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what can be wrong with me?

its been 2 months since i have had head trauma from a car crash., i got cataracts and hyphema but now i get nausea and severe migrains and dizziness what can it be?

It takes a long time for a bad concussion to heal, you may still have some after affects from it, it may not have healed yet. I would talk to my Dr about a CT scan or maybe an MRI. Tell him your symptoms and have him to run some tests. Only he can tell you for sure what it is or send you to someone who can.  (+ info)

Will my eye get better?

Please don't answer unless you actually have some medical knowledge of this or if you've experienced it.

Nobody will tell me flat out what my chances of regaining my vision are. I just want to know if it's possible or if I should give up hope.

I was in a car accident and suffered severe eye trauma. My cornea is swollen two times its normal size, I have a 15% hyphema which was a 40% hyphema the day after the accident. My iris is torn and I developed a cataract in a matter of days. I am completely blind in my right eye (my left is fine) except for some sensitivity to light. From what the doctors have seen, it looks like my retina and optic nerve are intact. I'm 16 years old.

Doctors, nurses, medical students, anyone who's been through this, or anyone who knows anything about eyes, do you think I'll get better?

Also - do you think my depth perception will get better with time if I do not get my eye back? Right now it's pretty bad - will I adapt?

I'm a trauma surgeon, however, not an opthalmic surgeon.

From what you're saying, it sounds to me like you might get your sight back, but be aware that it isn't going to be perfect 20/20 vision. Your eye has suffered serious trauma and like with all trauma injuries, scar tissue will form. You say that your retina and optic nerve are intact. This is a good sign. However, if your iris and cornea are damaged, then you will have to wait to see how they heal.

I can't give you a definitive answer (I was terrible with eyes at university) but I can say that you have good omens on your side and I can't see any reason why you won't regain some form of sight. If you have to wear glasses then I think it's worth it.  (+ info)

Depressed after severe eye trauma?

Last Wednesday, I was in a car accident. The airbag hit my right eye really hard, and I'm completely blind in that eye. There's some chance that I'll get my vision back in that eye, but there's also a greater chance I'll lose it. I have a hyphema (my eye is filled up with blood), my iris is torn, and my cornea is swollen.

I've been pretty much okay since the accident, but I've been a little depressed. I have thoughts of killing myself because I don't want to deal with all the surgeries and doctor appointments and I don't want to deal with losing my eye. I get mad at my sister (the driver of the car) because she wasn't hurt and can just move on, and I can't. I know it's not fair to feel this way because it's not like she meant to do this to me, and she's been really nice to me, so I feel guilty that I have these feelings. I also get mad at everyone that can see because I can't. I know it's not fair - I just can't help feeling this way. I cry a lot and I feel really helpless and pathetic. I've been this way since the accident.

I don't know what to do. Help?

What you are feeling is real and common, especially after trauma.

You absolutely need to reach out for help. Call 1-800-273-TALK for advice and referrals.

In the meantime, take this one step at a time. Don't think about the many surgeries and doctor's appointments. Just think about the next one. And go. If you trust the doctor, tell him/her how you're feeling.

Take care of yourself in the ways that you can. Eat well. Sleep enough. Exercise if you can.

And, the hardest, do something nice for the people you are maddest at. Something small, maybe they won't even notice it, but something. It has an eerie way of diffusing some anger.

Good luck.
Call the number (or another hotline).  (+ info)

Paging Dr. Gregory House?

So a friend of mine fell ill 2 weeks ago. It started with a fever and general malaise on a friday. Has dark urine and light stools. Sunday he gets urinalysis and the results were high bilirubin and urobilinogen. He goes to the ER looking awful still with a fever and shivering. I tell him he probably has gallstones and is going to end up getting his gall bladder removed. They draw tons of blood and by the end of the night the doctor tells him, with no diagnostics of course to back this up "you have fatty liver, gilbert disease (hereditary cause of high bilirubin), and a virus" and discharges him that sunday night. Tuesday morning hes back and checked in at the hospital in essentially quarantine. Still fever, vomiting, face all red, and hyphema (blood in the eye) presumably from straining from coughing and vomiting. Now apparently he has a high white blood cell count, and at least one doctor seems to think his 'rash' may be hepatitis, to which he wasn't vaccinated. They can't find any gallstones, so now I'm thinking Hepatitis B, after a few days it turns out the blood they took was supposed to be tested for all Hepatitis viruses, yet some ER person wrote Hep A on there, so he has so wait even longer for B and C to come back, though B is the only one that really causes this severe an acute illness. Days more go by and it turns out he has no hepatitis of any type, has been endoscoped and had gallstones ruled out. They did a CT of his pancreas, the results of which I'm not really privy to, particularly since trying to get complicated explanations from someone high as a kite on dilaudid isn't easy. They had him on metronidazole first then levofloxacin to cover bacteria. Also protonix for stomach acid and albuterol for breathing. He is still sick after two weeks and the final diagnosis seems to be "you have pancreatitis and a virus" - and that he can never drink alcohol again. The doctor further seems to think that my friend's admission of having had 2 or 3 drinks on the night before getting sick seems to explain everything. Also, my friend has a family friend in a different hospital with apparently the exact same illness right now.
My question is what the hell might cause this? No gallstones, no hepatitis. He rarely drinks alcohol and doesn't binge. The viral causes I've seen for pancreatitis are Hepatitis (ruled out), mumps (makes no sense, and he had vaccine) and Epstein-Barr. His lack of any noticeable jaundice or perhaps most importantly - upper right abdominal pain - is quite odd also. Naturally since I was at the bar with him the night before he got sick, at the ER when he first went, and in his hospital room for coughing/vomiting, I'm a wee bit concerned.

