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Acute HIV syndrome?

Is it possible for acute hiv syndrome to show up 30-45 MINUTES after exposure?
oh, just to clarify, I'm not worried that I have HIV.
I'm doing a project for school and I'm trying to get all the info I can get. That's why I ask so many questions on here about HIV.

No, absolutely NOT under ANY circumstances.  (+ info)

i think i got TSS (toxic shock syndrome) is it possible i can get hiv?

TSS and HIV aren't related

TSS is caused when the common bacteria staphylococcus aureus start to produce TSS-toxin1 that gets into your bloodstream and attacks your body - essentially it is a blood poisening which can have various effects including shutting down all your vital organs, it can kill within a week.

The First Dragon - people either die from TSS or are left with serious long-term health problems, they are never 'fine'.

Initial symptoms are fever, sore throat, headache, aching, vomiting, diarrhea, red eyes, skin flaking around hands and feet and low blood pressure. Symptoms begin after your period starts, and you may not get all symptoms, but if you suspect TSS remove the tampon saving it then go to hospital telling them you suspect TSS, even if you have doubts quick action may save your life. The serious phase lasts 4-5 days and it can kill within a week, survivers are left with serious life-long health problems.

HIV is a virus that can lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS),it's caught by the transfer of blood, semen, vaginal fluid, pre-ejaculate, or breast milk. Although women who are HIV+ or suffer AIDS are at higher risk of TSS and other tampon-related health problems.  (+ info)

Acute HIV Syndrome? Please help!?

Two or three weeks after having unprotected sex with someone in the high risk group I got the following symptoms: high fever (103), cough, sore throat, muscle aches. NO vomiting or diarrhea or rash. I went to the doctor and he said its an upper respiratory tract infection and gave me antibiotics. They cleared it up immediately. Is it possible what I had was actually Acute HIV Syndrome? Thanks! I'm getting tested next week but very worried!

  (+ info)

WHy does HIV come before AIDS if acquired means Have to do something to get it?

Its kind of ironic cause HIV is what you get first. HIV stands for Human Immune Virus.

Aids stands for Aquired Immune Virus Syndrome...
Acquired means you have to do something to get it, Immune is what your bodys self defense is Virus obviously from the HIV and Syndrome means chronic.
Only question is why do you have to do osmething to get AIDS but HIV you already have wouldnt it be AHIV and then get IDS???

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HIV / AIDS Infected Peoples Only ??? " Wasting"???

I am looking for answers on what the HIV / AIDS term means and how to tell if you are " wasting"??

AIDS Wasting is:
the involuntary loss of more than 10% of body wieght, plus more than 30 days of either diarrhea, or weakness and fever. It can be due from loss of fat or muscle mass.

Causes of Wasting:
1.low food intake
2.poor nutrient absorption
3.altered metabolism (from hormones or HIV affecting protein build up)

How is it treated:
1.reduce nausea and vomiting
2.appetite stimulants such as megace or marinol
3.treating diarrhea and opportunistic infections in the intestine
4.treating changes in metabolism

**AIDS wasting is not well understood, but various treatments for wasting are being studied. Be sure to monitor your weight, maintain healthy foods (even if appetite is low), and get treatment right away for serious diarrhea.  (+ info)

Can Strep throat be mistaken for Acute HIV Syndrome?

I am a male and I have had sex maybe 4-6 times with only a couple different females in the past 1-4 months.

About 3 weeks ago I got sick and the doctors did some blood work determining I had Group C Strep throat. My throat was swollen pretty bad. I had a hard time swallowing. It was actually somewhat painful to swallow. They put me on some medication and it went away in about a week. I didn't finish all the meds (whoops) and it felt like it started to come back then I started drinking a lot of tea and gargling with salt water and it didn't really progress much and disappeared pretty fast.

I was just wondering what the chances are that they made a mistake and I actually have Acute HIV Syndrome?

absolutely not. A physician who tests you for strep uses cultures, it is a bacterial or "topica" disease. In order for you to show positive on HIV you must have a "mucosal" infection. HIV is viral and mucosal and other STDs are topcica or bacterial. The strep test, that was done by blood is conclusive and if it came up positive for gC strep then you are strep+ not HIV+ as far as that test is concerned.

