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Scared I have an HPV?

I am 23 years old and I had a PAP smear about three months ago and I came back normal, but my doctor said that there were signs of hyperkeratosis, which is a thickening of the cells. She said that I should come back in six months to get another PAP done. But in the meantime I was reading some article online that said there is sometimes a correlation between hyperkeratosis and HPV. I'm really scared that this could be a sign that I have it and I was wondering if anyone knows anything more about this??

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Is the sun causing my four head to break out?

Okay so I've been using AcneFree. It's like Proactiv. With the three different steps. I've been using this particular face-wash for YEARS! Estimate=4 years. Out of no where my fourhead broke out in tiny bumps like Keratosis Pilaris, http://bob.usuhs.mil/biochem/nutrition/images/follicular-hyperkeratosis-1.jpg

Does anyone know what could have caused this? I've been out in the sun ALOT because it's Summer... Would that cause it?

Yes, the sun would cause it, because when you have the sun beating down on your face it makes it oily and greasy and eventually all pimply and sh*t. You should probably wear a face mask or put on face paint or something when you go out, cause not only are pimples unnatractive, having a FOUR head is even worse..... Come to think of it, I remember when I was locked up in Indianapolis, one of my female staff members had a f**ken five head. It was goofy as Hell. And Demonte, a friend of mine, took one of the little half pints of Grape Juice during breakfast on the unit and smashed it on her forehead, oops, five head. It was funny as hell. But yeah, make sure you grammar check next time because, obviously, you're prone to have jokes cracked on you and your four head. ahahahahaha. Sry. I had to pick on you. It's just so damn funny. Oh yeah. btw. That picture is disgusting. And you said you have that on your forehead? I'm goint to add you to the prayer list at church. Well, I would, but I just remembered I got kicked out for playing with fire during VBS last year.  (+ info)

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