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How long can herpes and hiv virus survived on a toilet paper?

How long can herpes and hiv virus survived on a toilet paper? just a single drop of blood, let say the blood is the size of this o.

Herpes doesn't last for more then seconds when it's out side of the body, herpes is also not transmitted through blood. HIV also doesn't last for long periods of time, if the blood is dried then chances are next to zero. Next time don't use toilet paper that has blood on it.  (+ info)

How is it strains of HIV commonly found in Apes are now found in Humans?

My question comes from the recent news that they found a strain of the HIV virus that is usually found in apes in a 66 year old woman. How are they contracting a virus that can only be transferred by body fluid?

In some places, people eat the meat of wild animals. If the animal had the virus and the meat was undercooked......  (+ info)

How long does it have to be for HIV to be detected by a test?

How long does it take for HIV to be detectable by a test? If I were to have gotten HIV today, and taken a test tomorrow, would the test be able to detect it?

It could take 3 - months or more sometimes. You need to keep getting tested for several months after your unsafe action.  (+ info)

How long does it take HIV to show up on a test?

I was sexually assaulted when a man put his finger into my vagina and "fingered" me after he touched his penis. I contracted HPV from this.

Could I have also contracted HIV? Three months after the assault, I tested negative for HIV.

How long does it take HIV to show up on a blood test?

It can take 3 months for HIV antibodies to show up on a test. (Testing for antibodies is often done first, followed by testing for the virus itself if the antibody test is positive.) In VERY RARE cases, it can take up to 6 months. Get tested again 6 months after your last possible exposure.  (+ info)

How fresh of a cut do you have to have to contract hiv, hepatitis b, and hepatitis c?

How fresh of a cut do you have to have to contract hiv, hepatitis b, and hepatitis c? How long does it take for a cut to heal where these diseases can not be transmitted? What about small cuts on your fingers and hands? Also, what about small cuts around your finger nails? I am confused about these scenarios. I think the cut has to be back to normal skin to be okay.

Thank you and God Bless!

well technically any break in the skin will enable those viruses to pass through. In general HIV is almost never transmitted that way. I would just wear gloves if you are worried until you are fully healed.

Keep in mind you have to get their blood/body fluids on your hands and they have to be at an extremely high viral load in order to infect you that way  (+ info)

How long does it take for hiv to run down immune system?

Like how long would it take from time of exposure to months to years afterward before you to get those "hard to get rid of" or "reoccurring" type illnesses.

Like say you have a yeast infection that's hard to get rid of or keeps reoccurring. Or a cold that keeps coming back. Is this during the early stages of hiv infection or later stages like months or years down the road?

I am not a doctor but this is what I know.

It is hard to say but if you had a healthy immune system which is about 1500 t-cells to start with...

You system starts to really get compromised when t-cells fall below 200. T-cells are the helper cells that fight infection.

If you have no treatment you could lose about 50 t-cells a year (keep in mind you may lose more or less but this is just an average) in 7 years you would be at the very dangerous stage.

Remember many people dont even realize they have HIV because you may not seek a diagnosis until many years after exposure. This delay in seeking medical assistance gives HIV the time to kill your t-cells while multiplying the viral load (this is the amount of HIV in your body). In an HIV infected person it is best if the viral load is 50ppm or less this is considered undetectable.

The number of t-cells you will lose eventually will be affected by your lifestyle, smoking, drinking, drugs, food. Sickness, stress, exercise all play into this factor.

My suggestion is to get to a doctor if you think you have been exposed to HIV and really re-examine your lifestyle to make healthy choices.  (+ info)

What are the chances of contracting HIV/AIDS from recieving unprotected oral sex from an infected person?

Hi everyone!

I'm doing a project for school about HIV/AIDS and I have a few questions. Which I tried to research but have not found any specific answers.

How soon can a person get tested for HIV/AIDS after having unprotected sex with an infected partner?

To put it another way: When does HIV finally show up in testing?

More than 98% of people would test positive within 3 months after being infected. In very rare cases, it could take up to 6 months for someone to test positive.  (+ info)

What is the odds of getting hiv from one needle that looks to be clean?

I don't think i have hiv but my mind is playing tricks on me i never had sex but i stuck myself with a needle at a doctors office playing around. The needle was in a box on the table and i pricked my finger the finger didn't bleed. I am afraid i have aids and i am more afraid that i have it and don't know and that scares me allot.

If it was in a box in your doctors office, it was safe, unless your doctor and his nurses do not dispose of needles properly. All used needles must go into a container for proper disposal immediately after being used. Get tested if you really are so afraid. Stranger things have happened.....  (+ info)

What is the Risk of getting HIV By having Protected Sex using Condoms?

If a Person protects himself with double condoms and performs sex, What are the chances of getting or Getting infected with HIV ?

Never EVER use 2 condoms, the condoms rub up against eachother and cause microtears. Not a good idea............. Anyways, you are over 99% protected against HIV when using a condom CORRECTLY, meaning just using one condom and putting it on correctly , etc...  (+ info)

Can some explain the difference between HIV and AIDS?

I've always assumed AIDS was worse? They say HIV is not a death sentence, but is AIDS? And also what do the initials stand for in each? Thanks guys, Katie.

HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus
AIDS = Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
when you first catch it. you catch the virus.. it can remain dormant in your body for years.. and nothing can happen, you can however spread it..
its when the full blown aids comes out when you have problems, when any illness, infection, etc comes to you and your body doesnt produce enough antibodies to resist illnesses or infections.. in essense, no immunity to anything.. get it.. it destroys your body's ability to defend itself.. could be by any thing.. a tiny cut to a huge illness..  (+ info)

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