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What is hyperaldosteronism and how is it treated?

I have uncontrolled high blood pressure and with all ten of my different medication to there limits my doctor sent me to an endocrinologist, and this is what the endocrinologist diagnosed me with and he also told me that I had a growth in one of the adrenal glands so now I am going to see a doctor who will perform a procedure called adrenal vein sampling.

one of the chemical signalling systems in your body is working tooo much, and it needs to be stopped. thats what the doc's are trying to do. i think they will just remove your adrenal glads (don't worry, there are other places your body produced adrenaline {most of the nerves in the body})
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What is hyperaldosteronism?

get a medical encyclopedia or a dictionary...

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What do these results mean?

Hey I just got some test results back I'm just curious on what they could mean I'm seeing the cardiologist about it on Monday but just too anxious haha
so I'm a male age 23 wt 250lbs height:6ft If you needed to know so here it is I'm only gonna post the abnormal ones so. Thought I should add not on any medications I do have a lump I believe on my thyroid gland as well.

thyroid test

TSH - <0.01
free t4 - 26 ( refrence range max was 22 )

24 hr urine collection

creatinine - 18.8 mmol/colln.period ( ref range 7.0 - 18.0 mmol/d )
dopamine - 3310 nmol/colln.period ( ref range 400 - 3300 nmol/d)

aldosterone renin test ( had to be active for 3 hrs prior to test and sit for 30 mins before test blood taken at upright position )

aldosterone random - 1217 pmol/L ( no range given just consistent with secondary hyperaldosteronism and than it gives a list of diffrential diagnosis)

renin random - 0.78 ng/L/s ( ref was 0.05 to 0.55 )

well that's it just curious of what it can all mean thanks.

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