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A month ago it was determined that I had slight hyperthyroidism (by a 0.5 deviation from normal values -- not a very large one as described by my doctor) and an ultrasound scan has determined the presence of a 'cold' nodule. So my question is if this cold nodule is not producing extra hormones, then what is the cause of the hyperthyroidism... and what can be done about both, the hyperthyroidism and the cold nodule.


I don't know about the cold nodule but my sister has hyperthyroidism and the doctor has told her to take some pills in order to reduce it.But it depends on the size..I think your doctor will tell you what you should do..good luck!!  (+ info)


is it possible to still concieve after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. My level was 324 and I was told that the normal range for normal thyroids is 174. Will this prevent pregnancy?
My endocrinologist put me on Metformin which did no good and I was on it for almost 2 years. I know it affects my hormones therefor affects my cycles. which mean fewer periods. Which I think makes it harder to concieve.

Your thyroid functioning can definitely affect your ability to conceive. It's something they look for in cases of infertility. Please discuss the possible solutions with your Dr.  (+ info)


I have hyperthyroidism and I need radiation treatment. I heard that if you don't get the treatment you could die of heart failure. Have you had this done? What happened after you had it done? What are the side effects? Weight gain, dizziness, moodiness, ect. ThAnks!

Iodine 131 treatment may completely destroy thyroid function, but it's no big deal to take thyroid hormone replacement to avoid the symptoms of hypothyroidism.  (+ info)

Hyperthyroidism- What can I do in my day to day activities to help lower my thyroid levels?

I have been diagnosed with a mild case of hyperthyroidism. My thyroid levels are at 14, the average is usually between 10 and 12. I am hoping to find a way to lower this before my next appointment with my doctor, a month away as we are watching it. Are their any vitamins or foods that I can eat to help reduce these levels?

Eat a good balanced healthy diet, no sodas, coffee, tea and other products with caffeine etc, have a regular exercise schedule and study well. KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR DOCTOR FOR CLOSE OBSERVATION. It seems you and your doctor are doing a good job  (+ info)

How to tell difference between Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism without going to the Doctors?

I dont have Medical insurance at this time, so going to the Doctor isnt an option.

I could buy Thyroid medication online, but I dont know if I have Hypo or Hyperthyroidism.

So my question is: How do you tell the significance between the two?


Under-working leads to rickets, convulsions, teeth problems, twisting of muscles, fatness and dullness.

Overworking leads to over-growth, bulging of the eyes. Adam’s apple, stone[s] in kidneys etc.

Mistaken diagnosis may lead to confused symptoms due to wrong medication.
The best way is to go in for acupressure techniques to regulate the functioning of thyroid glands. Herbal remedies and tissue salt remedies have time tested formulae.
With best compliments from www.saioam.com  (+ info)

How is it possible to have both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism?

I'm 14 and I recently learned that Oprah Winfrey has both hypo & hyperthyroidism. I learned that alot of other people also have both. I know a fair amount about the endocrine system, so i know that hyperthyroidism is caused by the body creating too much THS hormone, and hypo is caused by not enough THS, so how is it possible to have both at the same time?

Because many who are hyper, eventually become hypo. She said she started out with hyper, but ended up hypo. The thyroid can burn itself out making it go from producing too much hormone to too little hormone. Plus, Oprah has been eating tons of soy and soy slows down thyroid function.  (+ info)

How much to see an Endocrinologist for Hyperthyroidism without insurance?

I am uninsurable due to a pre-existing condition and I've done everything I can, but can't get insurance after I lost my job. How much do you think it would run me to see an Endocrinologist for hyperthyroidism (Thyroid Dysfunction)? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

the cost of a regular doctor's visit plus the lab. An internal medicine doctor or nurse practioner (less expensive) can do the same test and Rx medication. If it's been more than 63 days since your job loss, you may be eligible for Cobra, it's still in effect and you might get the discounted 65 % subsidy.

Congressman Joe Sestak is working on getting an extension, which would be beneficial to you. If you lost your job this December, you are covered till the end of the month if you had prior insurance. Also, other insurance co will take you, but can make you wait 90 days (I don't know why) before covering you. You can try healthcarebluebook.com An endocrinologist is not needed yet, start with Internal med doc or try public health department , or your GYN doc can do the same test. maybe try planned parenthood?

You should contact Joe Sestak and let him know your concerns. They'll only respond with a form letter or contact your state Senators atleast. They have form letters online. One time, I didn't have health insurance, I asked my vet to xray my arm. I have used the dog's medicine before, but, I knew it could be used on humans.  (+ info)

What is hyperthyroidism and in what forms?

It is listed as 242.9 in the ICD-9-CM medical coding index.

What types of hyperthyroidism and in what types does it come in as?

Hyperthyroidism is when you have an over active thyroid heres some info that might help. Good luck, best wishes.

http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/hyperthyroidism/DS00344  (+ info)

What is the best hyperthyroidism medication for gaining weight?

Im only 110 pounds and to keep this weight I have to eat TONS of food. I recently found out I have hyperthyroidism and im going on medication for it. Im wondering if theres any type of medication that will make you gain more weight than others and quickly

My Doctor has me on Levoxyl for hyperthyroidism. I weigh 95 pounds on a good day. Don't think the medicine is going to make you gain weight - what it seems to do for me is keep me from losing any more. Maybe on the meds and eating lots will help you put some weight on. Not fun being skinny in a fat world, huh?  (+ info)

Can you get hyperthyroidism from taking too many diet pills?

Since diet pills raise your heartbeat, metabolism, blood pressure, make you shaky, and sometimes give you heart pulpalations. If a doctor diagnosed you with hyperthyroidism could it be from taking too many diet pills? Will a blood test show how you got the hyperthyroidism?

I don't know if diet pills can give you hyperthyroidism, but taking a lot of them can cause problems. The best way to be sure, I think, would be to stop the diet pills. If the hyperthyroidism gets better after that, you have your answer. However, taking diet pills and having hyperthyroidism at the same time is probably not a good idea either way, so I would lay off them and talk to your doctor about their effects.  (+ info)

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