc) If the tissue is inflamed there more room for HIV to slip through.

So, in women the vaginal wall, urethra and especially the cervix can be sites where HIV crosses through.

In men, the urethra, foreskin (if present), can be sites where semen/genital/rectal fluids come into contact with it and can result in infection. As well, if the penis has cuts/tears/STIs causing inflammation, the risk is increased dramatically.

(If the partner with HIV also has an STI, their chance of passing on their infection increases as well)

It is easier for an HIV+ man to infect a woman than vice versa based on biology (as well as social factors that may be present). But, an HIV+ woman can still infect a man through sex. Both the male and female partner are considered to be at high risk if they engage in unprotected vaginal or anal sex.  (+ info)

What are the chances of contracting HIV from environmental factors?

Assuming you haven't had any high risk activity such as sharing needles or oral/anal/vaginal sex.

Also, how long can the HIV virus live outside of the human body? And how much of the virus do you need to get into the body before you contract HIV? Also, are AIDS patients always sick when their CD4 count is under 200

Project for school

HIV is overwhelmingly transmitted through sexual contact, through intravenous drug use, through infected blood donations and from mother to child during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. HIV is not transmitted through everyday social contact. It only takes a small amount of blood, or semen to infect someone. When someone's CD4 count is below 200 it only means that they are susceptible to opportunistic infections; meaning that their immune system is not capable of fighting off infections or other disease and illness. It is very common for someone with less than 200 to be very ill. A CD4 of less than 200 deems an AIDS diagnosis anything above that is still considered HIV positive.  (+ info)

Is their an Hiv test where they prick your finger for blood and just takes 20 minutes for the results?

Is it accurate? Anybody done that kind of Hiv test before?

yes,...its called a rapid test and it is very accurate  (+ info)

Can you assume someone is sexually active if he would test for HIV to prevent others from getting infected?

From a survey, if a respondent says that in the case they had reason to believe they were infected with HIV, if that respondent chooses (from a range of options) that they would test for HIV in order to prevent others from getting infected does that assume that the respondent is currently sexually active?

no cuz you make an a$$ out of yourself  (+ info)

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