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What is the best way to lose weight with hypothyroidism when nothing seems to work?

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after the birth of my daughter 2 years ago, sadly, dispite exercise and healthier eating habits, I have not lost any weight since the day I came home with her. I would really like to lose about 20 pounds and have 5 months to work with.

Are you taking thyroid meds? You can help boost your thyroid by taking iodine too (Iodoral)  (+ info)

How to lose weight with type ONE diabetes and hypothyroidism?

Ive been trying extremely hard to lose weight but the scale reads the same number. I have type ONE( not adult on set diabetes you get from poor lifestyle) and hypothyroidism which I think is the problem. I'm so tired of bring in twice the effort as a normal person and not seeing ANYTHING change(not a decimal number, nothing) so does anyone out there know of a diet and exercise plan or trick to help a person with my glitches lose weight? Thanks for the answers!

Hey there! I am in the same boat as you. I also have hypothyroidism and type ONE. While weight loss has been excruciatingly hard, I can offer some tips that I have been doing that have helped me slowly but surely get on the fast track to losing some weight.

1. Take a multivitamin: Our bodies are always fighting off so much. If you take a vitamin, you will ensure that your body will be getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to fight off infection and allow your body MORE energy to do other things, such as losing weight. Look for multivitamins that promote a health heart and strong bones, as well as a good immune system.

2. Count your calories: This is hard, but when there is a will, there is a way. Ever look on the nutrition facts of food and note the servings? Follow that! Record your total calories, fat, sodium, etc. Keep a journal and do this. I started out by just recording what I ate in a normal day, evaluating it (weaknesses: eat too big portions, not enough meat, too much bread/sugar, etc) and then seeing what I can do to improve it. Try to keep your calories to about 2,300 per day, and then whittle it down. I'm currently at 2,245 at the most per day, and I'm noting a change in my energy.

3. EXERCISE: Speaking of energy, hypothyroidism simply kills your metabolism with an AK-47. :( RIght here, you just need a little more willpower. Think of living longer. At least that's what I do. Don't use elevators: instead, use the stairs. Walk a little more than you need to. Have Nintendo Wii? Do WiiFit. It works out muscles you never thought you could work out! Walk around your neighborhood every day. Go to a track at a school and walk the curves and jog the straights for thirty minutes to an hour. I totally understand taht your energy will deter you from doing this, but even a little effort should help.

4. Stay happy! SOmething you love to do that doesn't compromise your health or well being? Indulge in it! I like to draw and sew among other things. If you keep your feelings and personality up, then you can do all i have listed above and more.

5. Go to sleep on time. Yes this is very important. Your sleep helps regulate SO much.

While ALL are important, the integral plan is to choose a method and STICK WITH IT! Watch your portions, and work out every day for at least thirty minutes. Take that vitamin, get some sleep, and remember to do something you enjoy.

From one hypobetes dealer to another, I HAVE FAITH IN YOU!

And a last note: I've been doing this very method for the past week and a half, and I lost four pounds. Just keep going, and with a little patience you'll get there!  (+ info)

Are there any women in their twenties who have hypothyroidism?

I'm 22 and I'm starting to suspect that I do. But one of the risk factors is being above 50 years in age. Is there any woman here in her twenties who has hypothyroidism?

Risk factors are just that - factors. They do not all have to be there to have the disease/condition occur. For example, I had a professor in university who had breast cancer - major risk factor for breast cancer is being female, but he did not fit that profile. As well, my daughter had a stroke at 5 days old - the same type of stroke that affects elderly individuals who have lived a long life of not entirely healthy choices.

That said, if you feel you might have hypothyroidism, definitely talk to your doctor. Your doc may try to dissuade you from testing, but just because you are a little young for it, does not mean you do not fit the symptom profile. What is actually occurring is far more important than whether you fit a risk factor profile.

Good luck, and I hope you find an answer.  (+ info)

What's the difference between clinical depression and the depression caused by an illness like hypothyroidism?

Can both be treated by anti-depressants or is the depression caused by hypothyroidism treated by an adjustment to thyroid medication. I'm curious about the connection.

Usually they will adjust the thyroid medication. There's a difference in what part of the brain passages are affected, and the majopr difference is cause-- clinical depression is caused by an imbalance of dopamine in the brain, thyroid depression may also involve imbalance of dopamine but the imbalance is caused by the thyroid condition.  (+ info)

What is a good diet for someone with hypothyroidism?

I have hypothyroidism and trying to lose weight any suggestions for a diet for people with hypothyroidism?

Losing weight with hypothyroidism is difficult but can be done. You must do 60-90 minutes of cardio daily.

You must eat three regular meals and 2 healthy snacks. Reduce the refined carbs in your diet, like pototos, white bread, rice and replace them with lots of colourful veggies, eat lots of chicken and fish, and make sure you eat some protein with all of your meals and snacks.

I assume you are on medication, and once the medication starts doing its job it will be easier for you to lose weight.

