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What is the long term prognosis of tibial plateau fractures?

18 months after the accident, I still have pain and swelling on a regular basis. Will it ever change?

Hard to say without an xray and advance imaging studies to figure out how serious it is. Overall, it takes a few years for a fracture to heal, takes even a bit longer in areas of weight bearing like a tibial plateau. The best thing you can do for it right now is to not to do anything very active like running/jogging on it. Use a cold pack (never heat) to control the swelling -- 20 mins on, and 40 mins off, repeat as necessary --, and do swimming for rehabilitation.  (+ info)

what is the difference between shin splints and stress fractures?

Im a senior in high school who started running cross country this year. Im a swimmer so running is pretty new to me. i had to take off a few weeks earlier in the season due to achilles tendonitis and now i have pain throughout my entire lower leg area. It hurts to sit on my feet while bending my legs in front of me and the pain i get after running a mile is excruciating.

Stress fracture pain is more localized and often runs parallel to the ground when standing. Shin splint pain runs perpendicular to the ground, and runs up the lower leg along the inside of the tibia (shin). They both have very similar symptoms, but instead of a fracture, shin splits are the result of inflammation of the sheath surrounding the bone tissue. Both are the result of the same thing, too much running without recovery. Or you did not do conditioning before you started cross country. You're going to need special souls in your shoes, a better form for running, and a lot of icing. That or allow recovery time between running days. If it is a fracture it will not heal if you continue running.  (+ info)

How well do untreated green stick fractures heal in adults?

About 4 years ago I was with my ex husband and he wrenched my arm, resulting in a trip to the ER. The Doctor said it was fine, but I'm pretty sure it was a green stick fracture, I've broken bones before and I know how it feels. Here it is years later and some days out of nowhere the place where it was wrenched hurts very bad. Is this something I will deal with forever? Is it going to cause me problems that it was never treated properly?

Doubt it was a greenstick fracture. They occur almost exclusively in infants and young children. Greenstick fractures occur when a bone bends slightly before it breaks, and adult bones are too calcified to do so.  (+ info)

What is it called when the hospital says your fine and a week later you find out you got two fractures?

i was in a car accident went to the hospital they said it was all muscle pain and a week later i went to physical therapy and found out i had two fractures.. what can i do.. what is it called.. can i sue

It's not malpractice at all. Many fractures are not visible until some time later. Should you have returned to the ER with continued complaints of pain and they refused follow up x-rays (or if your physician did the same) and it WAS found out that you had a fracture, THEN this would be consider NEGLIGENCE (but not malpractice).

The situation you had is very common since many fractures will not show up on films until sometime later.   (+ info)

What do you do if someone fractures their head to the point of bleeding, then goes into shock?

Common first aid suggests elevating the legs if someone goes into shock, to cause blood to go to their head. However, if someone injures their head to the point of bleeding, you're supposed to elevate the head to flow blood away from it, thus slowing the bleeding. If both scenarios occur, a controversial situation occurs. What should be done?

I go online and ask a bunch of people for their opinion while the person hemmorhages and lapses into a coma. Doesn't everybody?  (+ info)

Why do you think that most hip fractures occur in Europe and the United States?

If you were a health official in a developing country, what steps would you push for to slow down this expected increase of osteoporosis in your country?

People in the US and Europe fracture their hips more because their hips are naturally weaker, or have to put up with more weight. In first-world countries, we aren't as active, so our hips aren't naturally strengthened and begin to diminish. When we DO put extra pressure on them, they fracture because they are weaker from not being used as much. Whereas in Africa and third-world countries, people work the land and do physical work which keeps them fit.

The fattest man alive is an American, and he hasn't used his legs in years. If he tried, they would break on the spot and he knows it. It's inactivity followed by sudden high activity which fractures hips.  (+ info)

What is the name of the procedure that uses hot glue to stabilize compressions fractures?

This procedure is used primarily in older people and has very little recovery time.

????? never heard of such a thing...... more info would be nice
Hot Glue, sounds a little unsafe, unsterile and unpractical  (+ info)

Once stress fractures heal, is the area stronger than before it got fractured?

Specifically, I'm talking about the tibia (shin) bone. I've heard broken bones heal stronger than before and I was wondering if that applied to stress fractures or whether one was more susceptible to them afterwards.

i broke my shin, and when it healed you could feel that it was a lot thicker than the rest of the bone. I don't know if it's stronger because i always feel things there - like when going over a speed bumb in a car, the gives me a second of pain there etc  (+ info)

Do I have shin splints or stress fractures?

For between 6 and 9 months I have had really bad pains in my lower legs (shins). The pain kind of goes away when I don't run for awhile, but as soon as I start running again the pain comes back. Every time this same thing happens and the pain always seems to get worse every time. I have all the symptoms for stress fractures and most of the symptoms for shin splints. Please give me some advice on what to do about these and help me figure out what they are.

You probably don't have any fractures, just shin splints. Maybe try putting ice-packs on your legs, rubbing them, putting a hot pack on them, or anything that feels good - it should help relieve your pain. If the pain persists, you should talk to your doctor on what you should do.   (+ info)

Can stress fractures start off itchy?

Ive been walking and i think i have a stress fracture. It started off itchy then painful as I did my daily walking.

Itchy is a reaction to irritation to the nerves right at the level of your skin - as far away from your bones as you can get. The two are not related.  (+ info)

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