Wow ... you should be a writer for TV!  (+ info)

Traumatic Mydriasis: Atropine or Trauma?

A month ago an student at my college dorms threw a plastic bottle to my eye causing me a serious injury, a Hyphema. I was rushed inmediatly to the hospital and they prescribed me in between other things Atropine which I administered for two weeks 3 times a day. Right now I have may pupil very dilated, and I stopped taking the Atropine EXACTLY two weerks ago. My doctor told me 3 days ago that my pupil still reacts to light ... but very very little ....I was wondering if it's possible that it's still because of the atropine that my pupil is so dilated and it'll get back to normal soon...or if i should assume it's because of the trauma and i'll never go back to normal. I have green eyes by the way. Thanks!

A single drop of atropine administered once usually lasts a week or two. Using atropine several times a day will last a bit longer to wear off completely, so it's entirely possible. Oh - and if your eyes are dark, they tend to 'hold on' to the drug longer than people with lighter eyes. (It sticks to the pigment.) Green eyes are sorta middle-of-the-road as far as that goes.
If your pupil was reacting to light a few days ago, that's an encouraging sign that it'll shrink down once the pharmacological mydriasis is gone - although you may end up with slight anisocoria (unequal pupils) or a not-quite-perfectly-round pupil from the trauma.  (+ info)

Sports Medicine Question..?

1. Which collagen network has the MOST REGULAR fiber alignment?
a. tendon
b. skin
c. ligament
d. fascia
e. joint capsule

2. When administering iontophoresis using a positively charged medication, you would place the _________ lead on the medicated electrode and the ________ lead on the ground electrode.
a. neutral, negative
b. negative, positive
c. positive, positive
d. negative, negative
e. positive, negative

3. The recommended regimen for the hepatitis B vaccination consists of three doses of vaccine given accordingly to the following schedule
a. initial dose, followed by a second dose two months later, and a final dose six months after the initial dose.
b. initial dose, followed by a second dose four weeks later, and a final dose six months after the initial dose.
c. initial dose, followed by a second dose six weeks later, and a final dose 12 months after the initial dose.
d. initial dose, followed by a second dose two weeks later, and a final dose 4 months after the initial dose.
e. initial dose, followed by a second dose six weeks later, and a final dose 6 months after the initial dose.

4. During a high school softball game you notice lightning in the sky followed by a loud clap of thunder. What should be done at this time?
a. the game should be postponed, and players, coaches, officials, and spectators should be removed from the field.
b. the players should wait in the dugout.
c. the players should seek shelter under the bleachers.
d. the game should continue unless lightning comes closer to the field.
e. the game should be temporarily postponed.

5. An athlete who presents with unequal pupil size, decreased peripheral vision, and positive Rhomberg’s test due to a head injury may have disturbed which of the following cranial nerves?
a. oculomotor, trochlear, and vestibulocochlear
b. optic, trochlear, and vestibulocochlear
c. oculomotor, abducens, and vestibulocochlear
d. optic, abducens and trigeminal
e. trochlear, trigeminal and vestibulocochlear

6. In a posterior glenohumeral dislocation, the humerus will MOST LIKELY be:
a. adducted and internally rotated.
b. abducted and internally rotated.
c. abducted and externally rotated.
d. adducted and externally rotated.
e. hyper extended and externally rotated.

