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Does Familial Hypercholesterolemia always require medication?

Familial hypercholesterolemia almost always requires medications in addition to weight loss, diet, and exercise. This is in part true as those with this condition are predisposed to premature (age <55 for men < 65 for women) cardiovascular events (such as heart attack and stroke) but also because with newer and safer medications the goals for LDL are much lower and in this case likely to be <70 mg/dL. That having been said I would not consider pharmacologic intervention without sophisticated testing which would include not a traditional lipid profile but also direct LDL measurement, LDL and HDL particle sub types, cardiac CRP, and likely a few others.  (+ info)

What is fatal familial insomnia?


it's where you can't sleep :)
hope i helped  (+ info)

Anybody else have familial tremor?

its where you shake uncontrollably. like when i go to reach for something my hands shake? anybody else have this? dont you get annoyed of people saying "why are you shaking?" cause I do.

Try holding a cup of coffee. Sorry to here but a lot of people have that problem. My ex wife/girl friend shakes like that.  (+ info)

familial hypercholesterolemia?

Just want some advice on familial hypercholesterolemia. I believe I have this condition as I first had fasting bloods taken for cholesterol when I was 15yo, 18 years ago and my cholesterol was extremely high then. I had my cholesterol level tested again in july 2006 and it not surprisingly was 7.6mmol/l.
My mother is on Simvastatin and several other family members are on statins.
I am going to see a different GP as not happy with the one I am seeing, they keep telling me to try harder and come back in 6wks-3months for another cholesterol test. I eat a low fat diet, exercise, take fishoil capsules, and I am not overweight. I commenced Cholesterol Manager tablets from a health shop 2months ago and my cholesterol has gone up again.
Could I please have some advice.

You ask a good question.
The short answer is that you should discuss this more with your local doctor.
My understanding is that at least 75% of your cholesterol is determined by your genetic makeup, so only 25% is modifiable by diet/exercise etc.
In the case of familial hypercholestrolaemia, there is a genetic disorder in the production/how the body manages cholesterol, and you are never going to get it down with diet alone. So if you truely do have this condition, you will most likely need medicine to help reduce your cholesterol.
Incidently, most people with familial hypercholestrolaemia usually have cholesterols in excess of 10 mmol/L  (+ info)

If you suffer from endometriosis is it familial or are you the only 1 in yr family, what was fthrs age at yr b

Researchers all think it a good idea to check for a paternal age effect in endometriosis that is non-familial, but they are not funded to do so.
I'm not spending any money asking a question here.

Actually, there is already evidence that many problems, including autism, schizophrenia and such, MAY be related to older fathers. What is the point of studying it further? Are we going to ban men from becoming fathers after the age of 35? No? Then don't expect money going into research trying to heap more blame on older parents and instead spend the money trying to figure out ways to solve the problem since it affects far more women who inherited the disorder.

I know I sound really annoyed, and I'm sorry, it's not directed at you. I'm not a guy, but in the past two years, they've been bashing older fathers for being responsible for Autism, Schizophrenia and a host of stuff. Why is money being wasted on this? Older men have always fathered children and the majority are perfectly fine. Researchers need to stop wasting money on this and find solutions.  (+ info)

What is familial asthma?

What type of mutation causes it?
What is the method of inheritance?
What chromosome is it on?
Who first identified this condition? When?
What are the major symptoms associated with it?
What is the life expectancy?
Quality of life?

This is for a project, and I'm still researching. I'm not quite sure what some of the questions mean.
Thank you for any information!!!

You might want to google the word alpha 1 antitrypsin, or A1A  (+ info)

Familial Neuropathy in feet?

I've had numbness and tingling in both feet for about 7 years. I had tests, said it was Familial Neuropathy and there was no cure. Both big toes are almost completely numb, both feet are very painful. Does anyone know about this? Was I mis-diagnosed? It was a small-town doctor, did they miss something? Yes, I'm going to see another dr. soon for second opinion.

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Is it safe to use colchicine as a treatment for Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) during pregnancy.?

That's a very serious condition during pregnancy and certainly a little too serious for this kind of forum.
ANYTHING that is ingested to treat an illness during pregnancy should always be assessed, monitored, treated and discussed with a doctor during pregnancy.
What we may normally just deal with on our own in life, becomes far more significant while being pregnant. There are so many things to consider, such as what trimester you are in, the severity of exposure to illness as well as the symptoms and affects of the illness...not to mention the amount of colchicine being used and the risks/side affects that may be associated with that use.
My advice would be to call your doctor's office right away. You may not have to be seen, a medical assistant or nurse may be able to answer your question immediately. You can also consider running this question past your local pharmacist (as, they tend to have information of your medical history just as your doctor does).
Congratulations on the pregnancy- best of happiness and health to you!
:)  (+ info)

Is Migraine with aura hereditary OR familial tendency ?

thanks in advance

I don't think it is hereditary because I get them but no one else in my family does. Try this article on treating and preventing migraines:


Hope this helps!! You're not in this alone!  (+ info)

Familial hypercholesterolemia?

Can infants with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia develop xanthomas or xanthelasmas?

  (+ info)

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