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Is a partner with blood type B (group III) rhesus factor negative, capable with another who has B, RF positive?

Is there a high risk of potential child or mother death or injury in the case when one partner has a blood type B (group III in Europe) rhesus factor negative, and another one who has also blood type B but rhesus factor is positive? Thanks.

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Is MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care) considered only as a Level II or III type surgery?

I am trying to define whether a surgery is Level I, II or III. If MAC is provided to the patient, would that necessarily make it a Level II or III type surgery?

Do you know of any document, report, paper, regulation and/or statement that defines MAC for Level II or III type surgeries?

yes, it is  (+ info)

What is the difference between type I, II, and III ambulances?

I believe they do the same thing, but what's different? I know there's Also a Medium-Duty one too

Type 1 is not much bigger than a mini-van. Type 2 is a Ford or GM pickup engine / cab combination with a box on the back. Type 3 is a Freightliner or equivalent with a huge box on the back.  (+ info)

Dear sir, How long can a patient with colorctal cancer type III after surgery and chemothrapy survive?thank U?

The patient has not undergone X-ray therapy.

Hi Mina:
No one really knows that answer. If the person goes into
remission and keeps up with colon exams yearly to make
sure it does not come back he or she make survive a long
time. I have made it close to 15 years since mine. and they
removed it 2 x and my last exam my colon was cancer
free. Also sometimes they do chemo with out radiation
therapy. Radiation therapy is a lot different than a x ray.
So There is no expiration date.

But yearly or bi yearly exam's are important. To make sure
it does not return. Also If the patient starts to have symptoms
as before he or she should go in right away. This is the key
to survival.  (+ info)

Can someone give me the definition of a type of cancer call INFILTRATING DUCTAL CARCINOMA SBR GRADE III OF III

Serious answer: its for a love one who was diagnoise with it.

here are a couple of links that may have info for you:
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What does it mean for the fda to make type i,ii,iii,and iv errors?

does anyone know?

I only know of two errors the fda can make regarding the decision to approve a medication
- type I is that they approve it and it is harmful to people (easy to prove)
- type II is that they don't approve it when it would have helped people (difficult to prove)

It's kind of like being careful what you wish for:
I can't remember which drugs were involved now, but years ago, they were approved in europe but not in the us even after many, many studies had been done and doctos/patients lobbied for it and lost (reasonable to say that patients may have died as a rsult, so it would have been a type II error). There were some reforms in how the FDA conducts approvals and now drugs get approved much faster these days, with fewer studies, and some of those drugs (like Celebrex, I believe was one recently) have proved to be unsafe and patients have died (a type I error) and now people want the FDA to "be more careful".

If there are other types of errors, it wasn't covered in the article I read

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Doc says i have a type III MCL tear. any tips or advice?

Doc says i have a type III MCL tear. he put me in a leg brace and told me to come back in 3 weeks.
I'm icing it,keeping it elevated and taking advil for the pain.
any advice from those that have suffered this and when should i start PT?

Type III Med Collateral Ligament injury will take 3 to 6 wks to heal. You must continue brace for at least 3 wks. After that Doc will Access the recovery if it's OK then gentle movement might be allowed. Full PT may be needed after 6 wks.  (+ info)

What skin type does it sound like i have?

So i am unsure if i am skin type II or type III. i have white skin, pretty pale, and i have dark blue eyes but i hardly ever burn and can usually get a really dark tan if i have the patience to stay outside and tan long enough. so would you say i am type II or type III?

type III
type II burns easily
you could even be type IV

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Can you have type III CHF without symptoms?

I've asked a couple of questions lately because I'm very confused, I'm hoping someone can help me :( (My dr. app isn't until next month)

Four years ago I was diagnosed with type III congestive heart failure because I was going through a really stressful time and was experiencing what I can now honestly say were anxiety attacks (I was taken into the ER by ambulance during one of these episodes and the paramedics were able to stabilize my panic attack)--shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, like an impending doom feeling...horrible.

Since then (being diagnosed CHF III) I had a child with no complications, and the only times I feel the way I did back then is when I'm stressed out or depressed (the majority of the time this happens when I think about the heart failure)

Is it possible to have Type III CHF without any symptoms? Or is it normal to only get certain symptoms when you're stressed out or feeling depressed?
Oh and I was also diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension at that time; my EF is good (64% by the last echo) and the doctor said something about a very mild case of asthma; gave me pulmicort but did not mention a whole lot about the PH diagnosis made three years prior.

But unfortunately as soon as they see CHF they send me to a transplant clinic; no one will talk to me and the clinic is full. I am desperate for answers and the doctors keep tossing me around like a hot potato... :(
*SHANA* Yes, they have done tests which according to them corraborate their diagnosis, but I am not on a transplant list (I did go to the clinic a few months ago back in December) because even with their own "evidence" they find no reason for me to be on it--and I don't have any symptoms.
In that case I am sure it can't be type III; I have a two year old who keeps me busy, a 43hour a week job and a household to upkeep...

That's another question I have: is it possible for someone with CHF to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery by C-Section? Does someone know of anyone?
Steve-Thanks for the answer and for sharing; you're so right, dr. don't communicate that well :( I wish you the best!
Thank all of you guys; thanks to your responses I have an idea of what to ask.

By the time you hit type 3, you'll have no doubt about it... in fact, the New York Heart Association guidelines say that a Class 3 CHF patient is "comfortable only at rest."

And the transplant clinic.... EVERYBODY in CHF gets evaluated by a transplant specialist. Doctors don't communicate well, that's why you need to ask questions, and keep asking until you are satisfied with the answers and understand them. But if you have CHF, sooner or later you're going to be evaluated, even if a transplant is a long way down the road, or you aren't eligible for one. So don't sweat that one... we're not going to surgery tomorrow, they are just trying to "peek into the future."  (+ info)

Is Grave's Disease a type II or type III hypersensitivity?

the answer to your question is neither. Grave's disease is not an allergic reaction, it is an autoimmune condition. this is where the body produces antibodies that bind to the thyroid gland in place of the hormone TSH and forces the thyroid to continue to produce thyroxin.  (+ info)

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