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what do u advice me to drink when i have a hoarseness in my voice?

i have a nodule removed from my right vocal cord. what are the best drinks to hydrate my vocal cord? i drink coffe and tea and add ginger to my drinks. does that help?

Gargle with tepid saltwater. I used to fix myself a hot toddy but learned this will help spike any temperature you have and high temps are very bad for you.

Drink lots of water.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of any cures for long term hoarseness?

My voice has been hoarse for years nonstop.I think the causes are allergies and a surgury I had. Immediately after the surgery is when my voice went hoarse. Perhaps the oxygen tube that was put down my throat hurt my voice box.What kind of treatments, either mainstream or alternative are available?

I have heard of people being damaged by the oxygen tube, if this be the case see another doctor or an attorney. For allergies I take MSM with C and grape seed extract  (+ info)

chronic cough and hoarseness?

I have been dealing with nasty tasting mucous in my chest that's green in color. I tried amoxycillin and all kinds of natural remedies. I am a singer, and I am getting more hoarse as time goes on, because of all the mucous. Also coughing alot.What in the world is this?

I have just been having problems with hoarsness at the moment myself! Normally I get hoarse from coughing too much ( but I have had thrush in my laryanx as a result of asthma medications!).....some of this is from Asthma and chest infections, but a lot has been from nasal discharge which then goes down your throat and causes you to cough.....maybe look at getting a spray for the nose to clear that. Once you get rid of the infection you might clear up the cough and that will clear up the huskiness.....
I know how hard it is without a voice...I lost mine BADLY for 3 months and it was anohter 3 months of huskiness....I was a teacher and thats my trade too...the voice....see a Dr too to see what other options you have.  (+ info)

Why do I have this hoarseness in my voice?

For about the last year or so every no and then, sometimes once a day or even a few times a day my voice becomes hoarse and croaky for no reason, and it goes as quick as it comes. I don not smoke and cant remeber the last time I was ill with flu/cold/throat etc, its been so long. I was tested for Hypothyroidism but it came back clear. Is there another reason that would explain this??

take into consideration your occupation, are you always talking? you could be having a teacher's nodule or a nodule in your vocal chords. better have it checked to prevent it from getting any bigger  (+ info)

Beginning of Aug, I developed severe hoarseness. Went to ENT and my vocal cords were severely inflammed.?

Acid from GERD, was splashing into my vocal cords. I have had GERD for 14 years. I had an endoscopy and I have a large hiatal hernia and severe gastritis. The surgeon recommended surgery. I have heard that sometimes it is not necessary to have surgery. When is it necessary?

  (+ info)

How long does hoarseness last after thyroidectomy?

It really shouldn't last more than a week, but it might linger a little bit longer. When I had my thyroidectomy, my voice was almost 100% within 7-10 days after surgery. Stay hydrated and relax your voice for a while. If your hoarseness continues, be sure to tell your surgeon because it might indicate vocal cord damage.  (+ info)

I have had hoarseness and quite a bit of phlegm for a month or so and it is not going away?

I am a 13 year old female and i have had a constant loss of voice or hoarseness and a heavy cough with phlegm.
I am not sure if i should see a doctor, but its been going on a while now
Any ideas would be appreciated

it would be a good idea to see a dr, he/she could get you a chest xray and prescribe something to help you breathe. in the meantime you can get over the counter something like mucinex, it breaks up the phlegm to help it all come out of your lungs. also , take hot showers and breathe in the steam that helps, and you can use the vicks vapo-rub on your chest/neck when you sleep it helps too. ;)  (+ info)

does anyone know a cure for hoarseness?

I had an examination and I was told I have nodules on my vocal chords. I was given steroids and that helped but now I am hoarse again. I do not want to have the surgery. Is there cure wthout the surgery?

Yes. Put water, honey, and lemon in a pot and heat. It's yummy and it helps a hoarse throat.  (+ info)

Can acid reflux cause shortness of breath and hoarseness?

yes! if it gets bad enough because the acid keeps coming up through your digestive track and causes your breathing to slow down or your breathing depending on how bad it is and the hoarsenesses is caused from the acid irritating your throat and vocal chords!  (+ info)

How to cure hoarseness?

I've recently have been "sick" with a cough and a constant runny nose for the past 2-3 days.This morning I woke up and my nose was fine but I sounded like a horse but it doesnt hurt to talk. Please help me! =(

Actually tea is good but not too hot. Drink it warm or you can damage your throat more.  (+ info)

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