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Does your normal blood pressure change after a heart attack?

After you have a heart attack does ur blood pressure go back to normal? Or does it stay really high? I know during a heart attack ur blood pressure goes up, but does it stay that way a few days after a heart attack?

A person's blood pressure following a heart attack may be initially high because they are having severe pain. Remember a part of the heart muscle has been destroyed but the goal is to control the BP quickly with the medications .. Some patients present with low blood pressure which will also require treatment. Following a heart attack it is very important that a patients blood pressure and heart rate is brought under control with medications as the goal is to control the size of the heart attack from the very moment the patient presents into the emergency department, then to prevent another one from reoccurring.  (+ info)

What is normal blood pressure for a 14 year old athlete?

I play high school softball. I had some chest pains at practice, the athletic trainer took me out and check my heart rate and blood pressure. My blood pressure was 132/66 and heart rate was 76, is that normal?

  (+ info)

Is it normal for blood pressure to be higher in the morning than in the evening?

I bought a home blood pressure monitor recently, after my blood pressure was found to be slightly high. I'm finding that there's quite a difference between morning and evening readings. Is this normal?

Yes, it's normal. If you become addictive about taking your pressure, you will find it spikes and jumps throughout the day. Personally, I wish my mom hadn't bought one of those things. She takes her pressure many times a day, constantly worried about the numbers, and sharing the pressures with me and asking what I think. I tell her to put the damn thing away, take your pressure once in the morn, and again in the eve, if you notice a pattern, then call the doc. Another thing to note about this, all monitors are not created equal, your monitor may show you have elevated digits, but when you go to the doc, it's not, or vice verca. Slightly elevated for short amounts of time is normal.  (+ info)

What is the normal blood pressure for an 11 year old kid?

What is the normal blood pressure for an 11 year old kid?

been taking my step-son's blood pressure and was just wondering what the avg was for an 11 yr old kid.

im sitting. i have about 80 pulses per minute.
(age 14)
depends what you're doing?  (+ info)

Do normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels mean I have normal circulation?

I am something of a hypochondriac and I worry about these things constantly. I realize these things are not black and white, but in general would normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels mean that my circulation is normal?

it means you are healthy and you do not have impaired circulation  (+ info)

Is it normal to have quite a bit lower blood pressure in the morning?

Im a 21yr old female my blood pressure in the morning tends to be around 92/54 but my normal runs between 120/80 - 143/90, but is 92/54 typically a bit low for anybody? and is it normal to have this much a dip in blood pressure n the morning?

Relax, you are fine, normal, as long as you have no symptoms such as dizziness.  (+ info)

Is it normal for my blood pressure to be considerably lower after my daily 3 mile run?

I have been having problems with my blood pressure being high and then after I exercise, run or work out I check it and my pressure is low and normal like it should be. For a month I have been on a new Rx to help with my blood pressure, but I don't know if it's helping to lower my blood pressure because it's not really coming down......except after I exercise. That just seems odd to me.

Here we go if your resting blood pressure is not coming down you need to tell this to your doctor. It should be getting lower. Actually it is normal for your blood pressure to come down after exercise because exercise releases endorphins which make you feel better by lowering your blood pressure. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

Is it normal for there to be pressure in your mouth following a dry socket?

I recently had teeth out an developed a dry socket in two of the extraction sites. Now the initial pain has gone my mouth feels very uncomfortable like there is pressure everywhere.
I'm just wondering if this is normal after extractions.

How do you know that the dry socket has cleared up ? To me it sounds like that you still have infection due to the pressure in the area, which must be causing some type of discomfort since you feel pressure. Try to chew on the other side and rinse with warm salt water. Call the dentist that extracted the teeth and tell them you are concerned & feel pressure in the extraction area.  (+ info)

How can my pulse be high, but my blood pressure normal?

I have high blood pressure, but am on medication for it. My blood pressure was normal this morning, but my pulse was 103!

"Taken when at rest, a normal adult's pulse can be anywhere from 60 to 100 beats per minute. Anything over 100 is technically defined as a tachycardia. There are many instances during which it is perfectly natural for the heart to be racing out of this "normal" range."

"The heart will always beat faster when it has more work to do and needs to pump more blood and oxygen to the body," he says. "Exercise, emotion, nervousness, a large meal are all common triggers. If you are overweight or out of shape, the heart will need to work harder. And sometimes, a regular pulse slightly above the norm just may be normal for certain individuals, depending on his or her specific body chemistry."

Lots more info on pulse rates at site below. Hope that helps!  (+ info)

Is it normal for your blood pressure to dramatically go up when you exercise?

I was doing some walking around the neighborhood yesterday and I checked my blood pressure when I got done and it was around 159/110 and mine ussually runs around normal like 120s / 70s-80. is it normal for your blood pressure to up like that? I'm a 21 yr old female.
ok and can anyone tell me why?

yes perfectly normal  (+ info)

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