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what is pulmonary hypertension?

I've already had open heart, a 3 vessel bypass, and a Y graph, but these vessel ls are occluded again by 90%, now they tell me I have pulmonary hypertension? Is this serious, I also have diabetes, copd, high blood pressure, CHF ETC...

Pulmonary hypertension means the pressure in your pulmonary artery (the vessel from the heart to the lungs) is too high. This is probably related to your COPD and CHF. There are various drugs that can manage symptoms. You'd need to speak to your Doctor who is aware of your full diagnosis.  (+ info)

I just had a cardiac catheter to check for Pulmonary Hypertension, but I have not heard from my doctor yet.?

The results for my Pulmonary Artery was: 30/15 with the average of 20. According to the internet, it should be >15. Is this something I should be pushing for an answer or is this normal range?

Why not make an appiontment to see doctor.Then you won't need to try to decipher second hand opinions.The doctor will tell you exactly what's going on  (+ info)

If diagnosed with heart failure - how do you know if it is due to pulmonary hypertension?

a guy suffering from pulmonary hypertension shows following things on his chest radio graph
1.pulmonary rales due to leakage of blood into lung caused by increased pressure.
2.right ventricular hypertrophy as the heart now require more force to pump blood due to elevated blood pressure.
3.right atrial dilation due to back pressure.
4.deviation of the apex of the heart to left due to right ventricular hypertrohy
on physical examination you will found distended jugular vein which can be seen pulsating in such cases,apex beat to be deviated to the left,slight peripheral cyanosis.patient would complain of dyspnea,cough with or without blood,orthopnea,fatiugue etc.

you need not go for EKG,echoradiograohy for each case.a good doctor is one who can diagnose by history and physical examination and depend minimally on such diagnostic techniques.here a radiograph/x ray is sufficient.why the patient should pay so heavily on these diagnostic techniques.he is already paid you a lot.  (+ info)

is anyone having success dealing with pulmonary hypertension?

There is a way to help pulmonary hypertension without taking medications. It involves eating a diet rich in whole foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. It will help you lose weight, get more nutrients in your body, and generally make you healthier. More info http://www.drfuhrman.com/  (+ info)

can a liver transplant be performed with pulmonary arterial hypertension?

VA Hospital Guide Lines - No Liver transplant can be performed
with pulmonary arterial hypertension. Is this true? Are there any exceptions or other treatments? Lusie

Cure for pulmonary HTN is heart and lung transplant, but I have never heard of a liver transplant that goes along.  (+ info)

does anyone know any good resourceful web sites for info on pulmonary hypertension?

please help it's for a report!?

Have you tried Wikipedia?


There's also the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (news to me):


An here are a few others:

(This one was from the National Institute of Health)

This one is from the ACCP, but is slow to load:


Good luck, I'll post some more if I find some good ones.  (+ info)

what happens when a person with primary pulmonary hypertension stops taking there beta blocker?

stoped taking meds about two weeks ago.

I would NT stop any meds without asking your Dr.your heart rate
can increase,as your blood pressure in you lungs and arteries.
Go on line and look up pulmonary hypertension association.they have alot of information and there is a message board that you can go on and ask any question to people that have PH.  (+ info)

pulmonary hypertension and panic attacks?

are they the same thing? or at least similar?

Pulmonary hypertension and panic attacks are two different disorders. PH is a lung disease which causes difficulty breathing. The difficulty breathing may cause symptoms of a panic attack because the person may be gasping for air which can trigger anxiety and a panic attack.  (+ info)

Left ventricular hypertrophy with some pulmonary hypertension?

My dad was just diagnosed with this. He's only 43 and is in decent shape. He is also hypoglycemic and will have diabetes someday. His family doctor did the echo thingie just as a precaution when he was having a hard time breathing sometimes. He isn't feeling horrible, just sometimes he falls asleep when he gets home and it's hours before he gets up. He and my mom said the family doctor told him to just eat better and start exercising regularly and they gave him a inhaler called Advair. But I'm wondering if this enough. Shouldn't he get to a specialist or is this something that really is just controlled by diet and exercise?

The two things that come to mind immediately upon seeing your original question are - poorly controlled high blood pressure and sleep apnea - which often go hand-in-hand.

In reading the rest of your question, it further confirms my sleep apnea suspicion.

LVH is a response of the myocardium to the stress of having to push against elevated pressures over time. So if your Dad says his pressure are always "normal" this is unlikely to be true...there is objective evidence to the contrary. Additionally it is possible that the pressures are relatively normal during the day and high over night when he is experiencing apenic episodes.

Two things - I would ask to be referred for a sleep study to get the apnea issue addresses...its more than just day time tiredness. It can cause long term changes in your heart and lungs that are not reversible...including heart arrhythmias. It is important to get a diagnosis and treatment.

Secondly, consider investing in a home blood pressure cuff. Check the b/p several times throughout the day for a week and keep a journal. Bring the journal into his primary doctor. If he is experiencing pressures greater than 140 (on top) then it may be important for him to be treated with medication.

What if he does nothing? Its a big question but the problem I would be most concerned about is a condition called diastolic dysfunction. It is a form of congestive failure that tends to show up in people's 60's and older. It can be rather debilitating and cause a good deal of shortness of breath.

Is there anything about this that should make your Dad run to a cardiologist?....from what you've said, no. There are some issues that can be easily handled by a primary doctor. Other than that, not too alarming.

I hope this helps. Good luck.  (+ info)

Can you recover from pulmonary hypertension?

  (+ info)

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