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hysteria ?

ok so, hysteria is described as an uncontrollable emotional state, mainly to do with fear ( from what i have read) with violent outbreaks... so what is it called when you have an emotional outbreak of uncontrollable laughter, happiness, or even giddyness?... laughter usually isnt violent right..
...ok just to clear this up I'M not mentally ill...just one of my friends even when i just think about them i cant stop laughign they just make me super happy and its just like....i'll be sittign in the car on the way down to superstore or w.e and liek i can't stop smiling and my mom is like...wats with you...like i could be crazy..but for other reasons which i don't really need to mention right now muahahah..haha

It is called laughter. It is good for you. As long as you arent laughing like this for hours at a time almost all day long, with out some sort of provokation. It happens sometimes. I do it. I feel really great afterwards.  (+ info)

Is there a connection with panic attacks, hysteria and stress?

I ask this because I had a tumor growing from my left adrenal gland for many, many years which did affect my stress responses but, although I was a student nurse/Nurse during this time I didn't experience panic attacks or hyteria, in fact I would say at times I failed to experience any stress in sittuations where I should have. I had assumed that panic attacks and hysteria were adrenaline driven and so therefore I should have been experiencing these things.

Not necessarily. Panic attacks can happen w/o any reason at all. I used to have them all the time. But the first time there was no reason. I was just going shopping. Suddenly my heart started racing, sweating and I got dizzy. I thought I was having a heart attack so the fear made it worse. But nothing was medically wrong.

Since then whenever I do get one I stop and concentrate on my breathing and it calms down. But I rarely get them anymore. There's a big difference between being hysterical or panicky and having a panic attack. I never realize that until I actually had one.

I'd say because of your experience messages weren't reaching the adrenal gland thus stress, panic, etc. signals didn't connect. Kinda like you press lightly on your adam's apple it hurts. But put a spongy ball over & press it's barely noticeable.  (+ info)

Is there any difference between hysterical psychoses and hysteria?

Is it correct to say that simple hysteria, untreated can become hysterical psychoses?
no offensive language please.

Hysteria and hysterical psychoses are not generally considered the same.One can have a diagnosis of hysteria and histrionic personality disorder, and it usually does not turn into hysteric psychosis. For the diagnosis of hysteric psychosis there must exist an overlay of other Axis 1 Diagnostic Symptoms, such as Paranoid Schizophrenie, or Bi Polar Disorder, then hysteria becomes a symptom of the aforementioned disorders. Hysteria can also be used as a coping mechanism or as a tool avoidant personality.disorder  (+ info)

How common is it for hysteria to set in & to laugh when nothing is funny, when you are deprived of sleep?

One night ago, my friends and I decided to work a 20 hour shift. What we do is take calls all night and answer emails.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  (+ info)

How can u think rationally and get off hysteria?

I have an ex who is intentionally hurting me by saying thats she's going off with all the boys and she knows i'm still hung up on her. I want to get over her quickly. Is changing cell phone number and dissapear the only option? I want my life back.
The thing is she always comes around the corner at the end of the day for sex. Then she goes "out" like 3 times a week. she never goes out before. I think she's a slut. It just gives me all the stomach churning and i look like an unloved puppy in the mirror. I'm very dashing and lively but she is killing me.

then take your life back.only you can do that.do not let her get to you.get back in the dating game.there is someone out there for you and you will be better off without someone like her  (+ info)

Is there an online message board support group for someone who is suffering from suicidal hysteria?

I need something, and I don't know what to do about it. I know online isn't the best of place to look for help. but I don't know what else to do. I don't have anywhere else to turn.

no  (+ info)

Is there anything i can do to ease the hysteria and constant panic attacks from weaning off pain medication ?

Im weaning myself off of a very weak pain killer Ultram, although they dont consider it a pain killer, it is indeed a narcotic that i have been on for 5 months, i have been weaning myself off for a week of two, but the panic attacks and depression are interfering with my life and work...what can i do?......im only nineteen, and i take care of myself..i cant lose my job.

talk to your dr and explain what ur doing and ask for Xanax to help with the panic attacks It will take the edge off  (+ info)

What is the exact meaning of Hysteria, and how does it manifest?

Does it manifest through emotions? Physically?

"Hysteria" or, more correctly, "hysterisis" is a term used for a particular syndrome with sudden pseudo-neurologic symptoms. These are symptoms that appear neurologic, but have no known explanation or are theoretically impossible. For example, someone may develop sudden numbness over the palm and back of one hand. However, because of the way nerves are arranged, this is physically impossible. While it is not required, many people who develop these symptoms will surprisingly appear relaxed or almost indifferent about their presence.

Because this syndrome most commonly appeared in women, it was given the term hysterisis because it was presumed the uterus had something to do with it (as in hysterectomy). More recently, Freud proposed in the early 20th century that the cause was psychological and do to repressed and subconscious defenses against forbidden drives in female childhood development.

Nowadays, it is presumed that the cause is psychological, but it is recognized that some men present this way. It is also recognized that social and cultural factors play prominently in producing this syndrome, not just the interaction between parent and child.

For these reasons, the term "hysterisis" was dropped, and the term "conversion disorder" (as in psychological conflicts being converted into pseudo-neurological symptoms) was coined within the last 20-30 years. Many older psychiatrists and psychologist, however, will still use the term.

In addition, many less knowledgable people in health care will use the term mistakenly any time they believe someone is "faking" symptoms. In conversion disorder, there is no evidence that the symptoms are being faked intentionally--rather, the symptoms are being produced subconsciously, and the person has no conscious intent.  (+ info)

Can Homosexualism and Lesbianism these days can be somehow similar to what Mass Hysteria is?

Watching "House" I saw how people reacted when they thought someone was sick inside an airplane, everyone started feeling the symptoms. And I thought about something a teenage said. "Mostly everyone in highschool is gay, specially "emo" kids. It's like a fashion. Everyone feel they are gay." And also, and this could be my next theory, "being gay is sort of cool". So I wonder...

I saw that episode too, and I see what you are saying, but I think it would be a HUGE mistake to say that homosexuality as a whole is just a 'mass hysteria' effect. First of all, it is not 'cool' in high school to be gay. In does seem to run in certian groups, like 'emo' kids, like you mentioned. This could purely be that they are attracted to being friends with eachother because of this similarity, like does attract like. In some cases I am sure it is a 'monkey see, monkey do' effect, like House said, but I highly doubt this is the norm. It definentally is not actually the medical/psycological definition of mass hysteria, because that is more of a phyisical sickeness, not neurological. But that is a good connection, I would be interested to know what the connection there really is.  (+ info)

Could seeing someone with a tracheostomy, cause hysteria in another person? Or Dyspnea?

Say, you saw someone with a trach, that allowed them to breathe easier, than breathing through nose and mouth, could that person that has seen the trach in another person cause hysteria, panic attacks, or dyspnea?

It's definitely possible. It's common for people to fear things they're unfamiliar with. They might subconsciously try to comprehend the underlying function of it, or it might spark images of how the trach was installed, which might make them nervous.  (+ info)

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