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Can infectious diseases trigger antiphospholipid syndrome ?

Can certain infectious diseases such as HIV, HSV-2, chlamydia, and other viruses trigger your immune system to produce antiphospholipid antibodies ? Is there any correlation ?

Researchers still aren't clear on exactly what causes this syndrome.

It should be mentioned that up to 2% of the 'normal' population carries antiphospholipid antibodies without any actual disease process.

And yes, certain viral, parasite, and bacterial infections can result in the presence of temporary harmless antiphospholipid antibodies (HIV, malaria, viral hepatitis...not sure about HSV) -- that is they cause no known disease in these patients and disappear shortly after. That is the only connection I know of with infectious diseases and this syndrome.

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I wanted to know if strep pneumonia was a sign of acute hiv syndrome?

I have been asking ?s now for a couple weeks and I keep hearing so many diff things.. Ive read a lot about ars symptoms and none of them mention strep pneumonia.. Is that a sign of primary hiv.. or later stage hiv to where i would have detectable antibodies? I also read that ars fevers are always above 100 degrees and mine never reached that.. and i have had a hand rash but it is only present when my hands are cold. I got a test at 5 weeks and it came back negative and ive read that by then i would have a 90 percent rate of showing positive.. if anyone who knows about this could answer my ?s i would appreciate it

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my bf got hiv+ blood on his hand at work. how likely is it that hiv got transmitted to him?

while my bf was at work, an hiv + boy cut his hand and my bf got the boys blood on his hands. this was around xmas eve. now, he's showing some acute hiv syndrome symptoms: fever, sore throat, muscle aches, vomitting, hives. he's going to get tested wednesday, but how likely is it that the virus got transmitted? please respond as quickly as possible. thanks so so much.

It cannot travel through the skin so as long as he did not have a cut... he should be fine. As far as the symptoms... they could be "self induced" meaning STRESS can bring on ALL of those symptoms including the hives. Worrying is the worst thing (not saying I wouldnt worry like hell if in the same situation) Even knowing the "facts" of AIDS does not make you feel better. Once he gets tested and it comes back negative... fear may still have a hold on the both of you... I am sure ya'll are fine and I wish you the best of luck! I am so sorry you have to go through all of this stress!  (+ info)

incredibly worried about acute retroviral syndrome/hiv, stressed please help...?

about 3.5 weeks ago i had sex using a condom. about 1.5 days later i had a sore throat and a flu, sore throat subsided in about a day or 2, runny nose cleared up in 2 to 3 days. i was incredibly scared since the incident of sex i have been having loose bowels/diarrhea. about 1 week after sex i noticed (could have been there before) a very small swollen lymph node at back of right side of neck, it's still there but it might be getting smaller. 9 days after the incident i flew to the US for school. now every morning since the first day in the US i am woken up to passing gas / abdominal gas and i have to use the bathroom and i have loose bowels most of the time (not watery) but sometimes it's diarrhea. on one day i tried to 'hold it in' until afternoon and the bowels were pretty normally formed. i also tried medicine for 2 days and it helped a lot but i stopped taking it. i also got a sinus infection for about a week recently but i read it's not generally considered a symptom. pls read on
i don't have a fever or a rash or sore throat presently but i'm getting some mild headaches recently like really short ones that last for seconds. do these symptoms sound like acute retroviral syndrome or the early symptoms of hiv? it is really interfering with my school work and relationships and i feel so alone, so stressed and my heart races a lot and my appetite has decreased. i think i am a hypochondriac. i know people advise getting a test but i heard you have to wait three months? i made an appointment with a sexual health counsellor type person tomorrow.

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What is the difference between AIDS and HIV?

I know AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, but what is the difference between them?

the difference between HIV and AIDS is HIV is the virus that may cause AIDS.
HIV belongs to a subset of viruses called retroviruses or slow virus.

This is because it is a progressive disease. HIV is entered through the body through the mucous membranes or thru blood to blood contact.

Once you get the virus it slowly begins to attack the immune system, killing off healthy immune system cells. The deterioration and destruction of immune function leads to AIDS.

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What is the life expectancy of someone with AIDs who already has wasting syndrome and is not taking antivirals?

I have a family member that is 36 and I believe that she has AIDs. She did have intercourse with a guy that we recently found out died with AIDs. The relationship was a 7 year relationship that ended 8 years ago. Since 3/08, she has become confused, weak, forgetful, has lost 100 lbs (use to weigh 200 now weighs <100 lbs). She denies taking any medications due to not having insurance and also has numbness and tingling down both legs. She has 4 kids that do NOT live with her and I am wondering about how long she has left if she does have AIDs. The kids are 16,14,10,&8, they are very scared and confused. I am wondering if she will possibly be gone by Christmas. It won't be a good year if so. Please help if you can!

She should go get tested! She can do that for free! If she has aids and not HIV+ a doctor or the people in the center can probably advice her better about how long she will live, how can she fight it, how much money will she need to spend, and if there is a program to help her pay the expenses (even without health insurance). Don't just sit and wait for her to die... Intervention time!  (+ info)

Is the The Home Access HIV-1 Test the same HIV test that the doctors give you?

Or will I just be wasting my money? I know its FDA approved

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Is it possible to get hiv if like you poop while squating and like theres already pee in it and it touches you?

I had a stomach ache today in school and i had to go use the restroom and like i forgot to flush the toilet and i start using it and like when the waste touched the inside the toilet and it splashed my area. Note I'm a guy. I'm just curious.

No, you can't get HIV like this, but it is pretty disgusting and very unsanitary. There's probably no real danger unless the area which was splashed had broken skin.   (+ info)

If you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, do you use all your eggs quicker and go through menopause?

If every month each ovary has multiple follicles that are "semi-maturing" but not fully to ovulate, doesn't it seem like every month you are wasting tons of eggs?? Only serious answers please.. It just makes sense to me, if every month you have 10-15 follicles on an ovary, then you are going to waste them all and go through menopause quicker??

That's not exactly right. Instead of the ovary ovulating like it should once a month and the egg travelling down the fallopian tube and out, in pcos sufferers, the egg doesn't. It stays on the ovary. If this happens every month, it builds up and is what we know as pcos. You don't lose 10-15 eggs per month. It is hard to conceive because the eggs don't mature properly and descend down the fallopian tubes. So in answer to your question, no you don't go through menopause quicker.  (+ info)

what is aids better known as aquired immune defficient syndrome.?

How is aids different from hiv.

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