With that said, the odds are you showing symptoms in as little as 4 months is slim to none. Now that you have strep it is easier for you to catch HIV if you come into contact with vaginal or anal fluid, blood or breast milk but not a guarantee that you have it.

Finally, with a normal immune system, an intact mucosa membrane in the throat, it will prevent HIV from attaching itself to the mucosa and infecting you. This is in part because your mouth has saliva which is known to kill HIV, the main way ppl get HIV orally is because the HIV goes from your partner to a cut, sore, lesion, wound or abrasion in your mouth or throat without coming into contact with a good amount of saliva. If you have a good immune system, (before the strep), in tact mucosa membrane (which you should unless you eat a lot of EXTREMELY spicy foods repeatedly, have ulceritis, acid reflux or eat very sharp foods (captain crunch 24/7)), you will have a good membrane and then the risks are very small of you catching it that way, in fact there has NEVER been a documented case of this happening...EVER...

so go and get tested with a UNIGOLD HIV test, which is 100% accurate to ensure that you don't have HIV and takes 10 minutes. Or you can get a OraQuick test which is 99.9% accurate and takes 20 minutes. Either way, get tested to know for sure.  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had AIDS without getting HIV?

There is no thing as a stupid question. My understanding is that AIDS is a syndrome (a condition) of having a severely suppressed immune system. Now, searching online, I can't seem to find a definition of AIDS that doesn't simply use HIV. Couldn't someone have the condition (syndrome) of having a severely suppressed immune system without having HIV?

No. that is why it is called aids... caused by HIV..hence acquired. there is a congenital immune deficiency, though. but we dont call it aids because its congenital, hence, not acquired.

medical science has not yet found a cause for AIDS other than the virus which we call human immunodeficiency virus or HIV. maybe in the next few years, god forbidding, we will find another cause for AIDS aside from HIV.  (+ info)

Do they do routine HIV checks with most blood tests?

Hi, i am pregnant, and woke up this morning wondering could i have HIV? I highly doubt it, but i have never been checked. I have done a blood test this pregnancy (pregnancy screening for down syndrome) and i had surgery last year. Would they routinely test for HIV with these?
Just being paranoid, but it would put my mind at ease!

No, your permission or you must request to be tested for certain infectious disease. Otherwise your rights have been violated, and your privacy, and/or right to confidentiality. Ask your doctor, he will tell you all about your rights and health laws.  (+ info)

does anyone know if the polyps in Gardner syndrome are usually deeper in the intestine and not near the colon?

A friend has cysts forming on his body that are forming at slightly rapid rate, and I have looked up these cysts could be caused by this disease. He has other problems, and I think it's something more serious than just random cysts and red lesions. side note: checked for HIV, it was negative.

The polyps from Gardner syndrome can occur anyplace in the intestine (small and large intestine) They have even occurred in the stomach.
This disease is hereditary and the patients suffering from this need to be closely monitored  (+ info)

I have a friend with irretable bowel syndrome, and she is awaiting to go in hospital for tests?

Whenever she eats, her stomach expanse like she is four or five month pregnant, the Doctors have said its just IBS,but i read in a magazine that there is a condition that causes a lifelong muscle wasting condition in the intestines & the wall of the stomach lining.But i am not sure to mention it to her.
Does anyone know what else it could be based on the symptoms as she is in a lot of pain.

If it's IBS, that is certainly not going to cause lifelong muscle wasting, etc. I have had IBS for years and it means that when my stomach bothers me, I have to stay away from certain foods for a while. There is a wonderful book I recommend called something like "what you can eat if you have IBS" and it tells you what kind of foods aggravate your stomach if you have IBS so you can avoid or limit them. It really is no big deal so if it's IBS, she will be fine. Also, many people develop an allergy to milk as they age and have to either avoid lactose or drink lactose free milk and dairy products instead. Again, no big deal - they sell the stuff in the store right next to the regular milk and it tastes the same.  (+ info)

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