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How soon after HIV infection can facial wasting/ lipodystrophy/lipoatrophy occur?

I am just wondering how long it would take for facial wasting (sunken in, hollow checks) to occur after HIV infection.
Can HIV on its own cause hollow cheeks/ after only a few months (2-6 months) of infection?
If not, what else could be the cause of hollow, sunken inn cheeks, that are continuing to become more hollow, be?

It depends on your immune system, how long it can cope until being fully suseptible to facial wasting. People live up to 10 years or more without any way of knowing they had it.  (+ info)

How likeley is getting acute HIV syndrome?

After you contract the virus. How many people experience the flu like symptoms?

Depending on the study there has been a range of 40-90%. It is probably closer to 90%, but most people miss the symptoms, or think it's 'just the flu'. The symptoms are often mild, non-specific (they point to MANY causes), and self-limiting (they go away without treatment).

Check out the following video on Acute HIV infection. It is the best explanation of acute HIV symptoms and what they mean or don't mean.

Take care  (+ info)

If babies can't get HIV from moms, how do they get Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Babies have their own blood streams, which is why they don't get HIV if the mother is HIV+ (unless something goes wrong during the birth). But if the mother drinks, it affects the baby. What is the difference?

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describe how HIV infection can lead to wasting as the disease progresses the later stages?

* An unexplained loss of weight lasting at least one month
* Diarrhea lasting for several weeks
* A white coating on the tongue (thrush/oral candidiasis)
* Enlarged or sore glands (lymph nodes) in the neck, armpits, and/or groin, as well as generalized swollen glands
* A cough that persists for more than one month
* Persistent fever and/or night sweats
* In women, persistent vaginal candidiasis (yeast infection)

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after having sex with a women who is HIV positive, how long will it take to infect me? what are HIV syndrome?

after having sex with HIV infected women how can i know that i m infected?

Most people who have HIV have no symptoms for several years after they get infected. Some have flu like symptoms within a few months after getting infected, but there is no way to tell the difference between flu symptoms caused by HIV infection and flu symptoms caused by actual flu.

The ONLY way to find out if you have HIV is to get an HIV test. It can not be diagnosed any other way. The testing is designed to detect antibodies to HIV, not the virus itself. Most people who have HIV test positive within 3 months after being infected, but in very rare cases, it can take up to 6 months for someone to test positive.

Once you are infected, you can transmit the virus to others within one day after you become infected--before you would test positive, and long before symptoms show up.

Get tested 3 months after your last possible exposure, then retest 3 months later. You can check the website hivtest.org to find free testing sites in your area. Just enter your ZIP code.  (+ info)

when does acute hiv syndrome show up?

would it happen immediately or after a few weeks?

the symptoms of acute HIV syn r: fever , tired feeling, Swollen lymph nodes, Decreased appetite etc.
The symptoms of acute HIV syndrome usually last for about 14 days after HIV exposure. They could last for just a few days, or they could last for several months.For one thing, the person who got HIV may not even look sick. And the signs and symptoms of HIV infection may look just like mononucleosis (mono), tonsillitis or the flu.at the time you have acute HIV syndrome, you probably won't have enough HIV antibodies in your blood to measure,n after 10 to 15 years, HIV kills so many CD4 cells that your body can no longer fight off infections.at this point the victim will get aids.  (+ info)

Are physical therapy and HIV wasting related?

I wanna know the connection between physical therapy and HIV wasting. I know that in wasting you lose fat and tissue and what not but where does physical therapy come in? What exercises and things have to be done since you're losing body mass? Basically, what role does physical therapy play in the condition of wasting (doesn't have to be specifically HIV wasting) What are the emotional aspects? Any information would be appreciated.

Physical therapy is important in cases of extreme illness where body mass is lost rapidly. Maintaining physical activity is crucial so that the patient doesn't succumb to the frailty and inactivity that such a rapid weight loss induces.

Specific exercises vary depending on the limitations of the patient and areas that require specific attention.  (+ info)

which immune cells are most often attacked during early HIV infection in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome?

the virus invades the helper t cells and the macrophages, hiding within their membranes. because both stimulate onee another att differenttimes in the the immune resonse, then the helper t cells are "disabled" they do not cause the macrophages to act. which results inthe diversion of b cell antibody production and the abscence of NK cell formation HIV IS A RETROVIRUS.ITS GENETIC MATERIAL IS RNA INSTEAD OF DNA.IT WRAPS ITSELF IN THE COMPONENTS FROM THE HOST HELPER TCELL MEMBRANE. ONCE INSIDE THE HOST AN ENZYME USES THE VIRAL RNA AS A PAATTERN FOR MAKING DNA AND INSERTS THESE NEW INSTRUCTIONS INTO THE HOSTS CHROMOSOMES. AT SOME POINT THEY ARE ACTIVATED AND THE PROCES CONTINUES UNTIL THE HELPER T CELLS ARE DEPLETED. so i guess t cells are the answer.  (+ info)

Could one start wasting (weight loss) after 6 weeks of possible exposure to HIV????

I know that weight loss comes when the count TCells start falling dwon. But could HIV work so fast causing weight loss within this period????

possibly. but could be due to emotional disturbances like loss of appetite, slepplessness, depression upon finding out one has been exposed to the virus other than clinical manifestations. the virus (HIV) has an incubation period that averages 10 years. when the immune system has been destroyed, AIDS develope as opportunistic infection such as kaposi's sarcoma, pneumocystis carinii pneumonia,or tuberculosis. they will attack organ system throughout the body, hence the wasting.  (+ info)

How does physical therapy help muscle wasting?

What role does physical therapy have in the condition of wasting where you lose body mass from the loss of tissue, muslce fat, etc? Why must people who have wasting syndrome go through physical therapy? Any information would be appreciated?

To be a bit more precise, physical therapy addresses the funcitonal limitations that occur as a result of muscle wasting. Specifically, if you have the problem that you cannot stand up without the use of your arms, it is the job the the physical therapist to:
A: Identify the level of impairment and quantify it objectively
B: Determine which muscles are contributing to the deficiency (or loss of coordination, or spasticity, etc.)
C: Develop a treatment plan to address that deficit
D: Implement that treatment program
E: Reassess at a later time to see if correcting the impairment has lead to an increase in function.

In this case, a program of progressive resistive exercise is probably indicated. This increases the amount of connective tissue that allows for proper functioning of the muscle at the cellular level. It may also result in "neuralization" or increasing the amount of nerve branches to allow the brain to more effectively communicate with the muscle. The goal, of PT, however is independence. If what you need to do can be done safely by yourself or in the gym setting (ie, if you have no FUNCTIONAL deficits) the PT can instruct you on which exercises to do or refer you to a personal trainer.

In conclusion, the PT addresses the functional impairments that accompany the condition. It is also the job of the PT to determine when it is appropriate to progress your program. It is not the job of the physical therapist to "watch you exercise" in a routine that can be done in the home or with a personal trainer. That would be a waste of your money!!  (+ info)

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