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Is it okay to smoke cigarettes with hyphema?

A little less than four days ago, I was in a car crash that resulted in getting hyphema. Just out of curiousity can I smoke cigarettes? I forgot to ask my ophthalmologist when I was in his office and I didn't smoke for the first two days because I could barely even move. One friend said it may not be a good idea, but I can't find anything on it. The blood seems to be gone and I have an appointment in two days.

You have gone without a cigarette for two days. That is a good start on quitting. Any chance that you will quit for good if I tell you it is something you absolutely must not do?  (+ info)

Is full recovery expected from a hyphema?

if somebody suffers a hyphema, but gets to the ER in like 20 minutes, are they expected to regain full vision?

hmm. if the problem is JUST hyphema...getting to the ER quickly doesnt change the management any. plenty of time to treat hyphema.

and yes, most hyphema cases fully resolve with little or no permanent damage. the problem, of course, is that when the eye is injured bad enough to cause hyphema, there's frequently other, more serious eye damage present (iris recession, retinal detachment, commotio retinae, etc etc)  (+ info)

Can I play video games even if I have Hyphema?

I was just diagnosed with Hyphema which came after I was hit in the eye with a soccer ball. It hurts, but I'd like to play some Xbox. Anyone know if it's ok for me to play video games such as xbox? Thanks.

A hyphema is blood in the anterior chamber of the eye. The white part goes all the way around the back. In the front, it changes character, and becomes clear. This clear part, the cornea, forms a small bubble on the surface and is the main refracting surface of the eye itself. The lens is the other part that bends light, or refracts light.

When we look at someone's eyes, we can see the color of their eyes...blue/grey, brown, green..whatever...The space between the cornea and the iris, the colored part is the anterior chamber. It has a fluid in it that's sort of like water...called the aqueous.

When someone is hit in the eye and the blood vessels behind the anterior chamber...either on or in the iris, or at the base or edge of the iris near the white part...that blood goes into the anterior chamber...it's called a hyphema.

It used to be that people that had hyphemas had to stay in the hospital and lay down. Then they started just 'splinting' the muscles and iris by using atropine drops or ointment. One is still supposed to be 'quiet'

If you are upright, and still, or quiet, the red cells will fall and form a layered looking red thing. You'll be able to see over the top of it as it gets smaller. Some people feel that by keeping the iris NOT dilated, there's more surface area for the red cells to be absorbed. Most of them probably just go out of the trabecular meshwork or drain of the eye anyway.

Probably won't make any difference whether or not you play some xbox.

And start wearing safety glasses, the sports ones that have the band around the back...like racketball goggles when you play.  (+ info)

Has anyone every had a mild case of hyphema?

How long does it take for the eye to reabsorb the blood and thereby reducing the blurriness, pressure and headaches? Also, was your pupil slightly diallated? How long did that take to go away?

First of all, I hope you are being directly monitored by your doctor. Only they will give you the go ahead to resume normal activity.

Generally speaking the rehabilitation time varies from patient to patient depending on what degree they are experience bleeding in the anterior chamber and intraocular pressure.

You describe yours as a mild case of Hyphema, but frequent headaches (especially those growing more frequent and more severe) are a property of worser forms of this condition. That being said, most people contract this affliction through blunt force trauma to the eye -- usually in sports.

So most light cases of Hyphema will rehabilitate around 10-20 days if given the proper amount of bed rest, with head elevated by a few pillows, and avoiding bending and exertion.

Once again, only your doctor can monitor the blood absorbtion accurately.  (+ info)

Could inversion cause hyphema, if so how long will it take to go away?

Is it necessary to see a doctor?

just got an inversion table and used for about 5 days w/in 24 hours of last use discovered blood in eye.

I think any time you have blood in your eye it is time to see the doctor! A hyphema (blood in the ANTERIOR chamber of your eye) is not something you can just wait on and hope it goes away--serious long term damage can occur. If you do not have hyphema and it is just some blood vessels that were affected your recovery time will be way more rapid. Don't wait another second, make an appointment immediately.  (+ info)

is it bad to smoke weed with hyphema?

i was recently in a car accident where the impact caused hyphema in my eye, i was just wondering if smoking weed would be a bad idea.

Yeah, maybe hold off for a while.  (+ info)

Hyphema in eye and blurred vision?

ye has anyone had a microhyphema because thats what the doctors say i have and my vision is preety blurry and i would like to know is the vision supposed to be blurry during a hyphema. Also how long does the blurriness take to go away. The doctor gave me medicine which seems to be clearing up the blood and the eye is now not bloody that miuch and looks normal is just that the vision is blurry still

My son just went through having hyphema. It was a terrible experience. His optomoligist gave him an eye drop that dilates the eye, and another for an antibiotic. The dilation of the eye is what caused him to have blurry vision. Even after he stopped taking the medication, his vision took a good two weeks to clear up It was so scary. He also had a torn lid in the outside corner of the eye. He had to keep his head elevated and strict bed rest for a week. The first five days is the most crucial point because of the chance it can bleed again. This accident was 4/22, and he still has to visit the eye doctor. Not as frequent now that it cleared, but they want to see him regularly now because after that kind of injury, your higher risk for glaucoma. Good luck.  (+ info)

How long will blurry vision from a hyphema last?

2 days ago I had trauma to my eye resulting in a hyphema as well as some bleeding in the back of my eye. I am not allowed to work or do any strenuous activities. When sleeping I must remain at a 30 to 40 degree angle. I am not seeing my OD again until monday.

My biggest concern at this point is regaining my vision. I have 20/20 vision but my injured eye has clouded vision. And...for example...I cannot read solely out of the injured eye to anything up close and in small print like a business card.

Will and when will this resolve?

From a hyphema alone? Depends how much blood there is, but if they're making you sleep on a tilt it's probably enough blood to swell the cornea, which could take a week or two to clear up. The bleeding in the back of the eye could be a bigger problem, depending where it is; that can take several weeks to a few months to clear up. If it's in a central location, in the way of your vision, the vision in that eye may be blurry; if it's just bleeding off to the side somewhere, it may not even be noticeable.  (+ info)

How long does it take for a hyphema (squash ball) eye injury take to heal?

Around 6 weeks ago, I had an eye injury from a squash ball which caused a small hyphema. The last time I was checked they said the blood had all but gone and wait for another appointment. Over the past couple of weeks the pain on eye of where it hit has decreased and usually the eye feels normal for most of the day, but on occassions there is a throbbing feeling in the eye and it is still slightly sensitive to sunlight. I have got another appointment in the coming week.

I'm just wondering how long it will take to fully heal?

Its tough to answer, if no major damage was done, then it may be nearly healed. if on the other hand some more serious internal damage was done, then your recovery period could be much longer.

Just keep on seeing your doc whenever he tells your to, as only he can know the full extent of your damage.

Good luck, hope it comes good soon  (+ info)

htyphema in eye and blurred vision?

ye has anyone had a microhyphema because thats what the doctors say i have and my vision is preety blurry and i would like to know is the vision supposed to be blurry during a hyphema

Hyphema is a term used to describe bleeding in the anterior chamber (the space between the cornea and the iris) of the eye. It occurs when blood vessels in the iris bleed and leak into the clear aqueous fluid. Hyphemas are usually characterized by pooling of blood in the anterior chamber that may be visible to the naked eye. The red blood cells of very small hyphemas are visible only with magnification. Even the slightest amount of blood in the anterior chamber will cause decreased vision when mixed in the clear aqueous fluid.  (+ info)

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