Good luck.  (+ info)

What is considered too low a range for basal cell temperature? Is it always a sign of hypothyroidism?

I've been doing bbt tracking, and I've noticed that my highest basal cell temperature in the morning was 36.8F. It's most often between 36.1-36.5.
I believe I've had a thyroid test, and it was normal. I first realised my body temperature might too low when I was using a fertility chart and had to change the range since my waking temperature has never even reached 37 degrees C. I sleep pretty normally, and usually wake up naturally around the same time every day.
The thing is, I don't tend to feel cold, and although I weigh more than I did when I was younger and can't seem to lose it, I'm still pretty slim. I do have some symptoms that appear to be consistent with hypothyroidism, but some are not. For example, I don't have any throat problems and I rarely ever feel cold even with a low body temperature.
Is it within a normal range, or are can it be a symptom of something besides thyroid disorders?

You can be hypothyroidic (sp?) for years before it manifests itself. My best advice is to have your doctor do thyroid testing of the blood to make sureyour levels are all right. The number should be near 5. When my hypothroidism was diagnosed, I was having headaches and insomnia. It may be that your levels are fluctuating, or that it is off. If there is a history of it in your family, you have probably some sort of thyroid disorder which can be easily helped by a small dose of medicine. You should definitely see your doctor. As far as basal cell tempuratures being, I am not sure what you mean, the problem will be shown for thyroid in the blood. Good luck.  (+ info)

What do you do with untreated hypothyroidism?

I have no health insurance, no money and right now have unmanaged hypothyroidism. My joints hurt, I sleep all day, I had to stop eating entirely to avoid gaining weight, and at this point I feel like I am close to becoming completely disabled. What are my options? What can I do? I can't work because I'm too tired and my knees hurt so badly I cannot stand, I'm only 29, but I feel like I'm 79.

Hi. You didn't mention if you are on any medication. I'm kinda in the same situation you are right now. I'm on medication ( Armour Thyroid ), but it's not helping my symptoms at all. I'm exhausted every day, my joints ache, my hair falls out in handfuls, i'm depressed, freezing cold all the time, and i also feel very old. I have no health insurance anymore, and don't go to the doctor every few months to get my levels checked like i use to. My blood tests, and doctor visits, cost about $500.00. I had to go a few months ago because i was so ill, i couldn't take it anymore. Now i'm really no better, but don't want to have to pay to go back again. I know right now, there are a lot of people in the same situation we are. I wish i knew the answer as to what we are suppose to do. I've been sick like this for a year, so i've just learned to live with it. I wish i could be of more help to you, but i don't really have the answer to all this. Just know that you are not alone. Hang in there <<>>  (+ info)

How can I lose weight with hypothyroidism?

I have hypothyroidism and have found it very dificult to lose weight. I have been trying for about 3 years and dont seem to be getting anywhere. Does anyone know what I can do or take that might work with medication?

Eat more whole foods. Avoid all soy. Soy slows down the thyroid function. Use Celtic Sea salt. Take 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil per day. I take 1 tablespoon with each meal. The coconut oil will rev up your metabolism. Take a whole mulitvitamin. I like http://www.drrons.com/ his does not have any of the additives. And you will eventually not need thyroid medication. You can also check out Dr. Bruce Rind's website he is an expert in throid and adrenal glands problems. About 20 percent of his patients fly in from out of town. His office is in Washington, DC.

http://www.drrind.com/  (+ info)

is there a good cure for hypothyroidism besides taking drugs like synthroid every day for the rest of my life?

I have heard that there are alternatives to drug remedies for hypothyroidism but I dont know about the authenticity of them. Please respond on this matter.

I have been on synthroid for about 21 years now. I have never heard of an alternative medicine.

I know the generic levothyroxine is garbage and I will never use that cause it doesn't work on me.

Very good question though.  (+ info)

How does amiodarone affect patients with hypothyroidism?

In hypothyroidism, it seems that the thyroid gland is so saturated with iodine that it interferes with further iodine uptake and thyroid hormone synthesis. But why does it matter where the iodine comes from? Shouldn't the overabundance of iodine simply lead to overproduction of thyroid hormones? Or is there some sort of iodine threshold where the thyroid stops functioning if the iodine levels are elevated past this threshold?

Amiodarone affect to the thyroid function beside it contain iodine,most important it's structure is similar to thyroxin. This similarly thyroid hormone product present in blood steam give negative feed back to the brain and reduce TSH secretion and result develop hypothyroidism.Because this patient taking this drug beside to monitor the FT4(free thyroxin) also need to monitor of TSH every 6 months.This type of hypothyroidism will show;low TSH and also low T4 ,because without enough TSH to push the gland to product T3 or T4 no extra hormone will product despite a lot of iodine around. Although amiodarone has similar in structure of T4 but do not carry T4 function in this case.Your explanation seems not the real mechanism.  (+ info)

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