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What are the long term effects of stress fractures?

I have a friend who I suspect has a stress fracture in her leg, but she won't get it checked out. She insists on still using it, even though she's in pain.

My hubby got a stress fracture in his hip when he was about 20 years old from a car accident. Well when he was 37 he tripped and bumped his hip on a table and it caused the stress fracture to crack all the way so he ended up needing surgery and now has a plate and several pins in there to hold himself together.  (+ info)

What symptoms differ from a shin splint and stress fractures of the shin?

i either have seriously intense shin splints or a stress fracture, but how can i kno for sure? the doctors cant do much either way, and its hard for them to see it in x rays anyway. but does anyone know the difference in symptoms?

Shin splints and stress fractures are worlds apart. And they can certainly see stress fractures if only by bone changes over time. But if you have stress fractures you are casted and off that leg for a while. Shin splints are tendon related and can be solved many ways through therapy and orthotics.  (+ info)

I recently had a nuclear bone scan that showed nothing even though I have 2 rib fractures?

Has anyone ever heard of a bone scan not showing fractures?

It depends on what they were looking for? Bone scans are normally done to make sure your bones are up taking Calcium. A Bone Scan is an imaging technique that uses radiation to identify areas of bone where the cells are unusually active. A radioactive chemical called an isotope is injected in to a vein. Once this isotope enters the bloodstream it travels to the bones, where it emits Gamma Rays, which are similar to x-rays. These Gamma Rays are detected by a Gamma Camera & analyzed by computer to form an image of the bones. Potential problem areas emit more intense rays & appear as bright spots on the scan. Hope that helps.  (+ info)

How often fractures of the bones leads to sarcoma?

I have been hearing of such connections. If person had a trauma or broken bones, later on in their life sarcoma is diagnosed.

Bone sarcoma makes it more likely you will sustain a fracture and often the fracture leads to the diagnosis.

In these cases it is not that the fracture is leading to the sacroma, quite the reverse, it is only providing the clue to the diagnosis.  (+ info)

What is phalangeal condylar fractures?

I am doing a literature search on phalangeal condylar fractures, and I couldn't find anything on PubMed, is there another term for it that is more common?


Look here:  (+ info)

Fractures are very dangerous due to the possibility of infenction because the fractured bone has broken throug?

___________ fractures are very dangerous due to the possibility of infection because the fractured bone has broken through the skin.

a. comminuted
b. open
c. closed
d. impacted

b  (+ info)

How do doctors treat stress fractures on both ankles?

I'm a competitive gymnast and have been for 5 years. For the past year my ankles have been sore after every practice, almost to the point where I'm crying. I think I might have stress fractures in both my ankles. How do they treat them? do they put them in a cast? I can't have a cast on both ankles...

they are usually wrapped carefully in such a fashion that the ankles become immobile. Having a double stress fracture treatment is impossile unless you want to be confined into a wheelchair. However, i would advise you to treat this. stress fracture damage is permanent and later on in life, you may not be able to walk..here's more info..http://meltdownva.com/?u=Christine  (+ info)

Which workout can cause the micro-fractures in your lower legs very quickly?

like i know stomping your feet, jumping from the height, sprinting, bouncing, running

but what else? excersise cause micro-fractures to occur rapidly in lower legs?

Any with weights. Stomping, jumping etc are high impact while you may cause micro tears you may also be doing some hefty damage to your ligaments and joints. Damage means time off from working out so play it safe and be smart. Try a weightlifting leg workout. Low reps higher weights. Now Im not talking squat 400lbs when you have never done squats before, Im saying if you add weight to your workout soit is difficult but do able, it makes your body add muscle like crazy to be able to keep up with what you demand of it. Make sure you eat healthy if you are trying to put on muscle: carbs, protein, fruit n veggies you need it all for muscle, NOT just protein. If you do not want to put on muscle then running will tear you up without adding much muscle.  (+ info)

How can i know the difference between shin splints and stress fractures?

everyone tells me i have shin splints. however, the same people find it odd that my pain is so severe and lasts so long. i have been in almost constant pain for 4 weeks and the pain intensifies hours after exercise rather than during or immediately after. i haven't slept in 3 days because the leg pain has kept me up. please help!

X-ray  (+ info)

What happens if someone fractures their skull?

Um, today my bestfriend fell and fractured her skull. I'm just wondering if this could be fatal or not. I'm really worried. If you have any advice on how I can deal with this as well as an answer to my question I would really appreciate it.

Hopefully she went to the ED via ambulance and a neurosurg saw her, did CT scan and evacuated any bleeding. She will have concussion sx, contralateral, meaning the brain gets injured on both sides when slammed. She will have post concussion symptoms for many years, these can be headaches, panic attacks, nausea, balance problems, speech.. It can be fatal if it was an open wound/bleeding, can be fatal if pressure on the brain not relieved, the brain will herniate downward through the foramen magnum (base of skull where spinal cord and other important anatomy is located) and death is for sure. I've seen it. it's awful. If other injuries involved, in cervical neck, paralysis is possible. I hope she is ok. People can be symptomatic for months or be in the ICU for awhile, also, on ventilators, get pneumonia and other hosp germs . Hopefully, she will get good nursing care and oral/dental care.  (+ info)

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