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When do people start getting hyperpigmentation?

Hey! I'm just curious, is there any set age for when post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation starts? Do most people always have it, or does it just randomly occur?

I'm 20, and it recently started up on me - EVERYthing now heals brown :( I'm just curious how hyperpigmentation happens with most people, so thanks for any info!

The "brown" is due to iron in your blood. You might want to have the serum levels of iron checked. I have my fair share of cuts and such and only those that could be considered major wounds have produced a brown discoloring. Broken blood vessels under the skin will turn brown. Some dissolve over time, and some do not. The "brown", is, however, a function of the iron in your blood, you might want to have this checked as already mentioned.  (+ info)

Is it true that a daily dose of vitamin C supplements can help fade hyperpigmentation and melasma?

I have a case of hyperpigmentation and some melasma and I heard that taking daily supplements of vitamin C supplements of like 2,000mg per day for a while can help fade away the hyperpigmentation and melasma ... Is it true ? Thanks a lot for the answers ... I dont wanna use chemicals like hydroquinone as I've heard it's very dangerous health-wise

If you are taking ASCORBIC ACID and believing it is vitamin C and doing you some good, you are sorely mistaken.

The typical ascorbic acid that is called vitamin C by many is not really vitamin C, but a component of the true vitamin C complex. Vitamin C was discovered by the Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Albert Szent-Georgi in 1937. As part of his research on vitamin C, he found that he could not cure scurvy with the isolated ascorbic acid as a single element.

The complete complex of vitamin C includes ascorbic acid and contains ascorbinogen, bioflavonoids, rutin, tyrosinase, Factor J, Factor K, and Factor P. In addition, mineral co-factors must be available in proper amounts. If any of these parts are missing, there is no vitamin C, no vitamin activity. When some of them are present, the body will draw on its own stores to make up the differences, so that the whole vitamin complex may be present. Provided that all other conditions and co-factors are present, the vitamin activity will take place. Ascorbic acid is described merely as the "antioxidant wrapper" portion of vitamin C; ascorbic acid protects the functional parts of the vitamin from rapid oxidation or breakdown.

The thing that will really help you with this problem are anti-oxidants. Over 50% of the antioxidants have disappeared from our food supply in the last 25 years. It is important to understand, just like the issue with vitamin C, that complexes are how nature works, not single element nutrients. There are several antioxidants that can be applied to the skin and consumed to help with this issue. Grapeseed extract is a common one that is being recommended, but the same thing applies. If you are getting a single element and not natural, don't do it.

When you hear that vitamins do not work because of some study, then it begs the question, why are vitamins and minerals in foods? Do they not work? Then how is it that when we eat food it makes us strong and if we don't eat we die? Who are these people anyway?

It is not about whether vitamins and mineral supplement work, it's how are they made and are they testing synthetic garbage or ones that are made in complexes and energetically strong, like foods? If you are testing ASCORBIC ACID to see if it will cure scurvy, the person that discovered vitamin C will tell it doesn't. You don't need some stupid study done by a drug company that is funding a study to prove an agenda. Get the facts straight and don't just believe doctors or people posing as doctors on yahoo to tell you ridiculous information to promote their profit agenda.

good luck to you  (+ info)

What makeup is best for bright red hyperpigmentation marks?

I have a lot of bright red hyperpigmentation marks and some brown/red marks too. most of which are on my cheeks. I use a good concealer and foundation.

I cover up the spots with concealer and also use a foundation with a foundation brush. I apply loose powder sparingly on top. BUT my makeup on my cheeks and nose looks caked on!

I need a LOT of coverage on my cheeks and i feel i have to put a lot of concealer and foundation on to do so. plus my nose is very red so i try to put some foundation on it (loose powder doesn't cut it) but the foundation clumps together.

What am I doing wrong? What products should i use and how should i put them on?
I need to cover my marks without looking cakey!

this may or may not work for you because i dont really know exactly how your skin looks but i have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and i use Colourscience Mineral makeup its actually 100% minerals unlike those other ones out there and is great for your skin...i think a big thing you have to consider is what you are putting on your skin for this problem because bad products are only going to make your skin conditions worse. i use the colorescience foundation-california girl- with a big brush(like a kabuki or whatever its called) and the- invisibly matte- over the top just to ensure it stays put all day long. this makeup covers completely and you can keep building the coverage to your need...this product always looks natural and beautiful and i believe it has helped my pigmentation a great deal. they also make a product called line tamer which can be used underneath the powder...its supposed to help with redness and i actually met a girl that used this everyday for a year and her pigmentation went away completely. i hope this helps!!!  (+ info)

Can you please tell me a herbal home treatement to cure hyperpigmentation that I've around my mouth, nose?

