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Hyphema in eye and blurred vision?

Hyphema in eye and blurred vision?
ye has anyone had a microhyphema because thats what the doctors say i have and my vision is preety blurry and i would like to know is the vision supposed to be blurry during a hyphema. Also how long does the blurriness take to go away. The doctor gave me medicine which seems to be clearing up the blood and the eye is now not bloody that miuch and looks normal is just that the vision is blurry still. My doctor gave me a medicine that dilates the eyes but i stopped using it for 2 or 3days and my vision is still blurry. Can anyone please give me advice

You've had good advice over the six times you've asked this question.

Given that you've had an examination and been assessed, the rest is largely down to time, and recovery from this sort of trauma could take weeks or, unfortunately, leave permanent damage.
That's if the main "blur" problem turns out not to be the hyphema (which usually self resolves), but damage to the crystalline lens or macula which occurred during the same incident.
Until the aqueous and the hyphema has settled, this may not be apparent.

If not clearing in another week, or if there's any worsening, further checks should be done, particularly of the macula, but I can think of nothing that should or could be done to "hurry up" natural healing.
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