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Delayed hypersensitivity reactions are caused by the cross linking of antibodies to mast cells or basophils.?

A. true
B. false

B. False
The cross-linking would happen in a type I hypersensitivity reaction.

The macrophages play the major role in a Delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction  (+ info)

How can I cure my hypersensitivity to mosquito bites?

When I get bit, the bite area usually swells up to be the size of a golf ball to the size of a grapefruit. My latest on is on my knee and swelled up so much I couldn't walk. I have been placed on antibiotics and in the past prednisone.

I don't like to be on medication if I can avoid it, are there any suggestions to how I can curb my hypersensitivity to mosquito bites?

There are a few things you can do.The first thing is begin taking Vitamin C 1,000 mil 2x a day.Then make sure you are getting good fats such as those found in flax oil.Avoid getting bitten by wearing light colored clothing,neem oil and natural bug repellents will also help from the health food store.Consume turmeric,its an natural anti-inflammatory.  (+ info)

Is it cent percent sure that after circumcision the hypersensitivity of my glans will go for ever?

I am suffering from phimosis. Circumcision is the only way. But if my hypersensitivity of glans will not go, I cant wear any dress.

Please answer to the question only.It is urgent. Don't advise me to avoid circumcision.

After circumcision, some guys, especially those who had it done because of phimosis and therefore never really had the head exposed before, will find the glans become extremely sensitive to touch,
However, overtime it will become used to it, from rubbing against things like clothing, and you will no longer feel so sensitive. Just one of those things you might have to put up with while it heals, if you have circumcision.  (+ info)

How does delayed onset muscle soreness work?

Delayed onset muscle soreness. Is it a sign or something that the muscle experiencing it is becoming stronger? Anyway, i heard if you do warm ups before some strenuous exercise it'll be reduced. But does that actually reduce muscle fitness gained?
Oh yes, are push ups eccentric or concentric contractions?

I'm a Cert. Nutritionist and this is what I tell my clientel.
Numerous things are taking place after working out the muscles. Have you heard of the saying "rip and repair?"
Make sure you repair your muscles with what they're made of. Protein (aminos) and vitamins. Lack of can cause a catabolic reaction, the break down of tissue. You're muscles eat themselves. Exercise causes you to use more nutrients than someone sitting on the couch. The mineral magnesium is needed to help the muscles relax and aid in recovery. Women really need this to help relax their cramping, contracting muscles at that time of the month. Get magnesium from food in dark leafy veggies (ie spinach, greens) and nuts, esp. almonds (higher than greens!). Another reason for delayed soreness is lactic acid. Do this: Rub the palms of your hands together real fast. What is happening is heat, caused by friction. If you kept doing this you would possibly get a blister. Inside the blister is a liquid, lactic acid, that doesnt hurt until popped. When oxygen hits it it burns. This same reaction takes place in the muscles but there arent the blisters and the oxygen is already there to help cause the burn. Glutamine, an amino, can help neutralize this pain. Even buffed, muscular people who work out often can get this esp. when they change up the way they move a muscle group. Like changing the position/direction with your hands when you were rubbing them together. When you work out you need to think differently. Not "what can I do to be anabolic (build up muscle)" but "what can you do to prevent catabolic (break down)". Make sure you get your protein, aminos and antioxidants. Timing is important too. It is proven that 45 mins into your workout that your muscles want to recover. Working out longer can be more harm than good, making you become catabolic. You can prevent this if you want ot work out longer. Just passify your muscles with apx 10grams of protein diluted in a water bottle at the 45 min mark. After the workout do apx 40g (most guys can handle per serving, 25g for women) in a powder/liquid form. (More is not better. Too much protein can become stored fat) Food takes 2-3 hrs to breakdown and get to the muscles and then they are already catabolic. Drink plenty of water and try to say away from caffeine which 1) dehydrates you 2) is a vaso-constrictor (shrinks blood vessels diameter 3) depletes your minerals esp. the much needed magnesium (girls, that's why they tell you to stay away from caffeine at that time of the month). You want your muscles to dialate, open up, so nutrients get to muscles for improved recovery. Hence NO2 supplements. Yes, soreness is a sign of recovery. If you aid the recovery as mentioned you will notice increased strength. Remember, taking more protein doesn't make you bigger, justs aids recovery and preventing loss of muscle. Heavier weights do, "rip and repair" more. Lack of protein can make you smaller. Best of luck and enjoy your veggies! :o)  (+ info)

What happens if your periods delayed even after the pregnancy test is negative?

My girlfriend didn't get her period for two weeks even after the pregnancy test came out negative. Why is it delayed??Thanks

she is prolly just really stressed out and worried about it...tell her to relax and not to think about it and it should show up soon...if not take another test and either way posative or negative call your doctor  (+ info)

Is there a connection between hypersensitivity and addiction?

Is there a connection between hypersensitivity and addiction ?

addiction is a brain disease but alot of people with addiction problems are really sensitive and insecure,addicts tend to have all the traits since they were kids sensitive ,insecure, hyper, uncontrollable, poor attendion span,  (+ info)

Is it possible to have a delayed allergic reaction to Penicillin?

I had noticed two days after I started the medication I have developed what seems to resemble poison ivy rash (itchy and mostly on my back). I had been taking it for about a week and as of yesterday my tongue was swollen on the sides.

So (after that dissertation) is it possible for the allergic reaction to be delayed in the mouth?

it is not delayed, you noticed two days after you started taking it and just ignored the rash. Stop the medication and see a Doctor as soon as possible because medicine allergy can be sometimes fatal, and always tell your medical attendants not to give you penicillin.  (+ info)

What are the causes of a delayed period associated with a headache?

Headache - occurs on bending, coughing, laughing and straining.
unusual because very rarely suffer from headaches.
Missed period - usually have regular periods, now period is delayed by 3 weeks.
Not sexually active.

This Is usually a hormone Imbalance (progesterone). You should go to your doctor and have him do a hormone level on you.  (+ info)

Are there any medications or treatment for delayed ejaculation?

They have lots of medications for erectile dysfunction, but I have not heard of any for delayed ejaculation. What do they do if a man can only ejaculate two or three times per month?
Herbal remedies do not work, we've tried them. Viagra does not work, we tried it too. Masturbation no longer works either, not even with a vibrator.

Dear His case is a specific where his volume of ejaculate has been reduced considerably. Now there are very specific medicines which increase volume of ejaculate.
You have to understand this like untill a man has sufficient pressure of seminal liquid he wount get good erections and wouldt ejaculate.
This condition may take 2-3months to rectify completely.

Dr Anil
[email protected]  (+ info)

How does Delayed Auditory Feedback help people with a stammer?

I am training to be a speech and language therapist and in my lecture on stammering today the lecturer talked about delayed auditory feedback mechanisms. I understand that they are a device which goes in the person's ear and plays back their voice by way of a tone or white noise, but how does it work?How does it pick up the voice signal? Does whispering into someone's ear cause problems? And how does it help a stutterer?

I did ask the lecturer but he didn't give a very helpful answer.

Thank you.

Your question is very interesting. I wish I could help you
answer it. My son has a stammer and I would like to be able to help him conquer it. Hopefully someone will have an answer. If you don't get an answer I hope you repost the question.  (+ info)

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