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What type of candy and gumballs should I put in my gumball machine?

I want to buy a gumball machine and 2 candy machines. I want to know what type of candy should I sell in the Candy machines. What will make the people buy the candy. Is it type of candy?

What type of gumballs should I sell also?

What type of candy would you most likely buy out of a gumball machine?

I worked in vending , and it really does matter which specific location.
Since you only have 1 , I would just go with the best colors.
The grape , orange and watermelons move well , but more as a second machine.  (+ info)

Best type of fruity/low alcoholic drink to take to the beach?

My friend and I are planning a trip to the beach and are wondering what type of bottled drinks would be good for us? We usually drink Captain Morgan or some type of vodka in mixed drinks, but want something already bottled that we can just throw in the cooler and not have to worry about mixing ourselves. What types/flavors are good? I've heard Mike's Hard Lemonade is good but never tried it. What types like this would you suggest?

Smirnoff Ice is delicious, and it comes in a bunch of different flavors. Just regular Ice Light is good, too, and has less calories. The alcohol content isn't very high, so you don't have to worry about getting hammered. The downfall? They're pretty high in calories, but most "pre-mixed" or malt beverages are. Enjoy your trip :)  (+ info)

What type of sugar should a diabetic type 1 and type 2 use.?

I read that diabetics should not eat sugar .If I am allowed to eat sugar what type of sugar should I eat ( use for tea ) . Should I use sweetener and is it bad for you ?

Honestly sweeteners such as Splenda have aspartame in it, which is not good for anyone. Unless taken in only in moderation. Aspartame is also in most diet sodas (I say most cause I am not sure if it is in all or not). Some researchers believe aspartame can lead to certain types of cancers, but it is not a known fact as of yet, but still tread with caution when using it. If the type 1 or 2 diabetic is insulin dependent, have all the sugar you want, just take the insulin to cover it. (this is my take on it.) You should not limit yourself if you really don't have too, but of course do not go crazy and eat it for every meal. It is not healthy but is okay in moderation, just like anything else. Now if the type 2 diabetic is not insulin dependent then a well balanced diet with almost no sugar is idea and a nutritionist usually helps you set this kind of plan up. Personally if your using the sugar for tea, don't poor cups and cups into it, but a little bit is okay. Artificial sweeteners I would be more sparing with it, since the health effects of it are not entirely known. If your talking about candy, they have sugar-free candy, but they also contain artificial sweeteners and should be eaten less so than regular candy like a Hershey's bar. Also artificial sweeteners can have a laxative effect if eaten too much, which is another reason not to eat too many diet bars, weight loss shakes, and sugar free products, unless it really is free from sugar and not sweetened with anything. I hope I helped and best of luck to you.  (+ info)

What type of material are used to make tote bags?

I just wanted to know what type of material is used to make tote bags. I'm not sure what kind to use, and I want the tote to be to look professional. Does anyone know what type of fabric is used, and where I could get that type of fabric?

Mostly canvas, available at lots of craft and retail stores.

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjU.NVcrHObTmBGyRnIHS._sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100321145808AAizgWS  (+ info)

What types of jeans are good for pear type bodies?

For a thirteen year old girl- no Christopher and Banks, please. Pear type as in larger thighs, defined waist, slender face and arms. Links would be good, but just the type of jean would be great. Thanks!

The most flattering style of jeans for a pear shape is the boot cut jeans. The slightly flared jeans balance out curvy hips on the bottom and accentuate the small chest on top. In addition, you should go for dark-wash jeans as they slim down thighs.  (+ info)

What type of relaxation technique would you suggest for stress?

What type of relaxation technique would you suggest for stress? I have been dealing with a little stress and i am not sure which type of relaxation technique to use to reduce my stress. If you have any suggestions please answer and explain why it would be the best type.

Hi Absence-Of,
Here is a really SUPER one
Go to:  (+ info)

What type of makeup would look good with my skin type?

I am a olive type, my skin is not dark but is not light , sort of ,like i said ,olive but I have no clue what type of makeup, eyeshadow powder facial, anything no clue what to get.

okkkkk..for foundation go 1 shade liter than ut skin tone then my powder 2 shades lighter aply all over face no bace line though liquid then powder if u hav good skin just do powder...eyes you shold probally go with natural colors like greens golds and browns and if you want to go fun with ur makeup you could probally pull off jewl tones such as emerald ruby and safire go with a brown mascara and for lips 2 a brown gloss and it should be very natural looking if you wanna do blush go 4 a more orange color blush than a pink
i hope i helped!!!!  (+ info)

What type of protein is good for someone who wants to work out?

Well someone told me today that there's a good type of protein and a bad type of protein. So is there a certain type of protein I should be having? And also, at Kroger today I saw a jar of protein powder (22 servings for $22) and it said Whey Protein. Is that a good buy?

Go for whey protein, its natural and is relatively cheap, you can get it at wal-mart or any health/nutrition store.  (+ info)

What type of shoes should i get for my gym activities?

Dear all,

I recently just join a gym and will be starting soon. I just want to know what type of shoe should i get ? Is there a type of shoe that i can use for the gym and yet wear it casually for walking around?
Or i should get two types of shoes?

Thanks in advance for any reply / answer / opinion.

running shoes are great
cross training shoes  (+ info)

What type of dress should a short person wear?

I'm very short and I was wondering what type of dress should I wear. Any type of styles? Any type of styles that I should stay away from?
Also, would it be ok for me to wear tights or would it make my legs look shorter?
Any tips at all would be appreciated!

I'm also short :)

Stay away from bulky jackets that "swallow you up" A-line dresses flatter short people. Simpler styles with a focal point on the right part of the body flatter short people. Like a solid black dress with a gold belt buckle for example.

You still have to take into consideration the rest of your body type, not just your height. Go shopping and try on several different styles and take someone with you who will give you an honest opinion. You'd be surprised, something you thought might not suit you can look great.
The best tip: One color (monochrome) outfits/dresses really look the best and worn with tights, looks great! I hope this helps you and if you have any other questions, you can e-mail me.  (+ info)

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