I got hyperpigmentation suddenly when I was doing my 10th standard and I still don't know as to what kind of hyperpigmentation it is. I also don't know the reason for my cause of hyperpigmentation. It is really a concern when anything bad appears on the face and I'm also not an exception to it. I'm also losing my confidence bcoz of this. I've got it around my mouth (like dark circles that surrounds my mouth), neck then under my nose, armpits and between my thighs. I don't want to go to beauty parlours or doctors bcoz I'm afraid that if they could still worsen my face. Currently, I'm taking home treatment like mixing lime juice with honey & as scruber I use the paste of rice powder and curd, I got these tips from the Internet only. I've started all these only 2 weeks ago and I find some improvement. Can I continue with these or swtich over to some other? It would be nice if you could tell me some other herbal home treatment that will be very effective. Is sunscreen lotion required?

Hyperpigmentation is usually caused by hormones. Have you recently had a baby or are you pregnant? If your present treatments are working for you, I would continue them. Buttermilk and lemon juice are said to have a mild bleaching effect. There are herbal remedies in some of the health food catalogues, that gradually bleach the skin. They use cojic acid instead of hydroquinone, which is commonly found in non-herbal remedies. Cojic acid is used primarily for fading age spots, but it could also work for the discolorations. It is mild and won't irritate the skin. You might also check with a dermatologist. They use lasers which are safe, and especially formulated to even out the skin tone. Good luck!  (+ info)

Anyone know of the BEST treatment for hyperpigmentation?

I have hyperpigmentation, which means that I have some splotchy looking freckles as well as darker pigment on my upper lip. I don't want to do Cosmelan, because it's $800 and plus, the new formula doesn't even compare to the old one. I'm looking for treatments that really work, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

i started using olay definity the night cream and face wash for hyperpigmentation, its the only thing i have ever used that lighten my dark spots and my mom noticed a difference the morning after the first night i used it  (+ info)

Does anyone know any home remedies for hyperpigmentation?

Hey does anyone know any home remedies for fading hyperpigmentation spots? I have some spots on my legs mostly from mosquito bites because i live in Jamaica and a lot of them have stayed and become darker than my skin causing dark spots so does anybody know any products that are safe (no chamicals please) that will work quickly? ( i have been using cocoa butter and they have been fading but i want to kno if anybody knows any way to make them fade within at least 3months)

Exfoliation will help, keep moisturizing at the same time. :) It will slough off the dead dark skin and encourage it to regenerate  (+ info)

Can amla powder get rid of hyperpigmentation?

Can amla powder get rid of hyperpigmentation on the face. I am 15 years old girl and I hate having them on my face, I can't always use makeup. Please let me know if you know any home remidies for fast results. Thanks.

  (+ info)

How do you treat post inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

Does IPL work on this type of hyperpigmentation? What kind of lasers will work? THANK YOU

Because it's an uncertainty as to whether either the IPL or the PDL laser would help clear out PIH, it's worth a small test spot in the area of the PIH to see if either technique would help you.  (+ info)

what causes hyperpigmentation and how do you get rid of it?

i have hyperpigmentation on my stomach (all over my stomach, unfortunately), and on my buttocks. how do i get rid of it?! i tried lemon juice and coco butter but they didn't work at all. also...how long do i have to wait for results?

You need to see a doctor for treatment.  (+ info)

How come hydroquinone causes hyperpigmentation but is also supposed to get rid of hyperpigmentation?

Hydroquinone is often prescribed by doctors as a bleaching agent, why is it that it also causes what it is supposed to treat????

It depends on the concentration of hydroquinone used. People w/ darker skin using it @ higher concentrations may end up w/ dark spots due to irritation.

I have a medium-dark complexion & sometimes I experience dark spots as my skin heals from a pimple or an allergic reaction. My dermatologist told me that the skin generates more cells to heal the affected area but it may also pump out more melanin in response.

"hydroquinone. Substance that is known to successfully reduce the intensity of freckles, melasma, and general brown patching by inhibiting melanin production. For continued and increased effectiveness it must be used long term. Unprotected sun exposure should be avoided, because it reverses the effect of hydroquinone by increasing melanin production. Occasionally, at higher concentrations, persons with a darker skin type will experience increased pigmentation, but this is rare. It can cause mild skin irritation and there is the possibility of an allergic reaction. Hydroquinone in 1% to 2% concentrations is available in over-the-counter products; 4% concentrations are available by prescription only (Source: American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, September-October 2000, pages 261�268)."
http://www.cosmeticscop.com/learn/dictionary.asp?TYPE=SEARCH&ID=H  (+ info)

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