7. Which abbreviation below refers to teaching an athlete the proper use of crutches?
a. UCA
b. CWI
d. PWB

8. A basketball player sustains trauma to the eye which causes bleeding into the anterior chamber. This injury is classified as a/an:
a. detached retina
b. orbital fracture
c. corneal abrasion
d. hyphema
e. diplopia

9. With chronic inflammation, unneeded collagen production is prolonged due to the continued presence of:
a. macrophages
b. fibroblasts
c. basophiles
d. histamine
e. momocytes

10. An injured athlete presents with the following vital signs: BP 78/60, pulse 110, and respiration 24. what is your INITIAL impression?
a. the athletes vitas need to be re-checked with 24 hours
b. the athletes vitals are within normal limits.
c. the athlete’s vitals need to be re-checked in 10 minutes.
d. the athlete is in early stage of hypovolemic shock.
e. the athlete is in the late stage of hypovolemic shock.

Why should we have to do your homework?

The only way you are going to learn is if you find out the answers yourself.  (+ info)

What are my chances of developing post traumatic Glaucoma?

Hello, about 2 and a half months ago I suffered from blunt trauma directly to my eye after an aggression, resulting in a Hyphema, iridodyalisis, damage to my iris sphincter muscle (now I have Traumatic Mydriasis, which reacts to light but cannot constrict properly), hypermetropie...and an irido-corneal angle injury. My retina is fine, my eye pressure is normal right now and I didnt have cristallin luxation.. I'm 23 years old and I am a very healthy person wich practices regular exercise, doesnt drink nor smoke, eats healthy, etc. What are the odds of developing glaucoma? and is it treatable, I've read this type of glaucoma doesn't respond very well to the medication...I'm sad because I take care of myself and I was just a victim of an agression and now I have to worry about this, and the Mydriasis bothers me alot....thank you very much.

  (+ info)

Can I safely watch a 3D movie after an eye injury?

About 2 weeks ago I sustained an eye injury due to blunt force trauma. I had a hyphema (15%) as well as some bleeding behind my eye. As of Thursday I was cleared to resume normal activities.

I would like to go see a movie in 3D. I still have unfocused vision in my injured eye. I am still dilated from using Atropine for all this time. So I guess my questions are:

1: Firstly...is it SAFE to watch a 3D movie or will it further injure my eye?

2: Will I even be able to see in 3D with my right eye still dilated?

It's not a question of being " safe"...it can't harm your eye just to be looking at something.

But...if you don't have clear vision in that eye yet, you won't be able to see the 3D effects.

You need good binocular vision to see 3D...both eyes have to be able to see the image clearly and separately then fuse them together.  (+ info)

Why would the cap shoot off a 2-liter bottle of Coke, but no soda came out?

Last night, my fiance tried to open a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola and found it very difficult. The soda was delivered by a pizza delivery person, so I am assuming it was jostled in the car on the way over.
Using considerable strength, my fiance was able to turn the cap to the bottle after several tries. Once loosened, the cap shot off the bottle and into my fiance's eye, causing what we hope is temporary blindness. His eyelid is swollen almost shut and he cannot see out of his eye when opened. We had to go to the ER and the Dr. diagnosed him with a hyphema (blood in a chamber of the eye). This is a very serious injury and he is on bed rest until the bleeding stops. After the bleeding stops, the question of his eyesight and possible surgery will be addressed.

The strangest part about this entire thing is that the Coca-Cola in the bottle did not rise up at all when opened. Nothing came out of the bottle at all. Why would this happen? If you shake a Coke and then open it, Coke will come out of the top, or at least rise up a little. Why not this time, especially given the force of which the cap came off. Could this bottle have been tampered with?

What kind of cap is it? When I was looking into your other question (in Law & Ethics), I came across a Saskatchewan case with a somewhat similar fact pattern (and very similar injuries). In that case, it was an aluminum cap which had been improperly closed in the first place. So it took some doing for the person opening it to get it loose in the first place, but once it was loose, there was no threading for the cap to latch onto.

The court quoted the brochure of the closure system, warning of possible consequences of improperly applied closures:

"Sometimes, ordinary pressure in a package can suddenly eject an improperly applied closure with considerable force. This can result in serious injury, often to an eye."

So I guess the physics of it are fairly straightforward. Even in an unshaken bottle, the air inside the bottle is pressurized, and so if there's a problem with the sealing of the cap, it basically turns the bottle into a projectile weapon. Still difficult to understand how your fiance's hand wasn't between the cap and his eye. (In the Saskatchewan case, the girl had grabbed a nutcracker to try to loosen it.)  (+ info)

Hyphema in eye and blurred vision?

ye has anyone had a microhyphema because thats what the doctors say i have and my vision is preety blurry and i would like to know is the vision supposed to be blurry during a hyphema. Also how long does the blurriness take to go away

A hyphema is blood in the eye usually caused by major trauma. How fast the blurriness goes away depends on the reason behind it, you should ask your doctor who is following your condition.  (+ info)

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