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Ajit has schizophrenia. Familial association studies predict which of his relatives has the highest chance?

my options:
Raveena, his first cousin

Avinash, his grandchild

Bhodip, his brother

Sonal, his spouse

The answer is brother.  (+ info)

are there any cures for myoclonic progressive familial epolepsy?

I need an answer ASAP if anyone knows. Thanks!

No  (+ info)

I'm wondering how much autism is familial and how much is paternal age related etc.?

I have heard that only a small percentage of autism is familial autism, meaning the dad was in his twenties and there were other relatives or siblings who are autistic.

Anybody know how much is related to father's 33 and above with no family history?
So many genetic disorders have both paternal age and familial versions.

What do you think about the latest from
Pub Med???

And how much is a combination of the both?

And how much do external factors influence a child's likelihood of becoming autistic? (Vaccinations would be one theory)

I don't understand how the father's age factors into the equation. I wonder if it could be "familial" AND paternal age related. A father could inherite a gene which is more fragile & more likely to not be duplicated properly as he is older. IF that is the case, it could be both - not either/or.

And since 25% of all autistic children developed normally for the first year then regress before the 2nd b-day, that may imply something external triggers the autism.

And there seem to be different genes involved in male autism versus female autism. That is why it is especially rare to have male female autistic children in the same family.

So with the different levels of autism, different age onsets of autism, different genders and all the other differences out there, the familial factor, paternal age factor & external factors may weigh in differently.

So rather than answer your question, I just brought in more questions.

Confusing, heh?  (+ info)

Do you know what would prevent non-familial genetic diseases in your children?

I asked about non-familial genetic disease. So it is de novo, not in the somatic cells of the parents. Spontaneous or sporadic.

If it's genetic, the most you can do is amnio testing when the fetus is in your womb. You can prevent neurological disorders and disabilities by avoiding alcohol, taking prenatal vitamins, and generally living a smoke-free and healthy lifestyle.  (+ info)

Can sleep be induced in Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI)?

FFI is a disease that causes a person to be unable to sleep due to some sort of genetic mutation and miscommunication in the brain. The affected person eventually dies of exhaustion and health deterioration caused by lack of sleep. To try and allow sleep for the affected person, couldn't the doctor, physician, or other aide, induce sleep? Ex. anesthetics?

Nope. The brain is incapable of sleep.

Sleep is more than being unconscious. A lot of things happen during sleep that are necessary to live. But those things do not happen in a person with FFI.  (+ info)

Is anyone interested in knowing the ways to minimize the risk of non-familial autism in your future children?

Are you willing to read and think about this subject? If you are, there are clues and answers to be found in the scientific literature of the past 50 or more years.


Boo Boo one question, in laymens terms is, is there any history of any autoimmune disorders, such as diabetes type 1, rheumatoid arthristic, autoimmune thyroid disorder, lupus, MS in you or your husband or in your parents, aunts and uncles, sisters or brothers?
Autism risk is too complicated to put in general layman's terms possibily figuring out what happened in your son's case would necessitate e-mails back and forth and an exploration of many factors. Also there are many conditions that are now called autism to greatly complicate any discussion.

Ok, my son has Autism and let me say that those articles made no sense to me. It was all in medical terms that I had no idea what they were talking about.
When my son was born I was 27 and my husband 26. Normal ages for a first child. He weighed 8 lbs 8 oz...again, not too heavy or light. So, can you tell me why my son has it but the baby boy who was 10 lbs and a father that was 38 yrs old get it?
There has been no proof as to why children are being diagnosed w/ Autism at an alarming rate, but they are leaning towards genetics. Not the age....If you can put some more articles that speak in laymans terms then maybe a better answer will come out...  (+ info)

Is there any tests I can take to find out if I have familial Lou Gherig's (ALS)?

Both my grandmother and my great grandmother died from Lou Gherig's disease. I don't know for sure that this means that it is genetic in my family, or it is pure coincidence. I thought I remembered reading once that you can be tested ahead of time to find out if you have the disease, even if you're not suffering from it yet. Is this true? I'm 23. How old do you have to be before you can test for something like that?

Hi Devotedly

This Dr at this website healed his LG disease. He was just on a major video called "the secret"


Check it out.

Best of health to you  (+ info)

Familial Hemiplegic migraine?

Hello I have Familial hemilegic migraine. If you are a person that gets these migraines or know anyone that gets these migraines, what do you or that person do for cure.
Thank You and Have a Bless day.

Try to act preventitively - get enough rest and eat a balanced diet. wear sunglasses in the bright sun!  (+ info)

what is treatment for familial hypercholesterolemia?

you should see a doctor!!!  (+ info)

what are some mutations associated with familial skin cancer?

biology project due tomorrow - can't find it anywhere!!!!!!!!

Look up anything on the p53 gene. A deletion in it has A LOT to do with skin cancer  (+ info)

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