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Is Hyperhidrosis a disease or a disorder?

I have searched online to find it was a disorder. But I also found that it was a disease.

..Or is it that diseases are also the same as disorders?

Is Hyperhidrosis a disease or a disorder?

Generally I believe it is considered a condition (Neither a disease or disorder).
There is primary and secondary.
Primary is a genetic thing that is just inherited.
Secondary the condition can be caused by another disease such as thyroid disease etc.

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What are some ways to cure hyperhidrosis?

I have tried normal antiperspirants, which dont work, many clinical antiperspirants, and perscription strength. Some of them work about 70%, but none of them work completely, there has to be another way! Please, help me! I really need to find something that works, because this effects the way I live.

Try this: http://www.healthmedicalinformation.com/go/Extra_Strong_Maxim_Anti_Perspriant_Deodorant_Clinical_Strength_Clear_Unscented/6621/1

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How to know if you have hyperhidrosis?

I sweat excessively from the palms and fingers of my hands, feet, and even the armpit area to the point where the sweat starts to drip from my hands and armpits making my hands cold and wet every day. This happens even during winter when the temp. is not hot! Could these be signs of hyperhidrosis?

Those are the classic symptoms that characterize hyperhydrosis.  (+ info)

I suffer from severe sweating in my hands, feet and groin (Hyperhidrosis) Any Acupuncture success stories?

Has anyone heard of "Hyperhidrosis Acupuncture" success stories? I've been using Drysol prescription deodorant with little relief for my embarrassing problem. I've resaerched ETS surgery but have no health insurance to pay the cost. Acupuncture is affordable but does it work? Thanks!

I am an acupuncturist and think it could help. I would also recommend finding a practitioner that also practices Chinese herbal medicine. Acupuncture in combination with herbal medicine should take care of your issue.  (+ info)

Can I get a girlfriend despide my hyperhidrosis?

I have been suffering with hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms) for 6 years now. I'm a senior in high school and i have never had a relationship. Theres absolutely nothing i can do about my condition, i have tried it all...I feel like might just loose the will to live if i cannot establish a relationship soon, its depressing. I would like some advice from the ladies that would help me in any way with this situation. thank you.

i've been suffering from hyperhidrosis all my life, and i don't think people's opinions change about you. especially if they care about you. it's not fair that people have to suffer with something that isn't their fault.

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Is drysol or other products that cures hyperhidrosis available in philippines?

im only 16 but im already suffering from hyperhidrosis,i cant live like this..plss i need your help! help me find anything that can cure my suffering..

You would need to ask a doctor that question;  (+ info)

Is there an inexpensive way to cure hyperhidrosis?

I'm asking this question for my sister. Her hands remain very sweaty in warm or cold weather. Powder and deodorant on her hands will not work. The only thing available is a spinal procedure, or shots of botox in the hands. We do not have the money for either one. Also, is this something to be concerned about, like circulation problems?
I never said I a doctor told me.

Correct breathing and relaxation techniques. 2 seconds slow breathe in hold breath 1 second 2 seconds breath out. washing hands regularly with cold water and drying stops sweating.

There is also plastic surgery where you can have your sweat glands taken out of the the desired are. they can also be diverted to the saliva gland.

hope this helps, im no expert. i would advise professional help on this matter though as its easily resolved. Im pretty sure the NHS will pay for this operation if it is causing stress and discomfort to ones life.

Chris  (+ info)

Herbal or Homeopathic Treatment of hyperhidrosis?

Does any one have a personal success story with using any herbs or homeopathic remedies (sepia?) to treat hyperhidrosis (profusive sweating)? For homeopathic remedies is it important to have a homeopathic doctor prescribe your remedies or is it safe to guess? I do not have a homeopath in my area. Thanks!

If you look at how homeopathy is supposed to work, you will be fine in no time. The more dilute the "treatment" the more powerful it is. Since lots of people will have been treated for this condition, when their homoepathic practitioner washed out the vials they use to shake the "medicine", the diluted treatment went into the water supply and was diluted still further, making it even more effective. SO I am guessing that you just need to drink some tap water and you will be fine. I wonder why we get ill at all, with all these super-effective homeopathic remedies in our water supply.  (+ info)

How can I tell whether I have hyperhidrosis or I just sweat a lot?

My underarms sweat like crazy. My hands and feet are constantly sweating, and my face and upper lip sweat a lot. How can I tell when it is serious enough to see a doctor and do something about it.

Hey Jen,

It does look like you have hyperhidrosis, you're not alone though, over 8 million Americans have it as well!

If I were you I would see your doctor and ask him for a prescription of Driclor.

Driclor is a prescription anti-perspirant that contains "aluminum chloride" (the active ingredient in antiperspirants) in excess of 40%. That's twice as much as store bought products.

There are a couple of other things you can try as well:

1. Cut Down on the Coffee

A lot of people these days guzzle down coffee but this stuff is full of caffeine and sugar...it increases your anxiety and thus leads to excessive sweating.

2. Don't drink too much pop

For the same reasons as above, pop is another thing you want to cut down on as it's full of caffeine and sugar as well.

3. Sage

Here's something you can try drinking that will work as an astringent (will help to close up your pores)

* 1 cup of water
* 1 teaspoon of sage powder or 1 tablespoon of sage leaves
* 1 lemon

What you’re going to do is bring the water to a boil. Once you’ve done that, steep the sage in the water for about 5-10 minutes. Don’t overdo it since it can lead to toxins being released from the sage. It’s a delicate balance. Once done, drain it and drink it throughout the day.

Hope that helps and good luck!

-Ren  (+ info)

Do you see a dermatologist for hyperhidrosis?

I'm pretty sure I have hyperhidrosis in the armpits since I was about 12 and I've tried Certain Dri and Mitchum and they both failed to keep me completely dry. I am wondering if drysol or any other prescription antiperspirant will work for me so do I see a dermatologist for it? Also is drysol effective? Thanks!

I had the same problem in my teen years. I did see a dermatologist for this issue and he did give me Drysol. Drysol is very effective, it can be almost too effective if not used properly. Chapped pits kinda sucks but it was better then a pit waterfall. After my prescription ran out and I was a little older I found that Certain Dri managed the problem well enough. Other options my dermatologist suggested if the Drysol did not work, one was a prescription which I did not like the idea of because American is already over drugged, and the other option was some sort of surgery where they would cauterize the sweat glads or something like that. Stick with the Drysol.  (+ info)

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